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Yoga Burn is a directive program meant to enlighten you very specific Yoga poses which can upsurge cell metabolism to oxidize fat and tone your body. It is a product of Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified and reputable instructor. You will learn how to effectively burn fat and increase metabolism to help adjust your body to change in whichever way that you want. It offers a 3-dimensional workout series which are all designed to make your body to adjust and adapt by consistently boosting the challenge of all the movements you will learn in the course of the program. Realistically, Yoga can perfectly work for everyone. It has a lot of positive reviews from users in different parts of the world. Even if you are busy, you can still benefit from the program since it only requires a few minutes daily. The instructions are simple and can be understood by everyone. Try it out and be sure to benefit significantly. Read more here...

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Contents: Video Course
Creator: Zoe Bray-Cotton
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Price: $29.95

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Shapeshifter Yoga

The yoga fitness flow program shows you how you can burn HUGE amounts of fat right off your body in less than one hour per WEEK! This program is designed for people who have tried every dieting program, every exercise video and personal trainers of every type, yet still can't shed the weight that they want to. Why would you worry about that when you could learn how to shed the pounds like no one's business? This program from Yoga Fitness Flow shows you how to shed the pounds by doing yoga; this program makes yoga and losing weight into an easy program and something that is FUN to do! Losing weight does not have to be a dry and boring process Yoga Fitness Flow teaches you how to lose weight and actually FEEL the change in your body! Why go with a lesser program when you have everything that you need here? Read more here...

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Contents: Online Program
Creator: Kris Fondran
Official Website:
Price: $9.00

Yoga Booty Challenge

Yoga Booty Challenge is a downloadable online product authored by Zoe-Bray-Cotton. It includes many steps of workouts that are destined to awake, strengthen and at the same time help you regain the right booty shape. I believe that this product is worth a try and hence you should try it no matter your occupation. It is readily available after purchase and the Instructor will always be active to guide and offer counselling. The program was created specifically for women who should like to work their booty muscles and shape their 'behind''. It is for all women regardless of the age, race, religion or size. It was as well created by Zoe to be suitable for women of all fitness levels. It can fit the beginners, intermediate and experts. The key factor here is to go at your own pace and the results will be appealing. It includes three phases, the prime phase, the active phase and the pump phase. The first phase is to awake and activate the glut muscles, the second one for creating a routine that will specifically work all the three glut muscles. The fourth phase is for tightening the butt muscles. The effects from the three phases can last up to 48 hours. It works on the bases of 'afterburner effect''. This final phase consists of precise movements which helps the body to burn fat quickly after you are done with the drill. Read more here...

Yoga Booty Challenge Summary

Contents: Video Course
Author: Zoe Bray-Cotton
Official Website:
Price: $29.00

Ancient School of Yoga

Ancient School of Yoga, is an Online workshop where the instructor Bira, brought together seventeen years of his personal practice and spent two years perfecting and teaching in more than ten countries. The course is designed to bring complex philosophical concepts to a very personal level, in a way that is easy to understand, and you will never forget. What you are going to learn, will make you finish your practice feeling young, connected, confident, strong, positive, and ready for more. The course is delivered in four video-classes of three sessions each, plus the eBooks and Audiobooks for each session. By the time the workshop is finished, you will have a much deeper understanding of the Science of Yoga, which goes way beyond the physical postures. You will understand the entire field of work of your practice, which involves all areas of your life, and everything you do with awareness. Read more here...

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Contents: Online Course
Author: Bira
Official Website:
Price: $79.00

A.j.appasamy Spirit Of Anteryamin

Chenchiah, brother-in-law of Chakkarai, a chief justice and the most distinguished member of the group 'Rethinking Christianity', stood on the threshold of linking the Hindu tradition and modern scientific thinking. His was the first critical review of Kraemer's famous book, The Christian Message in a Non-Christian World, prepared for the third World Missionary Conference held in Tambaram, Madras, in 1938.26 He showed in this review that most of the Barthian theology represented by Kraemer was totally irrelevant to the Indian context of many religions with Hinduism as a major one. He also criticized the ecclesiastical battles of the West fought in India in the name of church union. For him loyalty to Christ did not contradict a reverential attitude towards Hindu heritage. He gave primacy to the 'raw fact' of experience of Christ and tested church tradition, including creeds and doctrines, in its light. Drawing from Aurobindo's integral yoga and theory of evolution, Chenchiah affirmed...

Christianity Today Exclusivism in a Pluralistic World

In the pluralistic Hindu and Greek traditions, on the other hand, all knowledge of God that an individual acquires, is acquired directly, and not through any human intermediary acting as God's spokesman and gatekeeper. In these, it is the right of every man, woman and child to seek such knowledge through personal effort. Hinduism includes empirical methods like Yoga aimed at assisting an individual to realize the goal of learning about God. Greek mystics like Pythagoras also practiced meditation with the same goal in mind. All such knowledge - acquired directly from God without a human intermediary is clearly a-paurusheya - or 'not-man-originated' - for God alone is the source of that knowledge. Any scripture or human teacher is there only to guide and assist, not to enforce any belief this is another key difference between exclusivism and pluralism.

Holy Land to the First Century of Christianity

39 Rulers of other Semitic peoples like the Babylonians also invoked their god Meredoch (Marduk) in exercising authority, but they were not so uncompromisingly exclusivist as the Jews. It is possible that the notion of using prophetic utterances - something that many of us today find irrational - is a typically Semitic contribution, just as Yoga with its emphasis on personal experience is quintessentially Indian. Hinduism recognizes no exclusive prophet or chosen people. This has not prevented the Jews and Hindus from peacefully coexisting together in pluralistic lndia. Judaism has come into conflict only with the other two exclusive faiths - Christianity and Islam.

Vatican Woes Paganisation of Europe

This state of affairs no doubt accounts for the siege mentality bordering on paranoia that is displayed by Church authority whenever faced with the threat of a rational alternative to Church dogma. It is this fear that lies at the bottom of the openly expressed hostility to Yoga and Buddhism by the present Pope (John Paul II). The Church is deeply perturbed by the West's discovery of non-dogmatic Eastern spirituality and empirical disciplines like Yoga. These do not ask the faithful to suspend their rational judgement and accept dogma.

The New Age Plans To Take Over The Church

An example of that is the historical St. James Anglican Church just off of Piccadilly Square. The church is a favorite for tourists, especially to the New Age type which it caters to. The church calls itself A Seven Days a Week Church for London and the World. Within the church are held classes for all types of New Age religious activities such as Health for the New Age through meditation, visualization , Lifetime Astrology, Yoga Meditation. If you want to join the Sufi Healing Order which meets there you can.2

Evidence of Classical Sources51

These men were probably distinguished by their manner of preaching - messianic, apocalyptic, charismatic, even demagogic - threatening hellfire and end of the world that seems to have been a peculiarity of Biblical prophets. (One may see their kind in America even today, where it is big business. A few of them have their own television shows.) Our best guess is that preachers of this kind were known to outsiders as 'Christ' or 'Chrestus' just as we now use the term Yogi to mean one who practices Yoga - or claims to - and not any particular individual. All these - a whole tradition - was later made by Christian scribes to coalesce into a single personality identified with Jesus. A fuller study of the Qumran material now made available by the Huntington Library might help bring more such Christ Chrestus personalities to light.

Hinduism Mother Earth

While the judge did strike down these three practices, he let twelve others stand, such as yoga exercises, meditation, and lectures on crystals. The yoga exercises were taught by a yogi, Sikh minister Agia Akai Singh Kalsa. The minister denied, as they always do, that his lesson had anything to do with religion. Most noteworthy here is how effortlessly a Sikh minister, Hindu practices, New Age beliefs, and yoga were introduced in the school. Would the school-or the judge in his compromise ruling-have been so lenient if the Roman Catholic parents had tried to insert a curriculum with a Catholic priest teaching how to pray the Rosary, venerate the Virgin Mary, and pray the Stations of the Cross Somehow, I don't think so. It has become a natural knee-jerk reaction of the public schools to have one exclusionist standard for Christians and one inclusive, tolerant standard for every other system of belief.

Concluding Remarks

Concepts, but more to do with life and liturgy, in which there will be thanksgiving for all the resources of the Indian heritage, including arts and architecture, herbal medicines and yoga. But if the 'total Indian hyphenated Christian ethos' includes 'our classical linguistic and religious sensibilities as well as our socio-economic realities and actions', Brahminic tradition with its ritual and caste system, which has chained masses, may still be at the centre. Even the subaltern traditions have perpetuated fatalistic notions that obstruct process of development. The Hindutva (Hinduization) vision of militant Hinduism is no different, even though India is now a fast-changing society in the throes of modernization and globalization.

The IThought

Spiritual attainment is a fundamental transformation of the I-thought from a separate, limited, and contracted identity into an expansive, abundant, and infinite one. It is a transition from viewing oneself as a limited and ordinary mortal individual to a self-identity with fully evolved and realized being, consciously unified with the eternal. Thus, it is a movement from the sense of separation to union, which is called Yichud in Hebrew and Yoga in Sanskrit.

Beginners Guide To Yoga

Beginners Guide To Yoga

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