What does this stream of revolutionaries have to do with Christianity? Socialism (aka Ccmmimisinj with its secular Millennial hope was really the real religion of the heads of th National Council of Churches. Over 100 NCC leaders have or have had affiliation with communist-fronts or with the Communist Pa:1 in the USA. The secular millenial hope of the NCC, the social gospel, is more deeply rooted in occult than it is in the scriptures. One example of a piominent NCC J eader who is a meini of the Communist Party is Harry F. Ward.

From the occult secret societies which looked to Hinduism and Eastern Mysticism the theory of evolution was brought to the West. Erasmus Darwin became a Mason in the famous Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No. 2 of Edinburgh, Scotland. He founded and others into the occult joined the Philosophical Society in 1784. This Author was surprised that the Masonic historian Denslow was quite aware and open that the Philosophical Society "was the fountainhead for the ideas developed by his [Erasmus Darwin] grandson, Charles."5 Co-discover of the evolutionary theory with Charles Darwin was Sir William Crookes of the Theosophical Society. Anyone familiar with the Theosophical Society knows they believe in Hinduism. The man who translated Darwin's works into German soon after they were written was another Freemason. The Hindu concept of Evolution diffused from Darwin into many other areas of the arts and sciences. Actually Darwin doesn't deserve all the credit or blame, because the idea was being diffused by the occult, and they were spreading before and after Charles Darwin, he only was a popular figure to raise up before the public.

Darwin never proved evolution, indeed the "historical" record does not scientifically prove the General Evolution Model but contradicts it. In Darwins time he could get away with his theory because the fossil record hadn't been well examined, but that is no longer the case.

Frederick W. Conner reveals how evolution entered into American poetry with men like

Freemason Emerson on up to Robinson.6 Georg Roppen does another good study on poetry

in general.

Leo Henkins reveals how Darwinism entered into English novel writing with his book Darwinism in the English Novel.8

Selsam covers how Karl Marx drew on Darwinism.9

On and on Darwinism went permeating itself through all the arts and sciences. All the time being paraded as scientific, while its true occult origins were kept secret. (See the spin diagram to see its diffusion.)


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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