Witchcraft Not A Recent Innovation For Mormons

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A number of people have been seriously bent out of shape by Schnoebelen's mild exposes of witchcraft and Mormonism. It seems people want to ignore the obvious. What? How is it so obvious that witchcraft is within Mormonism?

An examination of Mormonism from the start reveals that it has always been heavy into Magic.

Five of Peter Whitmer, Sr.'s sons and his son-in-law Hiram Page (named after Hiram Abiff) became the witnesses to the Book of Mormon. Their family were Perm. Dutch from Lancaster Co., Pa. and lived near the Rosicrucians and the Ephrata Commune with its occultism. Obviously some of it rubbed off, because the Whitmer family was into Magic.

The original three witnesses to the Book of Mormon were all involved in magic prior to Smith's revelation.(This information comes from Mormon sources.)36 Of the next 8 witnesses, five are known to have been into Magic.

It appears that "at least two-thirds of Mormonism's first 12 Apostles may have had some

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