Whoever Financed Russell Had Big Plans For His Society

Russell's WT Society was financed by some heavyweights. The history of the WT Society gives evidence that the power to bring in a one-world-government financed Russell. The WT Society has been a proxy for the One-World New Order to accomplish certain goals. Unfortunately, the JWs "in the trenches", have not known how they have been used. JWs brought upon themselves all kinds of persecution when Rutherford announced to them that the angels had revealed that all national flags were the " devil's banner." On page 44 of Uncovered Rutherford states "Flag saluting is in direct violation of God's law." Individual JWs had to suffer first in order to bring the issue of flag saluting before the Supreme Court. It would have looked bad for the Masonic Lodge to openly support the issue, but the WT Society was accomplishing a goal that they, the Masons had determined in advance. So the populace hated the JWs, and the Masons could continue putting out Patriotic material for public consumption, although in their own literature, they had clearly marked Nationalism for destruction.

J.P.Morgan, the Rothschild's representative in the United States, set up a trust fund to unite the various Christian denominations. Russell praises this in his Jan. 1, 1911 WT, pp. 1-4 (WTR p.4735), "Mr. Morgan's well-known business capacity, exhibited in connection with financial trusts, encourages many to believe that he will accomplish the desired end in connection with the movement. More and more all denominations are craving a religious trust or federation and are becoming more and more willing to sacrifice doctrines and principles formerly held dear, in order to accomplish the federation Evidently this federation is near at hand; the Scriptures have long foretold the Federation, as we have been pointing out therefrom for thirty years. It is to us one of the special signs of our day, one of the special indications marking the end of the Gospel age and the inauguration of Messiah's kingdom."

Here is a trust fund set up to pay denominations to federate, and here is Russell saying this is fulfillment of Scripture.

"Our message was to the Jews as Jews..."

In 1910 and 1911, Jews flocked to hear a Christian preacher. His message at St. Louis (June 11-12, 1911) was "Zionism, the hope of the world."

This fatherly figure of a preacher, the likes of which the Jews had never seen before, was C.T. Russell. And he captured many of the Jews' attention if not their hearts.

They flocked to his meetings. Four thousand Jews listened to this Christian preacher at New York City's Hippodrome on Oct. 9, 1910. Later in London 4,600 went to the Royal Albert Hall (site of many large Masonic gatherings) to hear him, and 800 at the Shoreditch Town Hall. 1,200 Jews came at Manchester, 1,400 Jews turned out at Glasgow, Scotland, and another 5,000 at Cincinnati, OH.

What captured their hearts? Russell sums up his hippodrome message, "We were not preaching Jesus to them. Our message was to the Jews as Jews, from Is. 40:1,2, Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." 22

Russell's repeated assurances that he wasn't proselytizing the Jews achieved their goal to calm the fears of wary Jews. Further, Russell had a radical message for his time, Zionism. Russell was a Zionist before the word existed.

Russell's Zionism

In 1880, Russell began to predict that the Jews would return to Palestine.

He wrote an article "God's Message of Comfort to the Jews" telling the world that God had promised the Jewish nation would be restored. This article was made into a 32 page Bible Student tract around Sept., 1881, and reprinted again in tract and newspaper-article forms in Dec. 1887. One source also says the booklet was put out in 1912. This Comfort for the Jews is not to be confused with Rutherford's later book in 1925 by the same title.

Russell's third book, Thy Kingdom Come, spends its entire 8th chapter on "The Restoration of Israel."

His prophecy about the Jews returning to Israel are, in this Author's estimation, his most accurate. The others failed. This prophecy goes unmentioned by today's WT because it clashes with their present light that the nation of Israel is not in God's plan.

Russell applauded as he saw his predictions on Zionism starting to happen. Russell advertized Dr. T. Herzl's lauching of Zionism. Russell published a Yiddish paper Di Stimme, which circulated in Europe and Russia. With Jewish help it was circulated worldwide. It was especially popular in Poland.

The WT Society collaborates with Jewish groups

After Russell's death, and while Rutherford, the second WT president was confined in a Federal Penitentiary, the WT headquarter shifted back from Brooklyn to Pittsburg. The Watchtower magazine on Sept. 1, 1918 prints a revealing letter from the men in Pittsburgh who were running the Watchtower Society. The letter equates the Watchtower Society with the Jewish Zionist movement. Whether the two are actually the same or not, it is evident from this article, that the Watchtower leaders were not concerned that the Society and the Zionist movement be identified together.

"On Saturday and Sunday we had the pleasure of hearing our dear Brother Thorn expound the further unfolding of God's plan. He spoke of the restoration of the Jews to their land, called the attention to the significance of their Passover Supper coming the day following ours, and also to the significance of the opening date of the of the recent

Zionist Congress in Pittsburgh, June 22nd, the day following a most memorable day in the history of our Society. Note how in this wonderful sequence of events the ceremonial and governmental features of the movements effected have been kept seperate and distinct. This Congress accomplished more than did the former twenty Zionist conventions put together..."(WT 1 Sept '18, p.275)

It has not been a total secret that Jewish groups were associated with C.T. Russell.

"...Russell interviewed a large number of Jewish notables and leaders who came to visit him at the central offices of the Witnesses in Brooklyn."23

Some like the Jewish editor of the Boston Jewish Advocate, Jacob de Haas, a Hassidic Jew and prominant member of the Munich Zionist meeting on Aug. 25, 1897, felt Russell had identical religious beliefs to his.

Another Jew, Raymond G. Jolly, states about his meeting with Russell, "I was very much impressed with this godly man..."24 So much so that Jolly joined Russell's movement, along with many other Jews. Numerous Jews would become prominant figures in the Watchtower Society including Paul S.L Johnson, John J. Hoefle, and Olin R. Moyle. Many with Jewish heritage would also find Russell's movement attractive such as Frederick Franz and Nathan Knorr. Early lists of Bible Students show that people of Jewish heritage may have made up to 20 percent of Russell's movement. This Author gives that figure, not as a statistic, but as one of the many factors that lead him to conclude that Jews joined Russell faster than the general population.

Jews referred to Russell as a "great friend of the Jewish people."25 And Russell did love them, even those who were secular humanists, "I feel great sympathy for the Jews in their unbelief..."26

When the Berlin Conference in 1878 proposed a Zionist solution to the Jewish question, Russell threw together a hodge-podge of scripture to show that this event in 1878 had to be the beginning of the "Millenial day." This Millenial day would then progress to the restoration of the Jewish Kingdom in 1914.27 Indeed, one of the plans to restore the Jewish bloodline of David with a united Europe with the aid of the European Freemasons was scheduled for 1914, but was delayed due to World War I.28

One of the undeniable leaders of the Jewish people were the Rothschilds. Pastor Russell wrote the Rothschilds several letters, one of which will be quoted, and the importance of the Rothschilds will be discussed later in chap. 3.3.

The B'nai B'rith finances Russell

The B'nai B'rith was behind Russell's start. Before explaining who the B'nai B'rith was and why they supported Russell let's look at some of evidence of the cooperation.

Edith Starr Miller, a researcher into international politics and the causes of social unrest, who managed to position herself in amongst various important people, came upon "irrefutable evidence" of the bewildering drama of a conspiracy between various organizations. She writes that the B'nai B'rith was responsible for getting Russell started.

Frank Goldman, both a member of the Order (as the B'nai B'rith is known) and a Mason, escorted Pastor Russell by car to the Hippodrome for his two hour talk. Jewish financiers had by the way rented the Hippodrome for Russell. After Russell finished his talk, the Zionist anthem "Rosh Hoshkana" was played. Frank Goldman went on to become the President of the B'nai B'rith.

Interestingly, the B'nai B'rith points out in their Los Angeles B'nai B'rith Messenger29 their close affinity,

"The Jews themselves are Jehovah's Witnesses. In due time, according to prophecy, Jerusalem will be the capital of the world and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and other Ancient Worthies' will be resurrected and form the nucleus of God's Kingdom on earth. This was the understanding of Pastor Russell from his studies of the prophecies, and he so taught during his long ministry."

Zionism actually encompasses Russell's vision for the establishment of a universal Israel, with Jerusalem as world capital. For instance, Yigal Aldon at the United Nations on Sept. 30, 1975 speaking for the nation of Israel (and therefore in a sense Zionism & Jews worldwide) defines Zionism, "Zionism is, in sum, the constant and unrelenting effort to realize the national and universal vision of the Prophets of Israel." A national homeland is not enough, the universal kingdom the Talmud says is to be Israel's millenial kingdom is their goal.

The Watchtower Society distributed a Yiddish periodical Di Stimme (The Voice) all over the world.30 It was especially attempted to place it Russia, to motivate Russian Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Because the paper was ostensibly Christian it's distribution came under less restrictions than Jewish literature.

The Watchtower Society offered to supply the Di Stimme periodical to anyone "in any quantity—free."31 There seems to have been no bottom line to the financial backing of the WT Society.

The same year that the offer was made to supply the Yiddish paper to anyone "in any quantity—free", the WT Society's account books claimed a $22,415.93 deficit. "We doubt not this indebtedness will soon be cancelled; nevertheless the fact that it is nearly double the shortage of last year cautions us that we must to some extent put on the 'brakes.' " (WTR 1911,p.4936)

So how does the Society show caution and put on the brakes? Does it stop printing and distributing millions of pieces of free Zionist literature? No. They have subtly bilked their readers for more donations, but the pace of the free giveaway of Zionist literature worldwide doesn't abate. The reason for this is given away in the WT of Jan. 1, 1911, p. 4 which quietly reveals that funding came from Jewish sources. The distribution of Di Stimme was aided "...by Jewish Journals interested in the message..."

Secret backers have always been the secret to Russell's success. In 1882, Russell tells readers, "...a brother who has already contributed largely guarantees any debts incurred, to the amount of one thousand dollars in excess of receipts."

Although there are reports of anonymous donations every now and then of amounts like $9,000 and $1,000, the real underwriting must have been almost a blank check when one examines the WT Society's activities.

Further, the ease with which Russell visits, works with, and writes Jewish leaders indicates a close relationship.


Isn't the evidence that the B'nai B'rith helped Russell's Watchtower Society circumstantial? It wouldn't hold up in court would it?

Indeed, it has held up in court.

A swiss physician, Dr. Fehrmann, at a public meeting on Jan. 21, 1924 upset some people by asserting the B'nai B'rith and the International Jews had contributed large financial sums to the "Ernst Bibel Forscher" (that is in Swiss German the Earnest Bible Students which was the name the Russellites— that is the International Bible Students, the followers of the Watchtower Society were known as.) R.G. Binkele of Zurich charged Dr. Fehrmann with slander on this particular point, and the Dr. in a libel court of law sucessfully defended his statement.

Dr. Fehrmann brought forth a number of proofs. One letter entered as evidence was a Masonic letter from high Masonic sources dated 27 December, 1922. The letter was of unquestionable genuineness and stated, "We give them (the Earnest Bible Students), in the usual indirect ways, much money through a number of brothers, who during the war made a pile. It won't hurt their fat pocket books. They are Jews."

Why would Jews support the Christian Pastor Russell?

Obviously today the WT Society would be a good investment. And for someone who was trying to destroy the power of Christianity, the WT Society is very divisive. The Society targets minorities and the lower classes so it isn't quite the threat to someone in the power structure. But what about then, in Charles T. Russell's day?

Not much attention has been given this question.

The prominent Jew, Jeane Kirkpatrick, who was the U.S.'s ambassador to the U.N. described Russell's Zionism as "a neglected chapter" and concerning his contributions to Zionism, she describes Russell a "neglected man."32 Such praise is significant. Kirkpatrick is a CFR member, in favor of a One-World-State, and is often praised in the CIA's National Review.33 Her husband was involved in intelligence in key operations.34

Pastor Charles T. Russell preached Judaism with a veneer of Christianity. Perhaps no one else has more successfully passed off Jewish thought as Christian, than C.T. Russell.

Consider what Russell taught. (Actual quotes documenting these points follow later.) Russell said:

1. the Jews would be the principle rulers during the Millenium.

2. That the nations of the world would have to become Jews during the Millenium.

3. That God would bless the world through the Jewish people

4. Russell advised the Jews to go to their Rabbi's to learn how to protect themselves from Christian teachings.

5. Russell told the Christians they should stop trying to convert the Jews, for it was against God's will to convert them

6. and that it was God's will for Jews to remain Jews.

7. Russell promoted Zionism, and frequently reprinted articles from leading Jews in the WT.

What does Russell do for Christianity? Everything sacred to Christianity is attacked.

8. Russell says the Messiah is a collection of Jews, with maybe a few gentiles included.

9. Russell says the Protestant and Catholic Bibles are inaccurate, and that only he could understand the Bible. The WT Society would carry this to its logical conclusion, they produced their own Bible called the New World Translation, which true to its makers preconceived ideas, tries to erase the deity of Jesus Christ.

10. Christians are the most guilty and horrible of people.

11. God has not tried to save the world of mankind.

If Russell had labelled himself a Jew, he never would have been listened to by the Christians. But by labelling himself the most orthodox of Christians, many Christians bought into his message which was the same message some of the most rabidly antiChristian Jews have advocated for centuries.

Let's read some of the documentation on the previous points:

1. Jews will rule the world. After the "times of the Gentiles" ends in 1914 Israel will be restored. The Kingdom of David will be restored. 35 "God has certainly promised a restitution and a glorious future to Isreal in the flesh..."36 "The channel through which this spiritual and invisible kingdom will operate amongst men will be the ancient worthies of Israel. 'Ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the Kingdom.' In close association with these, first to be recognized will be the Jews, natural Israel."37 "We are interested in the earthly Jerusalem and the prosperity about to come to it, when, under Messiah's Kingdom, it shall become the capital of the world."

2. Nations must become Jews. God will answer the prayers of the Jews and fight against the nations. Then the Jewish remnant will be restored. The gentiles will go up to Jerusalem from year to year, to keep the feast of tabernacles.38 "To my understanding, dear friends, the Scriptures are very clear in their statement that this New Covenant will be for Israel only and that all the nations of the world, if they desire to receive the blessings of that covenant, must come into Israel, so that during the reign of Messiah, which will be for 1,000 years, all nations will be pressing into it that they may become members of Israel, and so the nations will eventually come to be a part of Israel, as the Scriptures say—the seed of Abraham, like the sands of the seashore, filling the whole earth—and every one who will not become an Israelite, who will not come into harmony with God, with that divine law, with the New Covenant, will be cut off in the Second Death."39

2 & 3. In the New Order the world is blessed through the Jews. "All who would enjoy Divine favor and restitution blessings will gladly gather to their standard...will become Israelites, proselytes, children of Abraham...all who will obey...will be lifted up, up, up to perfection..."40

4. Jews should go to their rabbi to learn how to protect themselves from Christian doctrine. "Jews should be taught by their rabbis, and should be able to answer such arguments by showing that 'the wages of sin is death'... God's Word applies to Jews as well as to Christians- "My people perish for lack of knowledge;" This page goes on to say the blessing of the Messianic Kingdom will come first to the Jew. Also Russell states, "So far from endeavoring to bring Jews into any of the Christian denominations, Catholic or Protestant, I would advise the Jews to stand clear of all of them. I seek to point out to the Jew that he has his own Divine promises, which are separate and distinct from those of Christians. God's promises to the Jew are all earthly. The Israelites are all to come back from the state of death under Messiah's glorious Kingdom, which will gradually efface sin and death from the world..."41

5. Christians should not convert Jews. (See quote pt. 8)

6. It is God's will for Jews to remain Jews. "The Jew who ceases to be a Jew ceases to look in the proper direction for the blessings God has promised him."42

7. His promotion of Zionism has already been discussed.

8.The Messiah is basically a group of Jews. "The hidden Mystery is that this great Prophet, Priest and King is not a man, but a Son of God on the spirit plane; and further, the great Messiah is composed of many 'members,' of which he is the 'Head.'" Christ is a son not the son and is made up of many people.43 The church is the Messiah—"twelve thousand for each of the twelve tribes of Isreal..." "This class as a whole is the Messiah..." "Does this make clear my reasons for not wishing to turn Jews into Presbyterians, Baptists, Roman Catholics, etc.? Does it make clear my reason for urging Jews to a preparation mentally, morally and physically for the great work that God has for them to do? I hope so...it is my conviction that the Messianic company, all saintly, will be composed more largely of Jews than of any other nationality."44

9. This is discussed in other sections.

10. Christians are the most guilty and horrible of people. "Millions of people are being turned away from faith in a God of Love and from faith in the Bible as His Message by the most monstrous blasphemies of the 'dark ages.' I charge the responsibility of all this against the sects and creeds of Christendom."45 Christians are the biggest hypocrites in the world.46

11. God has not tried to save the nations. (Evil people would be resurrected to learn Judaism in the New Order.) From the beginning, Russell accepted a very Judiastic outlook. In reviewing the 1877 Three Worlds which Russell agreed with although only helped write one finds...

(p. 11)- God has never tried to save mankind. Rather, God gave the gospel to only a select group. God's promises to the Jewish nation are unfulfilled.

(p. 7-8)- Christ, which is a group of the elect, subjugates all the nations in the Millenium with "real subjection" "with a rod of iron."

(p. 12)- "While under the past Jewish dispensation not a Gentile could be saved..." (p. 13)- God did not make any effort to save mankind, and they have died without the truth. Why? Scriptures tell us that God made it "unlawful to give the children's meat to dogs". Also, says Russell and Barbour, why did Christ command his disciples "Go not in the way of the Gentiles..." "He (God's son) did not come, at his first advent, to save the world;...He did not even pray for the world, 'I pray not for the world.' (John 17 9)."

(p. 14)- "If God has been trying to save the world during the gospel dispensation, He has made as great a failure as during the Jewish Age."

This Author would direct the reader to a 12 part series of articles Russell wrote for the Overland Monthly. Each was entitled "God's Chosen People". The individual articles had titles which dealt with the following issues: how faith was the foundation of Jewish character, how the Jews could revive their faith in Judaism, how Israel had a "double", about the Jubilee of restoration, the Passover, the Sabbath, Yom Kippur, Zionism, Must Jews Become Christians in Order to Receive Divine Favor?, plus three other topics related to Jews.


The concept that the Jews are the Chosen people who will eventually rule the world forms the basis of Rabbinical Judaism. In the Cabala, even more than the Talmud (and the original Talmud is pretty strong stuff), the concept of world-dominion is even more noticable. The Zohar accepts it as an accepted fact. The Toldoth Noah, folio 63b (de Pauly's trans., I p. 373) states, "the Feast of Tabernacles is the period when Israel triumphs over the other people of the world; that is why during this feast we seize the Loulab and carry it as a trophy to show that we have conquered all the other peoples known as 'populace' and that we dominate them." The Zohar relates that the kings of the world will end by declaring war on the Messiah. But "the Holy One, blessed by He, will display His force and exterminate them from the world." (Zohar, section Schemoth, folio 7 and 9b; section Beschalah, folio 58b -de Pauly's trans., III. 32,36,41,260)


A popular misconception among the Goyim (gentiles) is that Zionism is simply a desire of the Jews for a small place to call home. The WT Society itself is aware that Zionism entails more. On page 296 of their tenth Souvenir Report, "Many Hebrews of the United States believe that the whole course of world events is now favorable to the Zionist movement, and that the day is near when their aims will be realized and the Jews, as a united people, will become one of the most powerful factors in the modern world."

But when they needed to still opposition to taking over Palistine from the arabs, the B'nai B'rith told the public, The Jews of neither America nor any other of the democratic lands will return to Palestine.*" At that time (before the state of Israel) the B'nai B'rith sounded like the Jewish people were loyal to the countries they lived in, and harbored no desire to go to Israel.

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