Who Began Liberation Theology

Liberation Theology was started by various ministers who were Marxists, socialists and One-Worlders. The roots of the movement began with the men who preached the social gospel, such as socialist clergyman Dr. Walter Rauschenbusch, a crucial influence on the Federal Council of Churches. It began first with the Protestants and then spread to the Catholics, especially the Jesuits.

In 1959, Ernst Bloch a Marxist posing as a Christian published Principles of Hope (Prinzip Hoffnung) trying to mix Marxism and Christianity. In 1965, the German Protestant Jurgen Moltmann published what is commonly called the foundation of Liberation Theology A Theology of Hope.

During the 1960s and the 1970s the World Council of Churches began to support revolutionary struggles. In July, 1968, at the Uppsala, Sweden Assembly the WCC made a commitment to help create a One-World-Government. They decided to fund third world "liberation movements". From there on, the WCC has increasingly pledged itself to Liberation Theology.

Examples of how Liberation Theology has functioned. The WCC gave $157,820 to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War between 1966 and 1970. They gave the revolutionary group SWAPO $740,000 and the communist ANC received $362,000.12 Christians who belong to denominations within the WCC (such as the Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Methodist, et. al.) must bear responsibility for the bloodshed caused by wCc funding various terrorist groups, because their churches contribute large sums to the WCC. A new phase of Liberation Theology took place when "Basic Christian Communities" BCC were set up in Nicaragua and helped bring in the Marxist revolution. The BCCs began spreading throughout Latin America.

In 1971 a national meeting in Santiago, Chile took place of Christians for Socialism. The next year, an international meeting in Latin America took place with over 400 Protestant and Catholic Latin American liberationist from all over South America gathered.

In 1981, John Paul II replaced the Master General of the Jesuits with his own choice because Arrupe had not controlled Liberation Theology. This move was a superficial political gesture on the part of the Pope. Arrupe was already incapacitated by illness, and the change in leadership did nothing tangible to slow down the Jesuits' promotion of Liberation Theology. It simply blew a smokescreen on the Pope's intentions.

In 1987, Latin American Communist Parties met in Prague to discuss with other communist experts how the Churches could be effectively used to promote Marxism worldwide.


"It is time to...concentrate on the fundamental fact: the Bible teaches communism...Communism is obligatory for Christians The Ananias episode...means: pain of death for whoever betrays communism, Christianity's indispensible condition."— Jose Miranda, leading Mexican LT spokesperson, Communism in the Bible.

"I am convinced that my attitude represents the highest form of responding to the call from God. For me, Christianity is communist militancy."—Father Santiago Salas, Filipino Guerrilla Priest

"The solution is Marxism. It is the only possible way to achieve liberation. I do not see any other way to realize the promises of history and of the Gospel, there is no salvation outside the Church, and there is no liberation outside of Marxism. A Christian should embrace Marxism if he wants to be with God and with men.

"Liberation theology is an entirely new theology which reinterprets, in the light of the revolution, all the themes of traditional theology: God, Christ, the Church, the priesthood, marriage, labor, everything.

"The mission of the church these days in Latin America is, above everything else, to preach communism... Communism is profoundly Christian. Communism, according to Marx, is a society in which there is no selfishness or injustice. It is the same as what Christians understand as the kingdom of God on earth."—Father Ernesto Cardenal, Communidades Eclesiais de Base.

The biggest barrier to the satanic llluminati dreams of World conquest are the teachings of Christ. This challenge to the New World Order is being subverted by teaching the people that Christ was a Communist revolutionary. Isn't it amazing that men can be so easily fooled to work and fight for the enslavement of the human race? The New World Orders manipulation of people by their promises of a man-made Golden Age, a Millenium, needs to be challenged.

Ex-Black Panther Anthony Bryant who was a promoter of Liberation Theology is now warning people of the dangers of Liberation Theology.


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