What The Mormon First Presidents

Various ex-Mormon Masons indicate that all of the Presidents, also called Prophets, of the LDS church have been Freemasons. Because this has come from several reliable sources, none of which can be named, it stands the test of being accurate.

This is why 33 degree Mason Norman Vincent Peale has always been good friends with the Mormon prophets. At the 85th birthday of current Mormon Prophet/President Spencer W.

Kimball (who is as mentioned also a Mason) Peale was the keynote speaker. Peale praised Kimball as a true prophet of Christ and a great man of God.5

The reader will be presented information concerning the ties between the LDS leadership and the CIA, the Rothschilds, and the New Age. Confidential sources also reveal that couriers have been used to carry commands directly to the LDS leadership from the center of power in England. Some of these courier routes are through UNESCO and INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. Again because this came from different sources that were not in touch with each other, it must be considered reliable.


Blanchard, 33 degree Mason in his book approved by the highest Masonic authorities, states that Mormonism and Masonry are legally the same institution. "The two institutions are morally and legally the same."5

Mervin B. Hogan, who is one of the best Masonic writers, when he was selected to be a Blue Friar in 1976, presented his paper "Mormonism and Freemasonry: The Illinois Episode." In discussing the Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he said, "It is evident to anyone who acquaints himself with this creed that there are no conflicts or incompatibilities whatsoever between the teachings, theology, and dogma of Mormonism and the philosophy, principles and tenets of universal Freemasonry...Surely with that simultaneous background, it must be readily acknowledged that Mormonism and Freemasonry are so intimately and inextricably interwoven and interrelated that the two can never be disassociated."6

A Mason within the Lodge can say what Hogan spoke and be commended, yet a non-Mason saying the similar things about the Mormon Church to a Baptist church watched Mason Baptists get up from the pews disgusted and leave in the middle of his talk.

To quote only two Masons of the many who have noted the connections between Masonry and Mormonism:

"The general outline of the endowment ceremony, and the signs used therein, are closely connected with Masonry; and, in spite of Mormon denials, it is easily established that a certain amount of the early Masonry which was used freely in the Temple ceremony still survives."— Mason Stuart Martin, The Mystery of Mormonism. p.308.

"Not infrequently the question is asked, 'Does the Mormon church make use of the Masonic ritual in its Temple ceremonies?'...the reader will be left free to make his own deductions."— Past Grand Master S. H. Goodwin. (Goodwin then proceeds to mention many similarities between Masonry and Mormonism in his book Mormonism and Masonry.)

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