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In summarizing this little report on the Civil War, the purpose of the report was to illustrate further the inadequacy of modern history textbooks. The worst are at the lower levels. As the student progresses the textbooks get a little better, but for the student "as the twig is bent so it grows". His or her frame of reference is warped from the start so that even if the young person encounters facts exposing the Power's conspiracy there is no way to assimilate it. We just discussed a very important aspect of the Civil War which involved the Rothschilds, the Czar, and the Confederate/European threat to California and the financial capability of the U.S. to wage war which is ignored by the textbooks. In itself it simply a small portion of human history, and a collection of what may seem to be trivial facts. However, let me explain how this affects you and I.

First, the Power's establishment removed God and the Lord's spiritual dimension from history. Next, they removed all realistic analysis of events, so that things became random events. For instance, why did the Indians revolt? Random events. Why did the Czar sent his fleet? a random event. They most likely are not going to directly tell us they are random events, they simply don't give us any real analysis, and allow us to assume they are random events. History just happens we are led to believe. Politicians and other leaders are simply trying to guide events like riding a bucking bronco. The U.S. just stumbled into war. It was only an accident that some men made millions off the Civil War, and that they just happened to be ready to profit from it. Event A has no connection to Event B. Lastly, after taking away analysis of why and how events happen, they have begun taking away facts. Without facts we will not be able to make proper analysis, without any analysis, we will not know where we have been or where we are really going, and finally without God we have no hope. They have us where they want us.

This Author has observed today's history classes. Today it is popular to have the students spend their period chattering their opinions on history. However, without facts all their discussions do is to reinforce ignorance. Students are being told facts are dry, and useless; and facts are, without analysis. When I was invited to a history class to speak on the Civil War the students were very interested to learn that contrary to the Constitution we have paper money, and that being issued not by Congress but by a private bank. This was proof to me that with analysis showing people how they are participants in a Conspiracy directed against them history comes alive.

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Like Lambs to the Slaughter by Johanna Michaelsen. Johanna has an exceptionally good grasp of what is happening. She brings together her personal knowledge along with excellent research to expose what horrible items are in store for children should the occult movement carry out their plans. She exposes Saturday morning cartoons, New Age games like Dungeon and Dragons and what is happening in the classrooms, just to name a few examples.

The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson. This is an historical introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History. Ralph is succinct and covers a lot of territory in his book. Of the various books that attempt to introduce people to history and how the Conspiracy has been involved in history this is the best this Author has seen.

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