What Disasters Do They Have Planned For Us

Already by the 1870s, the Illumined Masonic leaders had decided it would take three world wars to bring people to the point they would want a strong world government. They have not played the third world war card yet.

H.G. Wells wrote that an invasion from outer space would unify mankind. At least two men who have worked for military intelligence have seen the plans to create a fake invasion from outer space to unify the world. The technology to build UFOs exists— I won't take the time to prove it, but it does. They have not played this card yet either.

Financial disaster created conditions that the dictatorships of Mussolini, Hitler, and (dare we say?) Roosevelt to came into power. It is in the planning, to do a monetary exchange in the United States, and for present money to be inflated. It is in the planning to reduce the American standard of living. They have not played that card yet.


Something big is happening. The whole subject of UFOs leaves the objective person bewildered. There are several key points that are verified beyond doubt on the subject.

1. There has been intensive interest by the movie industry about extraterrestrials, science fiction scenarios about their coming to earth. There have been lots of secret interest on the part of governments and intelligence agencies. The level of secrecy on documents pertaining to UFOs is two secret levels above the H-Bomb project. The highest secrecy level —Top Secret Umbra— were placed on the Top Secret affidavit giving the National Security Agency reasons for witholding its documents on UFOs. SIGINT documents that are classified above TOP SECRET receive a an additional stamp such as ROYAL, COSMIC, or in the case of one set of UFO documents in case MJ-12 they were stamped MAJIC.

2. After the book Above Top Secret, which conclusively documents ad nauseum how there have been government coverups around the world concerning UFO, especially in the U.S., there is no reasonable doubt that some of the biggest intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA, and MI6 are committed to disinformation and coverups.

3. UFO activity is related to the Occult, the New Age, and demonic activity. It is likely the whole thing about UFOs is going to be related to a One-World-Religion.

A newsletter put out by a UFO research group Nevada Aerial Research Group describes Phillip Klass attending the 1989 MUFOU Conference. Phi Klass has blown his cover with UFO buffs, they know he is a CIA agent.6 Signs posted at the converence warned no recording devices were allowed. The Mufon Conference Security had to remove Phil's tape recorder.

Not only does Phillip J. Klass apparently work for the CIA, but he wrote a book to debunk UFOs called "UFOs-The Public Deceived." Perhaps he wrote it at the CIA's behest.

The Watchtower Society opens their Awake! (Nov. 8, 1990, p.3) article on UFO's by quoting Phillip J. Klass. It's interesting how the WT Society uses Phillip Klass and Edward Dolnik to turn the subject of UFOs into the soon-to-come apocalypse. This Awake! article quotes Edward Dolnik,

"The leading explanation today has to do with deep-seated and apocalyptic fears associated with approaching the millenium." The WT Society adds, "that is, as we approach the year 2000."

This author doesn't know what is behind UFOs, except in general it is evil. The book Above Top Secret is so well documented that it is interesting that the WT Society would promote the view (pp. 8-9) that there has been no coverup. We are looking at a religious institution that has repeatedly called the all government, including the U.S. government dishonest, yet it wants to turn our belief away from a cover-up.(?) Did they not read the book Above Top Secret which they themselves mention in the article? At this point, the Watchtower Society is going along with the Party line of the New Order—which is to draw attention to the issue, but not disclose anything.

The bottom line of the article is that the WT Society gets more subjective "proof" for the date 2000, and reinforces that date into the collective mind of their readers. This author does not have the inside scoop on how the topic of UFOs will benefit the New Order, but it looks like its a topic that will hang around, no pun intended.

A sample of the UFO stories surfacing from witnesses all over the globe is the story of Sid Padrick. His story was told with such credibility that many are convinced of it. He says that the E.T. spokesman in the spacecraft that took him told him that, "As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, we have no police force. We have no schools—are young are taught at an early age to do a job, which they do very well. Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control. We have no money. We live as one."

Sid Patrick claims that the Alien ask him, "Would you like to pay your respects to the Supreme Deity?" "When he said that I almost fainted. I didn't even know how to accept it. I said to him, "We have one, but we call it God, Are we talking about the same thing?" He replied, "There is only one."...So I knelt and did my usual prayer Until that night I had never felt the presence of the Supreme Being—but I did feel Him that night.

"It's obvious that they are on a very high scientific level, but their relation with the Supreme Being means a lot more to them than their technical and scientific ability and knowledge. I would say that their religion and their science are all in one."

William Cooper, former U.S. Navy security and intelligence officer, claims to have seen plans while on an intelligence briefing team for the Pacific Fleet Intelligence Center to create an artificial threat from outer space to unite the world. His research indicates that the world is being ruled by men of secret societies intent on ruling the world. The Saving & Loan crisis, the depletion of the FDIC fund, the forgiving of third world debts is all calculated to collapse the banking system and to motivate us to adopt a cashless society.

A man claiming to be an intelligence officer has given dossiers of documents to certain people that there is a big conspiracy on the part of the governments to defraud the people of their freedom. Should we believe such people?

Knowing what this author knows, I would suggest people listen to such men's evidence. The New Order typically has played both ends of the spectrum, and undoubtedly has their nose is both sides of the issue. The CIA is one of the chief elements of their power.

Exposes on the CIA may come from three sources, legitimate, crank, and the CIA itself, so undoubtedly some degree of discretion must be used in deciding what information is legitimate.


Have you ever wondered why the big American automakers seem to have lost out to the Japanese? Why is it that such great corporations like GM and Ford with their capital (finances) and technology could fail so easily? Why is it that by some slight of the hand American technology was transferred to Japan?

Have you ever wondered why the media plays up Japanese buy ups in America, yet Great Britian which has more investment in the U.S. than Japan goes unnoticed?

Have you ever wondered why the Savings and Loans and Credit Unions are being delivered some death blows, while the powerful banks increase in power and size? Did you wonder why a Savings & Loan like Benjamin Franklin was solvent and financially healthy one day and the next in such trouble it was ordered to sell itself?

Have you ever wondered why the South African government and country has been attacked in the media and the UN for aparteid, when the racial policies of China with the Tibetans, Iraq with the Kurds, India with its culturally engrained caste system where the light skin Aryans are tops, and other nations are far worse? Why was so much attention and economic embargos placed on South Africa alone?


The rise of Japan as an economic world power appears to disprove to some that the world is moving toward centralized control.

Around 1987, Financial Times ran a headline calling Kenichi Ohmae "Japan's Only Management Guru." Kenichi Ohmae, is not likely the only Japanese to be knowledgeable in business, but it is interesting to see what a leader like him from Japan believes in. In 1985, he wrote Triad Power. In 1990, he came out with The Borderless World Power and Strategy in The Interlinked Economy.

The Japanese Business Leader believes national borders no longer exist. He says, "An isle is emerging that is bigger than a continent—the Inter-linked Economy (ILE) of the Triad (the United States, Europe, and Japan) joined by aggressive economies such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore."

"The policy objective for the ILE will be ensuring the free flow of information, money, goods, and services as well as the free migration of people and corporations. Traditional governments will have to establish a new single framework of global government. Toward that end, the first and most important step is to understand the global economy accurately. That's the purpose of this book."9

But how does one get the Japanese to open up? The answer lies in understanding Japanese culture.

The Japanese and gifts. There is a Japanese term which describes the concept of returning a gift with an equal or better gift. A Japanese person may not like to receive your gift, because he feels he loses face if he can't ante up a better one in return.

In return for Americans allowing the Japanese into American markets, the Japanese must reciprocate or lose face. Granted American pride has taken a beating, as the Japanese have been allowed to invest in America, but much of the cause of this wounded pride is superficial.

For instance, Sony bought Columbia, and the Japanese also bought Paramount. But Warner Bros. is far greater than Columbia in size and it has also merged with Time/Life. That merger between Time/Life and Warner Bros. has created such a large entity that Columbia is of small significance—except that it opens the door to the internationalization of Japanese and Chinese products.

Many of the "Japanese companies" are really international. For instance, IBM Japan, is this company Japanese? It has 20,000 Japanese workers, but its equity holders are American.10 Honda has an operation run by Americans in Ohio, and Texas Instruments has memory-chips work done in Japan—so which is the American product? Cellular phones sold in Japan by a Japanese company may have components made by Americans at the U.S. division of the Japanese company. Sony sends audiotapes and videotapes to Europe that it makes at Dotham, Alabama.

The New Republic magazine informs us that "The very idea of 'American' products made by 'American' firms is becoming obsolete. Lee Iacocca warns of the Japanese invasion of America, but American-made parts now constitute a smaller portion of the top models of the Big Three than they do of Honda's top-of-the-line cars."11

The companies supposedly invading us, are often multinational companies that are alligning themselves with the Interdependent economy the One-World-Order wants. Rather than believing in the myth that the Japanese are taking over, we should realize that the internationals are taking us over.

Which part of the world has more economic sales potential. China and Japan with over one third of the world's population, or the U.S.? A shoe company, or most any other product company realizes that China has a much bigger market. To open the Asian market, they are allowing Japan to invest in the U.S. In the long run, the elite Americans and Europeans who have large financial interests in Japan, are using the Japanese to open up the China market. China has typically suffered from the delusion it is the center of the universe, so it is taking a great deal of work by the Internationalists to work the Chinese into the anything global that they run.

It is true Japan has a near "monopoly" on advanced computer chips, although recently an American firm won an anti-trust suit against them. But so what? Half of the semiconductor production machinery and software to design complicated chips are American made. Rare gasses, photo resists, and other items essential to its production are American controlled.

Speaking about something that is greatly overlooked American controlled is the world's money supply. There is no national currency except American dollars that are in sufficient supply for the Shieks and other weathly people to keep their money in. Most of the world's wealth is kept in dollars, and the value of dollars is contolled by the Fed (Federal Reserve System), and ultimately is Rothschild controlled through the Banks that control the Fed.

Two of the most powerful men of the elite are Japanese. These top Japanese are definitely being given are piece of the action in the New World Order. However, sources that have inside knowledge indicate that the New World Order plans to pull the rug from under the Japanese economy first, before they destroy America's. This is possible, but during 1991 the New World Order has been moving massive amounts of money out of the United States. (As I write this in 1991, it doesn't appear the United States has too much longer of a grace period.)

Although the Japanese have Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, now the largest bank, with $414.1 billion

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