Vulnerable Problem Spots

In 1860, the British had moved thousands of troops and naval forces to British Columbia. During the Civil War, there were periods when it was uncertain whether Britian would stay neutral or help the South. South of California, France moved troops into Mexico and took over. The French cooperated with the Confederacy. The French and Confederates even conducted several joint military operations. The Confederates established (military) recruiting stations along the U.S.- Mexican border south of California and Arizona, which federal troops during the war led several expeditions to shut down. The Mexican population in California were not loyal to the U.S. government, because their lands had been stolen by Americans during the gold rush, and their age old titles to the land ignored by the American legal system. Remember, that California had been captured recently from Mexico during the Mexican War. Utah was settled by Mormons, who at the time were in a state of hostility toward the U.S. government. U.S. troops had to be stationed in Utah throughout the war. Earlier the Mormons had successfully engaged army troops. The Indian tribes in the Western territories and Oregon were itching to fight.

During the war, southern agents would visit most of the Western tribes to encourage them to go to war. On September 10, 1861 orders were found on dead confederates at the Quapaw Agency revealing the south's intentions to enlist the Plains Indians. This was just one of many incidents where Confederate agents taking weapons and encouragement to the Plains Indians were discovered. Another essentially unknown incident along this line was when 22 Confederate officers on their way to incite the Plains Indians to rebel were caught on the Verdigras River in Kansas and wiped out. Because of the vulnerability of the U.S. forces, Confederate military aid, and many other factors coming together many of the civilized and the wild Indians attacked the US Army during the Civil War. Some tribes were directly recruited into the Confederate Army. The Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminoles, and some Apaches joined the Confederate Army. The Apaches, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Sioux, Snakes, Shoshones, Madocs, Black Kettle and Satanta went to war with the U.S. Army on their own. They were greatly outmatched. The civilian population of the west consisted of many foreignors and southernors so that although the majority of the western population were unsympathetic to the idea of southern secession, they also had little interest in fighting against the South. California was the most loyal U.S. area, and it harbored powerful latent desires to form its own country and had some strong pro-Southern districts, especially in southern California.

Considering the circumstances just presented, it is easy to see how naval and land forces of the Confederacy could have possibly 1. captured the gold steamers, 2. captured and sucessfully governed parts of the West. It was also possible that French and British forces had they entered the war could have taken the Pacific region. France and Britian were already under the influence of the Rothschilds and had strong Masonic governments in place.

The key point in California was San Francisco harbor, which carried on a large amount of commercial activity. Pro-Union Californians were very thankful when the Russian Pacific fleet made San Francisco their home base. The Russian Fleet had instructions to engage in war to protect San Francisco if the occasion called for it. Besides the Russian Fleet, the U.S. iron clad Camanche made it to San Francisco which after sinking and being raised by divers was finally launched in late 1864 and put into service in May, 1865. Troops occupied Santa Catalina island to prevent the South from using its good harbor. Ft. Stevens was built to guard the Columbia River.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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