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was a true friend to people, and came across as meek. He was faithful to what he thought was right, indeed he was somewhat of a perfectionist. He was a man of culture and integrity. He had a command of the use of words. He was also a very loving sensitive man who wore long white robes. His search for knowledge led him repeatedly into new realms of knowledge, and he had momentary flights into fantasy. He preferred to investigate things on his own, he was a self-teacher who then taught others. Although he trusted his own research, his biggest shortcoming was perhaps his personal self-deceit. One day he got a revelation that completely changed his life. He went from a modern day Joseph Smith, Jr. to a Christian.

It is rare when the founder of a new religion turns his back on his own New Age Bible and his own followers to follow Christ. Yet, that is what this New Age leader did, because in a later revelation he had it revealed to him that he was serving demons. Upon realizing that the plates and the translation of those plates were demonic, he turned his life over to Christ. He walked away from the religious community he had established in Edmonton, Canada and began living a Christian life.

How many writers of demon inspired scriptures never learn the source of scriptures, or if they did, have never revealed the source of their own scriptures? It takes real moral conviction to do something like that.


It is very interesting to examine what the Demons had passed to him because today, a religious buffet is being offered the public. Real Christian faith appears to be just one of many viable options.

The Flower of Truth is a syncretic work, a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity et. al. like the lessons of so many New Age groups today.

Examples from The Flower are: (shades of Buddhism) The Fivefold Path, p.9, "I Who in My Christ am called the lotus-born." (shades of Mormonism) The last chapter is called Doctrines and Covenants. (shades of Hinduism) The Fivefold Path, p. 16, "Whoever chants My names in pure devotion to Me, I will lead to the green fields of My Kingdom."

In the preface to the book102 we are told, "This book was not compiled, nor is it presented, to be a substitute or replacement for the Bible or any of the other great scriptures. The spirit which has spoken to Man in the past through these old books is the same one which speaks to us now through the new. The Torah, the New Testament, the Koran, the Gita, the Flower: are all chapters in the eternal stream..."

Shades of the occult appear in The Flower. Examples are The Opening, p. 5 "The keys to My Kingdom I give to you." The Opening, p. 3 "All men shall desecrate my temple...but wherever the ash will come to rest shall spring up as a legion of pheonix from the flames endless temples."

Even more significant than how eclectic the book is, is that it puts forth all the lies of Satan. Examples are:

The Opening, p.2-"There is no death. All men are saved." The Law, p. 4-"l say unto you, verily, after death I do not punish." Revelation, p. 3 we are presented Situational Ethics- "There is no man that knows what is truth and what is untruth, except judging for himself only,..."

Below, published for the first time to the public in any book are the original drawings, which were entrusted to Dr. K.V. Thampan, and were in the care of this Author for a while. Now after ten years, the public is permitted to see the original demon inspired drawings, which now form a testimony of a great victory for Christ.

Recommended for further study on chapter 2.4 is:

1. Schnoebelen. Mormonism's Temple of Doom. This book is an excellent introduction to the parallels between Witchcraft, Masonry and the Mormon temple ceremonies. The book has received much "flak" because it critics are simply not well informed about the practices of witchcraft, and the hidden side of Mormonism.

2. Tanner, Jerald & Sandra. Mormonism. Magic and Masonry. This is good historical research into the early connections. The Tanners fail to inform people of the connections that exist today, but the book is excellent material on the early Mormons. The Tanners have some of the best material on the Mormons for the interested researcher.


1. Quinn, D. Michael. Early Mormonism and the Magic World View. Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books, 1987, pp. 94-5.

3. DeVoto, Bernard. "The Centennial of Mormonism: A Study in Utopia and Dictatorship" in American Mercury, Jan. 1930 (Revised version in Forays and Rebuttals. Boston: Little, Brown, 1936.)

4. Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Holy Blood Holy Grail. New York, NY: Dell Pub. div. of Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub. Group, 1982, p. 406. The conclusion of the book is best understood by reading the whole book. The observation #3 then is based not on p. 406 but the entire book. Their sequel to this book, The Messianic Legacy indicates that the Guardians of the Bloodline are elusive, apparently for a short period they were wanting to inform the world of their existence.

5. Schnoebelen, William J. and James R. Spencer. Mormonism's Temple of Doom. Idaho Falls, ID: Triple J. Pub., 1987.

6. Olsen, V. Norskov, ed. The Advent Hope in Scripture and History. Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Ass., 1987, p. 110.

7. Silver, Abba Hillel. A History of Messianic Speculation in Israel From the First Through the Seventeenth Centuries. Boston: Peter Smith, Pub., 1959, p. 36.

8. Quoted in Advent Hope in Scripture and History from the Patai, Messiah Texts, pp. 323,324

9. Barkun, Michael. Crucible of the Millenium. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 1986, p.21.

10. A number of studies have looked into the prevalence in the British Isles and within the Puritans of Magic including: Witchcraft in Old & New England by George L. Kittredge; Witchcraft of Salem Village, by Shirley Jackson; Witchcraft at Salem, by Chadwick Hansen; and Witchcraft Delusion in New England. 3 Vols. by Samuel G. Drake.

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