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Constance Cumbey in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 160, says, "If there has been a single Catholic pope who permitted the New Ager's plan to take root within the Roman Catholic Church, it was Pope John XXIII who is spoken of reverently by New Agers and Catholic modernists."

Vatican II is a hallmark of toleration. It is an edict right in line with Masonic doctrine. For instance, it pronounces salvation to anyone who is good at whatever he is pursuing. Pope John XXIII, who was on record for Labor groups, not only allowed Catholics to become Masons but ended the church's anti-communist stance.

Pope John XXIII threw his whole weight into getting Vatican II passed. Some claim the overwork in doing this speeded up his death. In addressing the Vatican II council prior to it sucessfully passing Vatican II, John XXIII told them, "Illuminated by the light of this Council the Church, we confidently trust, will become greater in spiritual riches, gaining the strength of new energies from it Unfortunately, the entire Christian family has not yet fully attained... unity in truth. The Catholic Church, therefore, considers it her duty to work actively toward the fulfillment of the great mystery of that unity which Jesus invoked with fervent prayer from his heavenly Father on the eve of his sacrifice. . . [The Church] exults greatly at seeing that invocation extended... even among those who are outside her fold Venerable brothers, such is the aim of the second Vatican council, which, bringing together the Church's best energies... prepares and consolidates the path toward that unity of mankind which is required as a necessary foundation in order that the earthly city may be brought to resemble that heavenly city where truth reigns, charity is the law and whose extent is eternity."76

There he said it. The goal of Vatican II is the unity of mankind to create a earthly millenium.

The key Commission (group) of Vatican II was the Secretariat of Christian Unity headed by Cardinal Bea. Cardinal Bea was a Grand Master of the Freemasons, and was also a Jesuit and a Jew. His original name was Behar. During the Vatican II meetings he flew back and forth from the Vatican to New York (thought to be those of the One-World-Power) to brief these others on what was happening. The Second Vatican Council was announced in Jan. 1959, opened in Oct. 1962, and concluded in Dec. 1965.

This Author has the entire Vatican II in his library. It is appropriate to clarify that Vatican II does not tamper with the ultimate authority of the Catholic Church but leaves it intact.7 Authority in the Catholic church is not the protestant "sola scriptura" but ultimately rests with the church which then states what scripture and tradition is. Scripture with tradition then is their authority for dogma. Christ the Word of God still speaks, the church believes, in the priestly and papal offices, so that they claim infallibility for Christ's Church. (See the Catholic church's Decree on the Church 1.8, 11.12, 1.2, III.20.) The hierarchy and its power were left untouched. And we will learn more about what that hierarchy is today as we continue to read.

In April 1963 Pope John XXIII moved the Roman Catholic church closer toward a synthesis with communism with the document Pacem In Terris which promoted compromise with Communism. Further he neutralised the conservatives by adding 12 new cardinals who favored his views.

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