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This Author is not going to try to document this next paragraph. To do so really is another book. But if the reader is aware of the US-USSR cooperation it clears up a long list of anomalies. The reader can do with it what he pleases, but what if this paragraph is true? First, . the interested person can learn about the U.S. technology that our leaders have quietly given the Communists over the years, such as nuclear weapons by reading Anthony Sutton's well-documented books. F.D. Roosevelt's own son, James Roosevelt, wrote a book alleging FDR sent Russia the plans and materials to build an atomic bomb. The officer in charge of Lend-Lease to Russia during W.W. II states this in a book too. In recent years, the various cultural and scientific exchanges are even being publicly reported.

One area of cooperation that is extensive and has been for many years is between the CIA and the KGB. Both of these agencies feud like siblings, and both are honeycombed with double-agents, triple-agents, Airier. Communist CIA agents, etc., it is rather impossible to develop a clear picture of where loyalties are of particular individuals. In fact, it may be harder to see the overall picture for those closest to the scene, because these agencies are so segmented that people work in offices unaware that other secret offices ajoin their own rooms, and unaware of people working in secret only a few feet away. It is the epitome of Orwell's 1984. And the process is that Big Brother of the New World Order controls the world and works through the MI 6, MI5, the CIA, the KGB, and Moussad. However, that is a hefty concept to swallow, so the reader is welcome to disbelieve it, and to put that on the back burner. It is only mentioned to serve as an introductory background thought to the next item. (The topic will be picked up again in chapter 2.7).

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End of Days Apocalypse

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