This Book Was Written On Order Of The Highest Masonic Authority

Clymer, R. Swinburne. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry. Philosophical Pub. Co., Allentown, Pa.,p. 122.


clares to be the law of Masonry. And this was wisely done, for it is evident that no law less universal could have been appropriately selected for the government of an institution whose prominent characteristic is its universality.

219. "The precepts of Jesus could not have been made obligatory on a Jew; a Christian would have denied the sanctions of the Koran; a Mohammedan must have rejected the laws of Moses; and a disciple of Zoroaster would have turned from all to the teachings of his Zeud Avesta. The universal law of nature, which the authors of the old Charges have properly called the moral law, because it is, as Conybeare remarks, 'a perfect collection of all those moral doctrines and precepts which have a foundation in the nature and reason of things,' is therefore the only law suited, in every respect, to be adopted as the Masonic code."*

220. "So broad is the religion of Masonry, and so carefully are all sectarian tenets excluded from the system, that the Christian, the Jew, and the Mohammedan, in all their numberless sects and divisions, may, and do harmoniously combine in its moral and intellectual work with the Buddhist, the Parsee. the Confucian, and the worshiper of Deity under every form."**

221. And why is this true! Because the Vishnu of the Brahminical Trinity, the Isis of the Egyptian and the Holy Ghost of the Christians and symbolized in

*Mackey, "Masonic Jurisprudence."

**Webb's "Monitor of Freemasonry."


the Roman Catholic Church, by the Madonna, is the Mother Principle of every living thing in the universe, and, when a man or woman has their spiritual mind awakened they have a love for everything that lives and breathes, and they look on every object in Nature as the outward manifestation of the Divine Living Principle within. God is in all, and no matter at what Shrine we worship, God is there.

222. "The whole design of Freemasonry as a Speculative science is the investigation of Divine Truths. To this great object everything else is subsidiary. The Mason is, from the time of his initiation aa an Entered Apprentice, to the time at which he receives the full fruition of Masonic light, an investigator—a laborer in the quarry and the temple—whose reward is to be truth, and all the ceremonies and traditions of the order tend to this ultimate design. In Speculative Freemasonry there is an advancement from a lower to a higher state—from darkness to light—from death to life—from error to truth.

223. "The Mason living and working in the world as his lodge, must seek to raise himself out of it to that eminence which surmounts it, where alone he can find divine truth."*

224. "Every Speculative Mason is familiar with the fact that the East, aa the source of material light, is a symbol of his own order, which professes to contain within its bosom the pure light of truth. Aa, in

*Mackey, "Manual of the Lodge."

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