There Will Be Some Who Will Blame The Good Lord For The Suffering That Is To Come

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Man has been repeatedly been warned of the consequences of sin. He has laughed and mocked God. Man is only suffering what he has brought onto himself. That God initiated this whole process is true, but the process was initiated with free will to all, and the historical evidence will not bear up that mankind did not have a chance to learn what was the best choice. Man has shamefully rewritten history to hide the many times God has sent messengers and prophets to the world to all peoples to turn them to Christ. Even today prophets of God are warning the people, and they are being ignored.

It is important that Christians understand why they are to suffer and the glory and victory that it gives Christ. It is important for Christians to understand that their suffering and blood will give God a warrant for stepping in and bringing judgment on the Adversary. This is part of the plan, and was foretold to Christians in the first century.


The world's economic system is controlled by men who are Satanists. Many of the world's political systems are also under the direct rule of Satanists. Those few that aren't are being targeted.

Because the New World Order has studied mankind so indepth, it can operate sucessfully by playing upon the lusts, fears and desires of men. Repeatedly, they manipulate things so that the world begs them for what the Satanists already want to do. This has repeatedly happened and will continue. The world is already calling for a global government. After a third world war and/or an "alien" invasion, they will be begging to be enslaved by a One-World-Government.

Bach of the various groups, the capitalists, the oil Shieks, and the third world are being told of the wonderful benefits they will receive from the New World Order. They are being told whatever is needed to get them to jump on the bandwagon of the New World Order.

Computers and satellites have been built to give the New World Order the capability to monitor and control all activities on earth. In order to facilitate this total control a cashless society is in the process of being established. Nuclear plants and nuclear weapons are coming under the control of Satanists. Lists of all Christians and potential troublemakers to the New World Order already exist, just waiting to be used when the orders are to be given to arrest such people.

Truth serums for use on their opponents, secretly programmed masses of people, poisoned candy, regional world moneys and many other items are waiting ready to be used as the Satanic seven years of tribulation unfold from 1992 to 1999.

The tactics and strategy for Satan's big world power play are spelled out in numerous books and papers. As the Adversary's plans call for numerous organizations coordinating their efforts in what is called a SPIN (segmented polycentric integrated network) of SPINs, the exact details of who will do what, and the deceptive and power tactics that will be used are too numerous to provide in this paper. For instance, how many groups have participated in the destruction of traditional family life and marriage? Divorce has been promoted. Serial monogramy, adultery, and polygamy have been promoted. Women's "liberation" (actually their enslavement) has been promoted. Pornography has injured the moral fiber of the traditional marriage, and is now everywhere. The destruction of the family -a specific goal of the Satanists, has been promoted by so many organizations and people through a variety of means.

Part of the Satanists plan is to promote homosexuality, for their world ruler will be a man of unnatural affection.

It might be said that Satan's plan is to deceive, manipulate, and coerce mankind into their enslavement and destruction. Socialism is paraded as the common man's panacea. The fallacious nature of that should have been revealed from Communism. People are slow to learn, especially because they have not realized that Satan controls the mass media. Satanists directly own the major networks, and the Mass media has a strong unwritten censorship that newsmen must abide by if they want to keep their jobs.

God doesn't need the mass media to reveal his plan and his glory. God has purposely planned to use the most humble means to win His victory, so that it will be blatantly His victory. Therefore, the most humble houses will be His temples. The most humble people will be His people. The most humble of publishing houses will be His instruments. God will prove that He can win a victory by His power without any help. This is God's plan. Do not be discouraged if God seems to have little on His side. He has planned it that way. Jesus was born in a cave. The Isrealites, were chosen to be God's people, while they were an insignificant nationality of slaves of glorious Egypt. God's general Gideon had only 300 men to fight with. God has chosen the weak, to confound mankind's wisdom.

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