Theodore Reuss

He was the following: Scottish Rite, 33rd degree, Rite of Mizraim, 90th degree; Rite of Memphis, 96th degree; Sovereign Grand Master General of those two Rites, Esoteric Rosicrucians, Supreme Magus; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, VIII; OTO, Frater Superior and Outer Head in Mundo; friend of Papus; Sovereign Grand Master General ad Vitam for the German Empire, Swedenborg Rite, founder of six lodges in Germany, and Prov. Grand Master.

ALBERT PIKE (1809-1891)

He was the following: Scottish Rite, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree; York Rite, Knights Templar; Oddsfellows, member; Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Masonry; Palladium Rite (reformed) (full name Free and Regenerated Palladium), founder; Supreme Grand College of Emeritus Masons; early Theosophical Society, member; friend of Mazzini.


What was the value of this union? The Rites of Mizraim and Memphis are far more occultic and gnostic than the Scottish Rite. If a neophyte was obviously interested in the occult, and was lacking finances, this Masonic pamphlet "The Grand Mystic Temple" indicates he could be started at the 18th degree of the Scottish Rite (the Rose Croix of Heredom) and at the 46th degree of Mizraim. From there he could progress in the 3 rites.

There are numerous secret "interoffice memo type" papers that indicate that a Satanist, a Luciferian, a practitioner of black magic, or the like has a easy time in Freemasonry, because the upper degrees are controlled by men who will bend any rules to help them. Having a membership card is of limited value in visiting a foreign Lodge. A dues card is important, showing that one's dues are all paid up. Certain questions will be asked, and certain parts of the rituals need to be quoted by memory to satisfy the Lodge one is visiting. Now, let us, for instance, picture an American Mason visiting an Irish lodge. He can go to the Freemasons' Hall in Dublin or to one of the Provincial Masonic Temples and be examined.

This examination though is a courtesy, and it is up to the Grand Lodge's office whether they bother to interview him. By being interviewed this American will then be vouched to attend any meeting in the Grand Lodge of Ireland. When attending he will have to have been given the password of the First Degree (or other degree) . However, if he has been vouched, he will know the passwords. One can now see the leverage the Luciferian occultists have in Masonry, when the correct dues cards, diplomas, and passwords are given freely to them by the heads of these Rites.


These two rites, although separate in some areas are closely allied. The Rite of Mizraim is mainly Jewish.121 The secret order

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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