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The channeling connection between the Watchtower Society, the Freemasons, and the New Age is indeed the strangest type of connection, because it suggests a supernatural power is coordinating such "new light."

For a while it appeared that the idea of the Devil was going to disappear from Western culture. Psychiatrists told us that such supernatural phenomena did not exist. It's interesting that these would be the people to tell us that, because the early great psychiatrists were themselves into the occult and demonic activities.

The New Age channelers don't view their spirit guides as demons. That is the label placed on their activities by Christians who note what the Bible states about such activities. Most of us have never channelled and can not address the issue of what kind of spirits these are. However, several New Agers have confided with the Author that at some point they discovered the spirits revealed their demonic identity to them. One famous New Age leader who found out that these spirit guides were demons was Randall Baer.

It is believed Randall N. Baer was murdered for revealing too much about the New Age Movement. His book Inside the New Age Nightmare tells the story of someone who left his channeling when he realized he was serving demons. The reader should read his book to fully appreciate why Baer after years of being a New Age leader concluded that Satan and his demons were the spirit guides of the New Age. Baer tells the compelling story of how the spirits had power, indeed a supernatural power, and were not simply figments of the mind. The skeptic of supernatural events, will at least concede from his book that these spirit guides are believed to be real by the people who communicate with them.

Some examples of New Age channeler Baer's conclusions concerning such spirit guides are.

Public channeling is mass hypnosis. "Through speech cadence, orchestrated body and hand movements, voice inflections, and invisible demonic powers that fill the room, the spirit weaves a hypnotic web of rainbow-gilded infiltration. Not only do the participants take in false information but, more deeply, they absorb the permeating influences of the demon's formidable powers into the heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Often, a type of open-eyed trance-state overtakes the listeners with a sense of relaxation, pleasant tingling sensations, and rapt fascination with the goings-on.3

It is refreshing to see Baer, like so few prophets ever do, reveal that the "psychic powers ultimately draw upon demonic principalities as their source of power."4

"Channeling is indeed a blending, a merging, a touching, between humans and disincarnate spirits. However, behind the oh-so-friendly and wise fascade are demons who touch to deceive, blend to invade, and merge to possess. They come with an olive branch of peace, love and universal brotherhood in one hand, and a smoking gun concealed behind their back in the other."5

Baer became a Christian when he discovered that these spirits were demons. Other New Agers who have told their stories to this Author also came to Christ when they realized that demons were the spirits that were controlling them. Baer praised the Lord God for his salvation from "Satan's New Age Movement" and for the true freedom and salvation received through Christ Jesus. He turned his back on all his New Age practices and his demon Ascended Masters.

Baer felt the New Age Kingdom was a delusion. "The ultimate paradox for New Agers is that they believe the lie that they are heading for the New Age Kingdom-on-earth. All the while, they're really following a Satan-conspired path to destruction."6

If Baer's insight from his years of leading the New Age can be applied to the Watchtower's channeler Rutherford, then Rutherford was part of a demonic conspiracy. At the very least even if some readers are very skeptical of this whole thing, they must recognize the many similarities between Rutherford and the New Age channelers.

There are more similarities. The similarities go back to such things a Russell believing that Cyrus (who was supposedly an incarnation of the sun god and worshipped by his people as such) was a foreshadowing of Christ. Zoroaster was also viewed by Russell as a great prophet7 (and is also tied to the sun and its worship. One of the Ascended Masters is Zoroaster. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has channeled Zoroaster's messages.

The Masons also look to Zoroaster. Their New Age magazine calls this Persian prophet a "noble" prophet.8 In another article, of the New Age Magazine (Nov. 1922, p.658,) 32o Mason M.M. Javens writes, "It is useless to dwell longer on Zoroaster and the Zend-Avesta as most Master Masons are familiar with their position in Masonry."

The New Age Magazine, the official organ of the Scottish Rite, in the June 1922 issue, p. 343) pronounce Magic as "good." In another issue White Magicians are declared to be " 'angels encamped about the people,' serving, protecting..." (Sept. 1933, p.554)

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