The State Elevated To Godhood

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Fichte, Hegel, and Hitler to name a few felt the State should take over much of the role that is God's to have. A subtle form of this is extensively practiced already in the United States.

Arthur Schlesinger for instance discarded moral principles and elevated the state to Godhood; he wrote, "...the safest basis for decision in foreign policy lies not in attempts to determine what is right or wrong but in attempts to determine the national interest."10

National interest, or the State, is the highest basis for human decisions. This thinking is the philosophy of the CIA, the FBI, and the military. Numerous CIA agents have been bothered by what they have been ordered to do. But they are convinced that they are doing it for the interests of the nation, (whatever that is). What the interests of the nation really translates into, in practice, is the desires of the One-World-Order. If the rulers of the New Order are the state in essence, and the state is god, they are in effect our gods. This is why in places like Communist China and Romania the rulers of state have been treated like divine gods. For example, Mao tse Tung was worshipped.

The obvious answer for the Christians is either to reject this god called the state a. militantly, that is by setting up their own government or opposing the state politically, or b. to reject it passively by ignoring its pretensions to godhood.

Policemen that arrest pro-life activists on the grounds that it is in the national interest and that they are preventing the church from interfering in the state are confused. They are elevating the state to godhood, which is idolatry. They as agents of the state are actually going where the state doesn't belong. The Scriptures warn the Christian not to have fellowship with demons, because one cannot fellowship at both the Lord's table and have fellowship with demons. The Psalms tell us that evil laws are the result of the devil, and that we fellowship with devils by enforcing evil laws.

Rather than viewing its duty as one of limiting and challenging faith, the state should realize its job is the protection of the faiths of its people in God.

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