The Order Of Jesuits

The Order of Jesuits gave the Illuminists a secret channel to subvert the Catholic church. Note for instance that the famous

Illuminati of Bavaria were created at the Jesuit College at

Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Adam Weishaupt, who founded this branch of

Illuminati was a Jewish Jesuit professor. Also note that Ignaz

Aurelius Fessler (1756-1839), who received a Jesuit education at

Raab, Hungary started a Masonic group in Russia in the early nineteenth century called the "Illuminati" or "hateful revolutionaries."193 Again another Jesuit example is Francisco

Calvo (1820-1890) . Calvo was a Jesuit priest. Calvo was a 33°

Mason. He obtained a Scottish Rite charter from Spain, and organized the Scottish Rite in Costa Rica.19b (The President of

Costa Rica 1847-49, Dr. Jose Maria Castro, was also a co-founder of the Scottish Rite in Costa Rico.)

The mystic St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Order of Jesuits.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. XVI, printed in 1914

with the approval of the Pope's censor and Imprimatur, Ignatius of

Loyola and St. John of Avila were brought before an Inquistion council concerning links to the Illuminati in Spain (the 20

Alumbrados). This Catholic source also states that the Illuminati believed that they could become "the essense of God." And that the highest perfection was in the elimination of all activity, and for the self to be absorbed into God. For them carnal desires and actions are not sinful and can be engaged in.

What the article describes as Illuminati beliefs are what is known as Hinduism.

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