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Because individuals that reveal information about the instructions that the Mormon leadership are taking from the New World Order are in the gravest danger, it is more sensible to discuss the observable phenomena. These phenomena are more or less public record, what must remain secret testimony shall.


The answer is not as hidden as one might assume. The following are all observable phenomena, that did not take any cloak and dagger activity to learn. William Schnoebelen's books describe the connection between witchcraft and the Mormons. Talks with New Agers reveals that they view the Mormons as co-workers in the work to enlighten the world with a "higher consciousness". Clearly there appears to be some kind of an arrangement of cooperation.

Again confidential sources indicate that the Mormon Temples are used by non-Mormons for witchcraft ceremonies. Such cooperation can only come from the authority of the First Presidency.

After writing the above paragraph early in 1991 from confidential sources about Satanism within the Mormon temples, a confirmation has come out in the form of a memo written by Glenn L. Pace, Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS church. The memo is authentic, and the Mormon committee it refers to called "Strengthening Church Members Committee" did exist. The memo was only for use for the select inside the Mormon church, but the Utah Lighthouse Ministry got a copy and published it in their newsletter Salt Lake City Messenger (Nov. 1991). Basically, what Mormon General Authority Glenn Pace is warning about is that there is a Satanic conspiracy operating within the Mormon church. Pace interviewed 60 Mormons who had been abused in Satanic rituals. These 60 were all Mormons, the Satanists that had abused them in Satanic rituals were all Mormons, and the abuse had taken place in various places including Mormon churches, the Temples, and even while one was serving as a Mormon missionary. The Satanic abuse had occured in the following places: Utah (37), Idaho(3), California (4), Mexico (2), other places (14), which indicates Satanism within Mormonism is very widespread. The perpetrators of the Satanic abuse came from such positions in the Mormon church as Young Women leaders, Young Men leaders, bishops, a patriarch, a stake president, temple workers, and members of the Tabernacle Choir. My sources indicate that Glenn Pace's memo is not reaching high enough. That Satanism goes clear to the top. If so then Pace's memo may have been leaked as damage control.

Pace's memo is well written. Unfortunately the Tanners who reprinted it are quite reluctant to admit that a Satanic conspiracy could exist, and have repeatedly shown they are either ignorant of how Satanism is operating or are trying to do damage control for the Mormon church. Some people who are trying to expose the extent that Satanism controls Mormonism feel the Tanners are trying to help the Mormon church.

Within recent years several outstanding events have given the public knowledge that Satanism is widespread within Mormonism, but somehow the lid continues to prevent it becoming public knowledge. In the Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 13, 1988 was an article about a Mormon who had ritually abused his children and had been convicted. The case was in Provo, and the Tribune had run an article on Dec. 16, 1987 discussing the testimony of a therapist who allege that within one ward as many as 40 people had been ritually abused. The Jan. 13th issue had quoted a spokesperson for the Utah Psychiatric Association who said that mental-health professionals had identified several communities in Utah where groups were abusing children.

Other cases of child abuse by Mormons continue to occur. This author has personally known one perpetrator in Kansas and one in Oregon. From personal knowledge of the Mormon church it can be honestly stated there is little protection within the Mormon church against Satanism, and members who leaned that way that the Author has met, were never to his knowledge rebuked by the church or other members.

Pace's comments in the memo correctly stated that what he reports in his memo "are very minor infractions" compared to what the occult is doing in the Wasatch Utah area. He also correctly notes that the perpetrators are living dual lives, and many of them have temple recommends. Living dual lives is but standard operating procedure for Satanists.

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