The New World Order Is Dividing Us Against Ourselves

The Ku Klux Klan is considered a protestant organization, but it has clandestinly received Catholic help early on? Why? Because the Klan discredits the Protestants. Agents provacateurs, including FBI men ruin the intentions of the those who are in the Klan. While some men may join the Klan because it is the only way they see to defend what they believe in, they unfortunately are being manipulated. An analogy to this is, Did the Hollywood character of Archie Bunker help or hurt the things Archie Bunker believed in? Blacks aren't a big threat to the white men like the propoganda people are instilling into Southerner's minds. The same people at the top are agitating both sides to get and keep a conflict going between whites and blacks. It is to the point that whites and blacks had better forget their differences, and realize the common man everywhere is being led into slavery. Indeed, like the Pied Piper, the common man is willingly going into slavery. Under a banner of socialism for the common man, the Power elite is creating a World Dictatorship.

Demonic led people battle each other in hopes to entice God's people to get involved in their fights. These are traps.

The Caucausian, the Negroid, the Oriental races should each respect each other. That doesn't mean they need to try to become like the others. God has a purpose and a plan for each tribe and nation. The nations are still existing as nations in heaven according to the book of Revelations.

Let us recognize our real enemies.

For instance, the Protestants had best quit denouncing each other over some trivial doctrinal issue. The real enemy is not that someone's declension of the Greek is inadequate, but that an enormous rival kingdom to Christ's kingdom is strongly in place. In other words, the problem is not how the JWs have mistranslated Jn 1:1 but that they have given their allegiance to a false authority. If we get to the real problem, the root of why they mistranslate Jn 1:1, it goes back to that the false authority called the Watchtower Society taught them that.

The Kingdom of God

In the OT the kingdom (i.e. the rule or sovereignty) of God means his almighty power, ordering the created world and establishing within it righteousness and justice, the vindication of his people, and mercy and deliverance for the sick, and the oppressed.

In the NT no precise definition can be given, because according to the context the term Kingdom of God my cover a wide range of meanings including "sovereignty", "kingship", "exercise of royal authority," "reign," and "territory ruled by a king." In some passages it is equated in a sense with eternal life, in others the church. In some passages it is related to the gospel, salvation, repentance, and the new birth. Jesus' disciples become kingdom rulers and priests.

A summary that catches the concept of the Kingdom is: The Lord God omnipotent reigns. And if you are of the kingdom of God, then that means He is reigning in your life; if He is not, then you are not of His kingdom—it is that simple.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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