The New World Order Creates Billy Graham

The meteoric rise to prominence, that Billy Graham experience resembles other Masons who have had their careers made for them by the New World Order.

Billy Graham made his first confession of faith under the Evangelist Mordecai Ham. It appears Billy Graham has been a Mason since the 1940s.

His rise to fame started in Los Angeles. In 1949, his first Los Angeles Crusade was launched. Notable Holywood entertainers attended such as Stewart Hamlin. William Randolph Hearst, head of the large Hearst newspaper chain, directed all his newspaper editors to give Graham wide coverage with the command, "Puff Graham".

Hearst's newspaper chain is loudly touted as being a non-Jewish affair. Dilling reported in 1940 that the general manager of Hearst papers was the Jew J.D. Gortatowsky. Chairman of the executive committee of Hearst Enterprises Inc. was Jew Solomon Solis Carvalho. Hearst's Boston publisher was Jew Carl Dreyfuss, managing editor of Hearst's NY American was Jew Arthur G. Newmyer. Hearst's Int. News Service (pres. and gnrl. mgr.) was Jew Moses Koenigsberg. Circulation director of all the Hearst papers and magazines, and a member of Hearst exec. council before going to prison was Jew Moe Annenberg. The list of Jews in the top leadership of Hearst newspaper chain could go on. The reader should be getting the picture.

Following Hearst's newspaper chain's lead, the national news media gave Graham wide coverage in magazines and newspapers.

Since that first publicity, the Jewish press, Jewish religious leaders, the Federal Council of Churches of Christ, the World Council of Churches and others have been bragging on Billy Graham. For instance, "Dr. G. Paul Musselman, Executive Director of the Department of Evangelism of the National Council of Churches, spoke in warm terms about the work of evangelist Billy Graham...'I call Billy Graham the...greatest of the ecumenical voices,'..."66

The New Order Power has spent an enormous amount of energy, time and money to build up Graham's image. And Billy Graham has stayed away from controversy.

Because Graham had connections to the New World Order, they got him booked in the communist countries. This seems more evident when we read Graham's Mason friend Robert Schuler's explanation for why Schuler was allowed into Russia to preach.

The Mason Robert Schuler explained his success in becoming the first teleevangelist to be on Soviet T.V. as both a combination of 1. having friends like Armand Hammer and 2. because his approach would not be sectarian nor evangelistic, but would be a message of "possibility thinking."67

For those not aware, the late Armand Hammer was close to the center of the New World Order's center of power, and was a go between the World Order and their men who ruled in the Kremlin. According to reports, Hammer brought instructions each time as to who was to rule the U.S.S.R. each time there was a change. Hammer was a friend of the Mountbattans and the Rothschilds. (See chap. 3.3.)

Graham has been very close to all the Presidents since Eisenhower. All of these Presidents have been handpicked by the New World Order as acceptable. (See Appendix for their connections to the New Order). Although Nixon knew that Graham was in favor of his Presidency, Nixon told him not to publicly endorse him, "Your ministry is more important than my getting elected President." Why would Nixon, who worked for Rockefeller, view Graham's ministry as more important than for Nixon being President? Nixon is not really that religious. I believe Nixon meant it more in the sense that Graham's ministry is more important to the New Order than Nixon's presidency. Certainly, Nixon wasn't concerned about Christ.

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