The New Money System

H.G. Wells became a prophet. He felt his apocalyptic vision for mankind could be turned around if society would adopt his plans for a Utopia run by a benevolent dictatorship. This benevolent dictatorship would largely rule through a public-spirited quasi-religious order of technicians who would "pander to all your worst instincts."1 He refers to them as "an elite of intelligent religious-minded people."2 However,religious in what way? A New Religion based on Eastern mysticism. This "new religion" ... would sweep away old institutions and usher in a new world order that would save the human race. "The conspiracy of modern religion against the established institutions of the world must be an open conspiracy..."

H.G. Wells saw the religion of the New Order as a less-secret form of Freemasonry. The video "Things to Come" made from the film based on his book The Shape of Things to Come is available for viewing from larger video stores. In the movie, a reference is made to "the science of Freemasonry." Intelligent, often wealthy men who constituted a scientifically trained functional class with a global view would rule as a service-elite. (Where have you heard we are moving toward a service economy before?)

Wells describes this, "In its more developed phases I seem to see the new republic as...a sort of outspoken secret society, with which even the prominent men of the ostensible state may be openly affiliated The new republicans will constitute an informal and open freemasonry."

No wonder the Freemasons hail him as their prophet.

Wells called this Masonic rulership "a cult of the world state" in The Salvaging of Civilization (1921) who would direct education and mass media propoganda.(See pp. 37-41) This group is similar to Plato's Guardian e'lite corps in Plato's Utopia.

In a Fortnightly Review article in 1897, H.G. Wells challenged the intellectuals and teachers who control the appartus of moral suggestion to UNITE and PROPOGATE a NEW WORLD FAITH, in the same year, he published "A story of the Days to Come" in which his Open Conspiracy was even more plainly foreshadowed.

"...if religion is to develop unifying and directive must adapt itself...Man's soul is...part of a greater being which lived before he was born and will survive him. The idea of a survival of the definite individual...dissolves to nothing in this new view of immortality."

Well's mentor was T.H. Huxley, who was Darwin's good friend.

Not only was Wells an amusing talker with ideas, he had a real gift for thinking up and writing his plans for a New World Order in a way that people could enjoy reading them. His economic plans are highly regarded by the One-World-Conspiracy.


In Well's The Shape of Things to Come, p. 248 he envisioned a world run by Technologists (experts) . Money would be done away with, and the medium of exchange would become "the unit of energy."

In A Modern Utopia, in his chapter on Utopian Economics, he envisions a world language and the world-wide freedom of sale and purchase. He writes, "book-keeping will naturally be done most conveniently in units of physical energy Accounts between central and local governments could be kept in these terms. Moreover, one may imagine Utopian local authorities making contracts in which payment would be no longer in coinage upon the gold basis, but in notes good for so many thousands or millions of units of energy at one or other of the generating stations."(p.83) H.G. Wells doubted that a thoroughly communistic Utopia could survive,(p.91) but a socialistic one that allowed individuality and individual initiative would. The new Utopia needs to provide for initiatiative.(pp. 92-3)

Further, he writes in A Modern Utopia, "The World State in this ideal presents itself as the sole landowner of the earth. (p.93) It will lease land to companies and individuals.(p. 100) The State is to take most of a man's inheritance. Wells states in The New World Order "For in the world now all roads lead to socialism or social dissolution."

In the Open Conspiracy H.G. Wells (p. 89-91) warns of the problem racial discrimination will bring to a One-World-State.

Further on page 133 he writes "...Big Business must carry Big Business into the Open Conspiracy..."

Back on page 30 he advises, "Religion, modern and disillusioned, has for its outward task to set itself to the control and direction of political, social and economic life, or admit itself a mere drug for easing discomfort What are the necessary opening stages in the synthesis of that effort...?"

"What we work toward is synthesis, and this communal effort is the adventure of humanity."3


In Well's non-fictional works he repeatedly declares that everyday reality is the only reality we can know, and that our ideas about it are only approximations to the truth.4

In the very opening address, when the Federal Council of Churches of Christ was formed Bishop Francis J. McConnell was exactly in line with H.G. Well's definition of truth.

"In the next place, the work of the federated movement of the churches is bringing a very remarkable intellectual gain. There is a certain kind of mocking question asked the church, "What is truth?" The Presbyterian Church say it is one thing, the Congregational another, the Episcopalian another and the Methodist another. We are coming to see very clearly in these days that we cannot define truth in abstract terms. We are coming to see, from the Christian standpoint, that truth is living. That is the absolute end in itself; everything else is instrumental."5

The Open Conspiracy with their foundations, their W.C.C., and their handpicked people running many religious institutions have set into place the controls to move religion where they want.

An example of this is the Ford Foundations bankrolling of the Interreligious Peace Colloquim (later renamed Muslim Jewish Christian Conference) "founded in 1976 to bring together representatives of the world's major faiths to discuss world economic and political issues." (The Search For a New Economic Order, p.19) Two books resulted from these conferences World Faiths and the New World Order edited by Joseph Gremillion and William Ryan, and Food Energy and the Major Faiths by Joseph Grenillion. McGeorge Bundy of the Skull and Bones Order happened to the President of the Ford Foundation when all this occured.

The world's religious leaders are getting involved in the economic aspects of the New World Order.

It all sounds so benign. The parasite that has invested the world and is living off its productivity is very well camouflaged. This parasite of the superpowerful, may use H.G. Well's principles and plan, but they will reserve for themselves special power and privileges. They will abolish most inheritance like H.G. Wells suggested for the common people; (Well's had some exceptions he thought were worthwhile), yet somehow will secretly have loop-holes for themselves. The pattern can already be seen. (By the way the concept of inheritance is a Godly principle established for Biblical Israel, so that people could care and provide for their children.)

Even Wells doesn't hide the fact that most of his suggested rulership will be same ones ruling today. In Clissold, the character William Clissold, of "Romer, Steinhart, and Crest"-- a giant metallurgical concern modeled after another large corporation in his book After Democracy-- belonged to the Industrialists that H.G. Wells always considered good material for the New Order's leadership. Romer, Steinhart, and Crest were international, and bypassed governments to establish a new economic order, which would provide the foundation for political and social world order. This firm had countless manufacturing concerns running over national boundaries, and connections to international banking houses, and to many local industries for raw materials, machinery, skilled labor, capital, and markets.

Clissold calls for an Open Conspiracy which " not a project to overthrow existing governments by insurrectionary attacks, but to supersede them by disregard to make them neglible by replacing their functions."

An article by Wells two year later published in The Banker gives the international bankers a big part in the Open Conspiracy. This was extraordinary that The Banker would print such a revolutionary article, but the truth is that H.G. Wells had Banker friends within the International Banking system.

When we stop and think about it, what we are getting in the New World Order are the same International Bankers, the same Political leaders, the same Capitalists that have ruled us before. And by their own literature, one can read how poorly they have done for us. They have given us frequent economic distress, something in the neighborhood of 14,531 wars in the last 5,600 years of history, (with only 10 meagre years of true world peace).

The difference seems to be like the Jehovah's Witnesses description of what happened when Christ became King in 1914. The only thing that happened is that he changed chairs, changed one throne for another. If we consider their idea that Christ is a collective rulership the parallels increase.

The difference between now and the future New Order is that they will openly be labeled an International rulership. They have been acting internationally for years. This is why Roosevelt gave Eastern Europe to Stalin at Yalta. So all they plan is a change of thrones, and to gain some more direct power. I can see how the same greedy, selfish, infallible powerful men are going to become the god-men H.G. Wells thought could save the world, I fail to see how they can really bring salvation. We are being fed a rehash of what ancient Babylon had, which was by the way the ancient origin of and center of International Banking.

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