The New Age Plans To Take Over The Church

Masonry and its daughter the New Age do not plan to destroy the church but to subvert it to their purposes. New Age writer William Thompson states,

"The new spirituality does not reject the earlier patterns of the great universal religions. Priest and church will not disappear; they will not be forced out of existence in the New Age, they will be absorbed into the existence of the New Age."24

The Anglican Church is not being destroyed but rather subverted. And just as it was made to bow to the dictates of Henry VII, it is bowing to the dictates of the International Power which plans to rule the world. The Anglican priests still have their churches but they are used for the New Age.

An example of that is the historical St. James Anglican Church just off of Piccadilly Square. The church is a favorite for tourists, especially to the New Age type which it caters to. The church calls itself "A Seven Days a Week Church for London and the World." Within the church are held classes for all types of New Age religious activities such as "Health for the New Age...through meditation, visualization...," "Lifetime Astrology," "Yoga Meditation." If you want to join the Sufi Healing Order which meets there you can.2

Episcopals like Bishop Lewis Stuart Keizer, who authored The 8th Revelation Reveals the 9th: A New Hermetic Initiation Discourse (1974) are turning to the occult.

Episcopal clergyman and professor at the Catholic Notre Dame University Morton T. Kelsey promotes the occult to Christians in his book The Christian and the Supernatural.

This apostasy is causing much glee to hard core New Agers. One said, "I am very glad to discover such strong movement within Christian churches that is sympathetic to the Pagan Spirit and willing to learn from the teachings of the Old Religion."26


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