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Gerald and Patricia Mische who were co-sponsors of the organization Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose have spelled out in detail in their book Toward a Human World Order many of the plans for bringing in a One World Religion/Economy/Government. The Paulist Press, a press connected to the Catholic Church published their book Toward a Human World Order. The Paulist Press is now an instrument of the New World Order and its scams like Liberation Theology.

Another book that spells out the details of the New Age movement's plan is The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey. Indeed, the book is designed to be a textbook on how The Plan is to unfold. Pages and quotes from this book have already been introduced to the reader in chapters 1.1 and 1.2. It has been pointed out that The Externalisation of the Hierarchy teaches that the three channels to bring in the One-World-Religion are the Church, the Masonic Lodge, and education. Other references saying this are in this footnote.


The following outline is based on interviews with ex-members of the Illuminati hierarchy and verified by this Author's extensive research.

Illuminati plans include the following:

a. callbacks for all the people who they have programmed. This have already been going on.

b. increased visibility of homosexuality and its promotion.

c. increased socialism.

d. what might be called Operation Black Widow- Satanists make a big final push to gain access to all secrets, and to kill and replace people of power with their own people. All governmental leaders not in their program are targeted. All governments are targets of infiltration.

e. Nuclear reactors will come under their control.

f. Nuclear weapons will come under their control through some agency such as the UN.

g. Poisoned Van Dynn candy already warehoused will be released to kill children.

h. Federal buildings and federal records are targeted for destruction.

i. increased control of all human activities.

j. a special tasteless truth serum formula will be released into public water supplies to aid Satanists in interrogating people to determine their alligences. The antidotes have already been prepared for the occult groups. k. a helter skelter period of mass anarchy 1. an alien invasion m. a third world war n. another mid-east conflict o. The drug war will turn into a shooting war in South America, it will increasingly be used to take away what little civil rights are actually remaining on the books.

p. Jupiter will be exploded by a satellite that is travelling to it, and will supposedly light up like a sun. This will be the sign in the heavens for Lucifer to take office.

q. Economies will be destroyed.

r. A cashless controlled society will be created.

s. Europe's power will be revived. Jerusalem will be prepared as the place Satan will reign.

t. 10 regional states will pave the way toward a single world state. u. epidemics.

v. reduction of the world's population w. elimination of true Christians.

M. E. Haselhurst, of Lucis Trust, emphasizes to New Agers that there is a Plan. "Humanity needs to realize that there Is a Plan and to recognize its influence in unfolding world events, even when these appear as hindering factors, operating by means of destruction."19

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