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The world's largest computer is owned by the Mormons and has been placed in an underground facility ready to withstand even a nuclear war.

And what is this computer used for? It stores all the family history information of the world. Although there certainly are gaps in the historical records, the Mormon church has done about as good a job as possible. They have gone to every country in the world and photographed every conceivable genealogical record they can find.

The Tract Sacred Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints put out by the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints states, "But there are uncounted millions who have walked the earth and who have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Shall they be denied blessings that are offered in the temples of the Church?

Through living proxies who stand in behalf of the dead, the same ordinances available to the living are made available to those who have passed from mortality This vicarious work constitutes an unprecedented labor of love on the part of the living in behalf of the dead. It makes necessary a vast undertaking of genealogical research to find and identify those who have gone before. To assist in this research, the Church coordinates a genealogical program and maintains research facilities unmatched in all the world This program...has been utilized by various nations as a safeguard of their own records."24a

The Mormon people are told their chief religious duty is to do their own families' genealogical charts. The Mormons also secretly have staffs of Mormon genealogists doing charts of people in general who are not their own relatives. This secret program is called the "Named Extration Records Program".24b The Mormons also get the public schools involved. Because the amount of work processing the world's genealogical records is so immense the Mormon Church is quietly getting High School classes to help with the work. Public High School typing classes are being given records to type out as assignments. Although the Mormon people have been told this genealogical material is needed to baptize the dead, it is actually being compiled for Big Brother to control us when the New Order comes. The Mormon church has spent billions of dollars on this project, and the Mormon people have been conned into spending untold millions upon millions of hours of volunteer work to get all these records in order.

The LDS Mormon Church in Utah is the religion of Masonry under another name. The RLDS church may be infiltrated with Masons, but it is not the religion of Masonry. That is why the Power has favored the LDS church over the RLDS church, and in part why the Reorganized church even though it has always had a more legitimate claim to authority and a more practical theology has never thrived. The Mormon temples are really just Masonic temples, and if their plans develop far enough we may live to see that fact openly declared. Its interesting that the LDS church was in favor of the RLDS's first Temple, the one built in Independence, MO.

The Mormon church is being geared for survival. They are well prepared. It's long been this Author's opinion that in case of nuclear war, the religion that will prevail in the United States after the war will be Mormonism. Why? Mormons are prepared to survive, and there are many Mormons in the government, CIA, FBI who will be earmarked for special government shelters.

This Author has been in an underground government city, built to protect government people in case of a nuclear war. It's scary, the government has built itself multitudes of expensive shelters (some secret), and the people of the U.S. have been left basically to fend for themselves. Is that what it means to have a government "for the people"?


This new-age church is there to recruit those who do get concerned with the kind of information that you are reading in this book. It then siphons off the public's response against the System into this little cult.

The church owns 33,000 acres in Park County just north of Yellowstone Park. On this land they have built an underground shelter capable of handling 756 people, and 45 smaller shelters capable of handling another 100 people. There are 3,000 of the church in that area, so mathematically they appear to be short of space. The main shelter consists of 6 interconnected 14' x 200' living areas. Trucks of weapons and ammunition were being delivered daily,

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