The Media Coverup

The media and NASA cooperated to keep a lid on the public's awareness of the level of risk for the Apollo astronauts. Safety features and calls from NASA technicians were ignored in order to meet self-imposed deadlines. Critics claimed that the fatal accident of Apollo 204, could easily have been avoided if safety concerns had been listened to.

However, a Senate Committee on January 30, 1968 reported after the fatal Apollo 204 accident which killed three astronauts, that the end-of-the-decade "Moon landing was necessary because the schedule is an essential and significant management tool."

The critics of the Apollo program who railed about the terrible odds and lack of safety features were suppressed, and are now silent because the Apollo program gambled against the odds and actually won. Critics had claimed that the manned moon program was "an arbitrary goal" and that there was "no logical next step" beyond landing men on the moon. They were correct in terms of the public-known space programs, yet the glory of the Apollo program and its success silences their reasoning. So why bring up their moot criticism?

Because it is being established for the reader how much the manned space program, which took money away from possible unmanned programs, was actually motivated on the basis of national pride and not scientific research.

The lives of many brave American astronauts were recklessly played with so that the world could marvel at Americans planting the American flag on the moon. But America wanted that glory. Some of the NASA scientists got antcy, because so much precious lunar time was spent on the first lunar mission, Apollo 11, just "raising" the flag. They were more concerned with learning scientific data than pomp and ceremony. Americans wouldn't trade that glory for more moon dust, or for more knowledge of the lunar surface. They were proud to get their flag to the moon first.

It seems then that with so much hoopla and pride, with so many billions spent to achieve that great feat, with so much danger given to our brave astronauts that America would not want to share the glory of the moon landing. It would seem that it might be disconcerting to some Americans to learn that the Masonic flag got to the lunar surface at the same time the American flag did. The Masons tied for first flag to the moon. Yes, taxpaying Americans spent billions of dollars to get the Scottish Rite's flag to the moon first.

Most people I have mentioned this to have seen the significance of this. Then others say, "So what if the Masons got their flag to the moon first?" Our President Kennedy answered that one. He said that whoever got their flag to the moon first was to be considered the leader of mankind on earth.

There are other interesting aspects to this. How ironic it is that the organization that sponsored and got the first Communist Internationale going was given such a big privilege by a supposedly anti-communist U.S. space program. Communism's sponsoring organization during the 1860s was the Masonic Lodge.

H.G. Wells, who has ties to Freemasonry, and was a Fabian Socialist, prophecied that men would land on the moon. Masons have held H.G. Wells up as a "prophet" in their official Scottish Rite publication. The One-Worlders seemed to have a interest in insuring his forecast and plans would happen.

H.G. Wells felt that the New World Order would rule because it controlled the air and sea ways. Indeed today they do dominate it completely.

For instance, his book The Shape of Things To Come, on p. 11

advises us that "...during the struggles and changes in world government that went on between 1980 and 2 059, at which date the Air Dictatorship, properly so called, gave place to that world-wide Modern State."

He also calls the Air Dictatorship a different name "the new World Council". "The new World Council, which is known also as the Air Dictatorship..."(p. 348)

In A Modern Utopia, p. 67, H.G. Wells tells us that this Air Dictatorship's Utopia will be "Bacon's visionary House of Saloman." And in the following pages he foresees that some of this Utopia's methods will use Plato's thinking.

The Air Dictatorship's air power was demonstated in the book The Shape of Things to Come and the film based on it, in the same manner that George Bush demonstated the New World Order's air power in Iraq. The parallels are interesting.

Is it proper to call 33° Mason George Bush's New World Order an Air Dictatorship?

•In 1991, when Iraqi Scud missiles were launched Air Force Space Command Defense Support Program missile-warning satellites provided stereo data on the Iraqi Scuds within seconds of their launches.8 Within 12 0 seconds the underground facility in the Rocky Mountain, which is full of computers, had received the data and determined what to do. The commands would be relayed in seconds back to the Patriot missile crews in Saudi Arabia or Israel which then would figure the last minute tragetories and launch their Patriot missiles.9 The reaction time would be in a matter of something like 6 minutes from the time the scuds were fired until the Patriots were launched. Is that air power?

•The government admits that its spy-satellites can read license plates and newspapers from outerspace. When describing intelligence capabilities it usually understates its capabilities. Imaging satellites beam their intelligence down to the Air Force/CIA at Fort Belvoir, VA. In the future if the Air Dictatorship wants to turn its attention to control you, it could conceivably watch your house from space, and follow you going out to your car, and track your car electronically. A description of one of the spy satellites:

"The 20m-long 13t KH-lls fly in pairs. Sun-synchronous orbits so that a first pass over a particular site is followed three hours later by the second craft. Each sports solid state CCD arrays for multi-spectral imaging via a 2m-diameter mirror and, although its 250km perigees that contribute to its 1,000-day lifetimes limit resolution to around 30 cm, the digital imagery is really manipulated and available to analysis within 90 min. This rapid response was the essential ingredient in attempting the rescue of the hostages in Tehran's U.S. embassy in 1980..."10

Yes, the satellites are like a pair of eyes in the sky which can be used for directing military operations. Satellites have also been used in law enforcement in the United States. Is that not air power? Can't our New World Order today properly be called an Air Dictatorship?

The significance that Bacon's House of Saloman (Solomon) is also describing this same World Order (this Air Dictatorship) will be seen as we examine some more about what the Masonic Lodge is and its history.

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