The Mark Of The Beast

There may be various marks placed on the forehead, or third eye area . The significant item is the location. In recent years the Watchtower Society has been warning their people that they need a mark on the forehead to get into the New Order.'

What is the test to be worthy to enter into the New Order? Is it placing so many books? Is it praying so many hours? Under the Section "Tested As To Worthiness of Survival" in United In Worship, WTB&TS, 1983, p. 106 it says that the test is to have a "mark" that seperates a person from "pretending Christians".

In the WT book Survival Into a New Earth the JWs are given instructions how to survive into the coming New System.

Under the chapter "Identifed For Destruction Or Survival" under the Subsection "Do You Have The Mark", the JWs are instructed, "It would be a serious mistake to conclude that if a person tries to lead a 'good' life and if he shuns religions that are doing things clearly condemned in God's Word, nothing more is required of him. All who hope to survive into the "new earth" must also be unmistakably identified as worshippers of Jehovah What was the key to survival? It was the mark placed on one's forehead by the man with the secretary's inkhorn All who want to be marked as having God's approval must accept the instruction that Jehovah is providing through that "slave" class and become true worshippers..No one will put a literal ink mark on their forehead."

It is not clear to the author exactly where this teaching is going. On the one hand they refer to an actual physical mark being neccessary, yet a further page says the mark means to put on a new personality. This sounds somewhat like the Skaktipat experience. Whatever they mean, it is significant that they have spent one chapter and a colored picture on the theme. Three colored pictures in the book give items that are needed to survive. First, is the Mark. Second, is to repent of pride and be submissive. Third, is a picture of Lot's wife turning to salt. The message is that once you are a JW you can not turn back and look at the world. You must only look where you are being led.(Read this as mind control, a self


-imposed censorship. Now one's mind is the WT 's.)

It is noteworthy that this mark is located in the same area that Marr's identies as the Mark of the Beast. It is not clear why if this is an invisible mark, and only symbolic, why it is so ominously fussed over so much . The fuss being made is that "all regardless of background, who hope to survive into the "new earth"—must have this mark."


1. Confidential interviews with ex-Illuminati members. The New Globalism 2000 curriculum being introduced to the schools will have a veiled Luciferian initiation given to all elementary students.

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4. This conclusion also coincides with the exact meaning of the word chargma (mark) in Rev. 13, and is the view that Texe Marrs adequately defends in his book Mystery Mark of the New Age.

5. This is a plan that Joe Frick revealed, which the NSA is trying to implement. Frick speculates that an AIDS vaccination will be used as the cover to inject the tiny microchip tags. A vaccination for AIDS is the only viable cover that exists today. Frick, Joe. art. "Big Brother's Coming! Revealed: Secret plan to tag every man, woman and child." Sun Magazine (Aug. 1, 1989) p. 15.

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