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The real concept of the Kingdom's social message is almost lost today. (And I am not referring to setting up half-way houses, or orphanages, etc. which are fine but neither Paul nor Jesus made this their message.) The Kingdom of God is both heavenly and earthly. The social aspect is what has been termed Gemeinde (community), ecclesia (church), and koinonia (fellowship)--that is a closely knit fellowship of disciples. The Kingdom of God is not an aggregation of saved individuals, but rather a family, foreshadowed by the family tribes of Israel. God frequently treated groups of people as a unit-much as the law today looks at a corporation as a person. God would address, condemn, and punish groups of people-tribes, cities, and nations. A group of people have a Zeitgeist that makes them a unit. Likewise within the scriptural church the emphasis is not on personal salvation, but of an ecclesia.

Such a dynamic community can not exist in today's churches because first they do not recognize this teaching-basically the Protestant and Catholic traditions never had it (it is an Anabaptist view). Second, it creates tension with the world compared to individuals doing their own little thing (Pietism) and churches are trying to get along with the world. And third, the

Christians that go to a church building are usually so geographically isolated and spread apart they couldn't try practicing it. I have attended numerous Protestant churches where the people called each other brothers, but made no attempts were made to live close by even though opportunities presented themselves. The concept of being accountable to one another is also not there. The cross in today's churches is experienced emotionally rather than existentially, such as is experienced by a dynamic community of disciples would. Proper Christianity is a movement of people touched by the spirit, but it can be even more than that.

I believe that Christian communities would be barriers to the power of Satan—and if Satan then also the New World Order. Prophets of God have given his people the revelation that there will be a pooling and clustering of devout Christians throughout this nation when the New World Order takes over.

Further, a proper understanding of how the kingdom is here now, is a safeguard against adventism, millenialism, chilism, or whatever you want to call having an overemphasis on the future while spiritual values, discipleship and community are neglected.


Christians have lost this awareness in several ways. First, they don't recognize the power that comes from a unity of evil. Second, they have swallowed the line that there are safe occult practices. To dabble in the spirit realm, which is what makes these new age techniques work-such as visualization, one's inner mentor, etc. is not to deal with an area of human potential but it is the manipulation of human potential by the "principalities and powers." To align oneself with these powers is to openly oppose God.

Christians are swallowing the gnostic idea that with proper enlightment the occult powers can be properly handled to benefit society. The New Age Journal (Mar., 1978 special issue) had an article representing this thinking entitled "Perils of the Path."

The Christian has been told to try the spirits. That means to test the Spirits and evaluate that which is evil and good. Note how the New Agers do not test the spirits, but believe whatever the messages their channeling has dredged up. The demons are inveterate liars.

A fourth century Christian was approached by a demon disguised as Gabriel the Archangel. The Christian was sensitive to the spirit, because his spiritual life was in order. He told this angel that the angel must be wrong because he wasn't good enough to receive a revelation, that the angel should depart and give his message somewhere else. At that the demon departed. Are we willing to admit that our lives must be morally prepared, before we accept messages from the spirit world. If we are holy, how will we have the proper discernment? Joseph Smith accepted messages when the historical records do not show that he was morally prepared.

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