The Leadership Of Rosicrucians

The leadership consists of a Grand Master and a Council of 3 . Underneath this are a Council of 7, Council of 9, and a Council of 21. Their Priests are called Priests of AEth or Priests of Light. They have Round Table discussions, and an Order of Chivalry, the Knights of the Holy Grail. They are associated with the Martinist Order of Freemasonry.


The AMORC group of Rosicrucians headquartered in San Jose, CA and Sussex, England puts a cartouche on the odd-numbered pages of their Rosicrucian Digest. The three symbols represent the following--the bug (the people of the earth) , the crown (the illuminated one), the circle with its dot (the all-seeing eye).

[FIGURE 12 show the Cartouche here PHOTOCOPY 1 x .5]

What then are the major differences between the Masons and this line of Rosicrucians? The Masonic Lodges were known to the public and practice symbolic ritual, the Rosicrucians were secret and were spiritual, " is often given secretly even in our day," and " there are numerous men... receiving instructions from the Great Order unbeknown to their closest friends."81 (This does not apply to AMORC which is less secret.) Masonry was a brotherhood introducing the occult but not demanding any religious growth from the initiate, while the Rosicrucians have always linked "spiritual growth" to the progress of their initiates.

At the time of the Revolution, the Council of Three consisted of Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer and Thomas Paine.82 George Washington received his training in Regeneration from Paul Ardenheim, the Monk of Wissahikon. 3 Thomas Jefferson was also a member of the Order, as well as Lafayette, who was initiated in France prior to helping with the Amer. Revolution.

Later british King Edward belonged to the Order of the Rose.

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