The Irs Is Prime Instrument To Create Scandal

The book To Harass Our People. The IRS and Government Abuse of Power was written by a Congressman George Hansen. The IRS leaked false information to try to ruin his campaign, because he had begun exposing them. After his book came out, they have managed to get him in prison. Hansen's book documents many cases of innocent people being framed. The stories are heartbreakers, and many of the IRS's targets are moral upright Christians that are opposed to the New Order's agenda. Anyone who reads Hansen's book, will learn to discount any media stories about so-and-so cheating on his taxes.

For instance, when Pastor Robert McCurry of Calvary Temple in East Point, GA printed exposes of improper IRS activities, the IRS on Oct. 11, 1983 sent the Pastor's church a letter telling the church it owed $213,416.16 in taxes, with interest and penalties adding up to nearly a million. This was supposedly for money that the church had withheld from employees saleries, but never paid the IRS. The church had 30 days to pay. The interesting part of the story is that the church had NO employees during that time period to withhold taxes from saleries.6 There are few steps that a person can attempt in such a case, and there is no legal protection against such awesome manuevers. Those who have faced the IRS have learned the IRS becomes the judge and jury, and they seldom defeat themself. If you don't understand how this works, get Cong. Hansen's book.


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Chapter 3.8 Separating Church & State

Roger Williams was a handsome, intelligent man with good family connections and a decent education. He was also exceptionally his own thinker. He changed his mind so many times during his life, that some historians think he was mad. He certainly left his own followers confused.

Educated in England, and friends with Cooke and many other prominent people of Elizabethian England, Roger Williams could have lived a comfortable life if he had so chosen. Instead, Williams went to the Puritan settlements in New England. Considering all churches to be heresies, he seperated himself alone in Rhode Island after making himself a thorough nuisance to the Puritans, where others joined him. King Charles II granted him a special charter which instituted the opinions: liberty of conscience with separation of church and state, and the rights of man.

In London, Roger Williams had been in touch with a small group of Calvinistic "Seekers." Oliver Cromwell, who argued for religious tolerance, was also involved with the Seekers1— although the term should not be taken to denote any specific group. The term meant those people looking for a restoration of the true church, and such people were of all types of theological positions. The Seeker desire for a restoration of the lost church seems to be in part a concept that the Fraternity of Rodmen and the Mormon church inherited.

Roger Williams was apocalyptic in thinking. He believed that it was possible for Christians to live with Jews and Moslems in peace, and that the Moslems and Jews intended no injury to the Christians, if treated peacefully by the Christians. (History doesn't square with that. How could Williams read about Christ and come up with that?) Roger Williams did put into practice his tolerance. He was well liked by the Indians, and the apocalyptic Quakers that permeated Massachusetts Colony also in general could like him.

The Quakers in Massachusetts, rejected Scripture as authority and believed in an inner light. Certain of them believed that Christ was born in them, and that they were the saints to rule in the Kingdom of God. In 1700, Massachusetts was made up of about 80 communities, and Quakers were to be found at a variety of these including Duxbury, Marshfield, and Bridgewater. These Quaker groups joined into Quarterly and Monthly Meetings such as the Sandwich and Scituate Quarterly Meeting, the Rhode Island Quarterly, and the Salem Quarterly Meeting. The mystical influence of the Quakers on New England should be borne in mind, and their connections with Rhode Island too. It is not well known that they made up about a third of the population in Massachusetts colony.

Roger Williams was President (essentially Governor) of Rhode Island, 1654-1657. When he died he was buried with military honors.

Roger Williams' approach to church and state (and other ideas) were adopted. They influenced the adoption of our separation of church and state.

Whether pro- or anti- Williams, a number of researchers are protesting that the image presented of Roger Williams today is a myth.4 Without going into all the ins and outs of the myths about Williams, this Author would encourage the Reader not to simply swallow Williams views on separation of Church and State without going to the scriptures. After all, it is likely the reader would reject some of the strange things Williams taught—even Williams himself rejected his own teachings as he changed his course numerous times. Williams would have rejected your baptism and your church too, as he did with all the churches of his day. He therefore is not the example of toleration that he is portrayed as being.

The Baptist churches can be traced to Roger Williams. The Baptist churches are strong believers in separation of church and state. The Masonic Lodges are strong believers in separation of church and state. The Baptist churches have been heavily directed by Baptist Masons. The Baptist churches in the hands of the Masons have been a good instrument to destroy the influence of religion and the authority that God declares is his. That statement will come as a shock to many people, permit me to explain how it could be.

When this Author became a born-again believer, he chose to be baptized by an independent Berean Baptist Church in his area. I naturally, like millions of other Baptists never questioned the concept of Separation of Church and State. As I matured in my understanding of the scriptures, I began to realize that what the Baptist churches were calling "separation of Church and State" was not that at all. As I realized what Baptist Masons were really pushing, it then became apparent that they were not after "Separation of Church and State" in the context of freedom in Christ, but rather for the State to dictate to the church what to do, which in its final form would be the same freedom of religion offered in Communist Russia, which this Author would call "Freedom from religion." Many Baptists supported the growth of the State unwittingly, not aware of the Scriptural principles that were being violated.

The Scriptural concept of separation of church and state would be Christ's statement to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. The New World Order is against that. The World Order has been slowly enthroning the State in the place of God.

It is God's perogative to decide whether a man should live or die, or whether a war should be fought, yet the Baptists go to war, thereby giving the State what belongs to God. This directly contradicts Heb 12:14, Mt 5:39, Mt 5:44, Mt 6:14, Mt 26:52, Jn 18:36, 2 Cor 10:3-5, Jn 13:34 and many other clear scriptures. (How vivid this Author remembers pro-War sermons in the Baptist church during the Vietnam War.)

God has directed his people to take care of their own, providing their circuits with almoners and people to help the almoners, Acts 6:3-6, 1 Tim 5:9,10; Rom. 16:1,2 and to rely on Him rather than the State for sustenance, see Ps. 118:8, Ps. 37:25, 2 Ptr 2:3, Mt. 6:25-23. That is God's juridiction, but the Baptists have given this power to the State with their support for the Social Security program.

Education is scripturally given to the parents as a responsibility, not to the State, but Baptist Masons have supported the State to have control over education.

The earth and fulness thereof is the Lord's, but Baptist Masons have supported laws which declare the State to be final overlord. (Consequently, the American people, whether native or otherwise, are being deprived of the land as scriptural principles would dictate.)

Oaths were originally administered in the United States on the Bible "so help you God," or by affirmation. The courts upheld this because they believed that atheism was extremely rare. Today, that Bible/God orientation is being replaced with swearing on penalty of perjury, which implies that the State has now taken over the role God was originally given. (The Christian according to Jesus is not to swear at all.)

The Christian's allegiance should be to God and his people first, but the Baptist Masons give their first allegience to the Masonic Lodge.

Christ is to be the head of the Christian churches, no matter what denomination or country they are in. But the Baptist Masons supported the paperwork that so many churches signed that denies

Christ as head and declares that the attorney-general of the state is the head of their church. They did this for the Power's bribe that they could receive a tax-exemption. See photocopies of the Internal Revenue Code, U.S. Code Title 26 Sec. 501(c)(3).

Any legislation that destoyed the Parachial Schools has been supported by the Masonic Lodges under the banner of separation of church and state. Every Christian Biblical influence or Christian value has been attacked and is being eliminated from the educational system under the banner of separation of church and state.

When separation of Church and State should be enforced to protect the church from state control, Masonry and Baptist Masons have been silent. They have repeatedly failed to stand up for the churches. They have been gung-ho when the Christian religion has been injured in the name of separation of church and state. Therefore, this Author concludes that Masonry, Baptist Masons or whoever, are in general in favor of control of religion and are not concerned with protecting Christ's viewpoint to render only to Caesar what is Caesars.

What God has joined together let no man tear asunder—who joins couples in the covenant relation? God. However, the Masons under the banner of separation of State and Church now have ministers across the land performing marriages " by the power vested in me by the State." Since when did the Constitution declare that marrying people was a duty of the government?

But this is all trivial compared to the power the "Christian" Masons have been promoting for the State in regards to life. Birth control and abortion is the first step toward State control of who is given the privilege of life and who is permitted to live. The constitutional right to live has been destroyed by an "end-around" attack. Abortion and population control don't just spell the death of unborn children, they spell the death of millions of undesirables in the future as the World-Order exercises their concept that life is but a privilege given by the state. In India, millions of forced sterilizations have taken place. In China this has also occured too, but also there have been tight controls to keep families limited to one baby. In Red China, elderly people are often given injections that kill them after they are placed in old folks homes. A proper understanding of what Authority God has given the State, would prevent Christians from supporting such things.

The Masonic-Socialist run National Council of Churches advocated the recognition of Red China.5 The NCC pronounced itself in favor of birth control in a vote Feb. 23, 1961. Their pronouncement at this time was in favor of governmental aid to family planning. Governmental planning of family size is the first step in the control of who lives and who doesn't. This is not within the authority authorized by God to the government nor to the church. Separation of Church and State by Christ's definition, would take away the moral right of churchmen to support Government control of population.

The NCC supported the Supreme Court's (made by a bunch of Mason Supreme Court justices) decision to remove the Bible and Prayer from the schools. Two NCC leaders issued statements in support of the decision saying, "prayer is cheapened when it is used as a device to quiet unruly children and the Bible loses its true meaning when it is looked upon as a moral handbook for minor."6 Education can not be separated from God and his moral code. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Take away that, and the Christian scriptures are not in support of education. The scriptures condemn following after vain philosophies— and that is what is being taught from Kindergarten on up— the vain philosophies.

The NCC and the Masonic Lodges are not protesting the widespread Hindu form of prayer called TM (transcendental meditation) that is being taught in many public schools, and has been for two decades now. Nor are they protesting other forms of invoking, and occultic prayers that are being introduced into the curriculums of public schools. Therefore, this Author concludes that their stated claims in favor of Separation of Church and State are meant to primarily apply to situations where Christianity is under consideration. And as already stated, when separating Church and State would help the church, the Masons, ACLU, and others have a temporary loss of ardor and a memory lapse about separation of church and state.

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