The Infiltration Of The Baptists

The largest of any Protestant denomination in the U.S. are the Southern Baptists. How widespread is Freemasonry in this largest denomination? 40% of the Southern Baptist ministers are Masons.19 Not only are large numbers of Baptist ministers Freemasons, but the various Baptist denominational leaderships are heavily Masonic. Some examples are,

Brook Hays, 33°, President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1957.

Joseph C. Hazen, 32°, Corresponding Secretary of the Northern Baptist Convention, 1940-51. Commentator of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in Amer., 1930-45.

Matthew W. Hill, Vice-Pres. of the American Baptist Convention, 33° and York Rite (K.T.?).

Kenneth Raymond Kennedy, minister of General Assn. Gen. Bapt. and later Exec. Sec. of the Gen. Assn. General Bapt., 1965-1977

Joseph Fort Newton, 33°, author of several masonic books and a Baptist minister. Aaron E. Prince, 32° a Baptist minister and president of two Christian colleges.

George W. Truet (1867-1944), 32°, President of the Baptist World Alliance, 1934-39, and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1927-29.

William R. White, 33°, President of the Baptist Baylor University, Waco, TX since 1948. Baylor University was by the way named after the Baptist Mason Robert E.B. Baylor.

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End of Days Apocalypse

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