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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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People are believing false doctrine, because they are believing in a false authority. This holds true in a wide range of religious groups. The supposed "restoration" of authority in a priesthood led by a lineal descendent of the seed of David, is the greater threat, than the restoration of mystic Christian doctrine and its magic. The seriousness of the threat may be seen when one is aware of how widespread the masonic and witchcraft support is for this claimed "seed of David" which is being prepared to rule the world.

Bear in mind that the symbols of Luciferian worship adorn the Mormon temples, and that demons are considered part of the same eternal family as the gods, angels, and mortals are in but considered simply to be at a different stage in growth or development.97

The Mormon missionaries themselves will tell people that the authority issue--that is, what authority is the right one to submit to, is the crucial issue before people. Yet, the restored priesthood they bring is in submission to the same men who control witchcraft and Freemasonry, and who have at the highest levels pledged alligience to Lucifer. This is the authority of the mystery religions.

Another choice besides the mystery religions is to place oneself under the authority of Christ and the Christian scriptures. Mystic Christianity is a negation of Christ's teachings. This author has seen it seems about every distortion possible done to the pure message of Christ by Masons. The Mason who wrote Esoteric Masonry claims in the book that Jesus was actually a sperm and Judas was the male sexual organ holding his bag. People like this may claim to be Christian, that is their perogative, but what this Author would like is for legitimate followers of Christ to guit honoring these wolves in sheep clothing. It is also vital we recognize who these people are so that their false messiah will be rejected.

In contrast to Christianity, which stresses all men are sinners, the traditional doctrine of Mormonism is that man is essentially

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