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Hell Really Exists

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Throughout the history of Europe (and the rest of the world) there have been widespread reports of witchcraft.

Not all practitioners of Witchcraft are Satanists, but Witchcraft is a part of Satanism. All across Europe and indeed the whole world come countless historical documents attesting to the practice of witchcraft, and on a lesser scale also Satanism.

It has long been recognized by scholars who study witchcraft that some of witchcraft is merely slight-of-hand, terror, fraud, insanity, sensory illusion, hypnosis or semi-hypnosis.10

Witches in earlier times believed that they could fly on broomsticks on the Sabbat (the Satanic Sabbath). Chemists who have reconstructed medieval potions that were recipes for flying ointments have identified that these potions are of hemlock and aconite, (henbane and Jimsonweed were also used). These were in reality drugs that often gave the witch the notion of flying through the air when she applied the drugs. There are reports by medieval judges who watched suspected witches toss in delirium after these potions were applied, and then witnessed the individual witches insist that they had "flown" to their Sabbat and returned, yet the judges knew in fact they had never left the room.11 Apparently, the use of these flying potions was widespread, and their covens would secretly carry the witches while they were delirious to the Sabbat, and when they would come down from their drug trip they would believe that they had flown and their belief in Witchcraft as a powerful fulfilling life would be increased.

But in spite of many of the non-supernatural explanations for various aspects of witchcraft, there is an element of the supernatural that persists. I say supernatural based on the common opinion that demonic spirits are supernatural. However, the demons may be more a natural part of this world than is commonly realized.

In 1681, two respected scholars Joseph Glanvil and Dr. Henry More published their scientific and empirical evidence that Witchcraft existed. The book was called Sadducismuc Triumphatus, Or full and plain Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions...After the first came the Third Edition with Additions... (pub. in 2 parts) London, 1700. The book was an extensive compilation of case-histories and other evidence of Witchcraft. The book was so well received it settled the issue for a period until the book was forgotten. The book went through 5 issues it was so popular.

In 1668, Dr. Meric Casaubon came out with a book that contains information and evidence of Witchcraft. His A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches and Supernatural Operations by Pregnant Instances and Evidence, was also well received and republished in 1672.

Obviously, the controversy about the existence of Satanism is an old one, but the evidence concerning Satanism is very old and sufficient throughout history. Skeptics to Satanism, have tended to be people who did not believe in God or perhaps anything supernatural. But within my own lifetime, this Author has seen how those who reject God because they supposedly don't believe in the supernatural and God is supernatural, have turned to the occult for their values and their world-view. They claim they are rejecting the supernatural, but their actions show they are rejecting God.

Witchcraft is not simply silly credulity. It is hoped that as the Power (Satanism) takes a stronger power grip on the world, its Satanic aspect will become more visible, so that when it fails people will know it for its evil deeds. Our written history has typically greatly under reported both good and evil. Evil prefers the darkness and evil prefers good not to shine, consequently the Power as it has controlled the media has ignored many miracles that God has done across the world, while simultaneously ignoring the activities of Satanism. This has served to blow smoke over the whole spiritual battlefield.

This Author can identify with something Joseph Glanvil wrote on page 6 of his Sadducismuc Triumphatus. After years of studying witchcraft and trying to debunk the stories and testimony of witnesses, Glanvil writes concerning those people in general who object, "To this aggregate Objection I return, in the general, The more absurd and unaccountable these actions [of witchcraft] seem, the greater confirmations are they to me of the Truth of those Relations, and the Reality of what the Objectors would destroy. For these circumstances being exceeding unlikely, judging by the measures of common belief, 'tis the greater probability they are not Fictitious: For the contrivers of Fictions use to form them as near as they can conformably to the most unsuspected realities, endeavouring to make them look as like Truth as is possible in the main supposals..."11

This Author concurs. Why would people seeking help and understanding (SRA victims) repeatedly say that they had guardian spirits that looked like E.T. (the alien on the film E.T.)? People coming out of the Satanism, the llluminati, or Encounters of the third kind with Flying Saucers are repeatedly making similar outlandish statements that can only obviously destroy their credibility. These people can't all be irrational in the exact same way. Their stories are too similar.

Statements by those who have become Christians who were into Satanism say that Satan appears like an exceedingly handsome man with cloven hoofs. These contemporary witness, sound just like the testimony that has come forth for centuries. For instance, in France in 1578, Jeanne Hervillier testified that her Satan was dressed in black with hoofs, and in 1646 an English witch named Joan Wallis testified the same thing that Satan was "a large man in blackish clothing, but with cloven feet." Can such confirmation of the description by people in different countries at different time periods simply be dismissed?

These demons are reported to like the triangle symbol. For whatever reasons the triangle is becoming a popular symbol to use today. These demons also lie prolifically. There are many tie-ins between UFOs, demonic activity, Satanism, and the New World Order. That is a subject vast enough for another book.

The foundation of the Satanic religion, its basic doctrine from the middle ages down to the present was that Satan would one day rule the world. "The triumph of Satan will only be accomplished when the dualist dilemma is obviated and when one single force, Satan, rules supreme This vision and ambition eventually became the fundamental Satanic influence in medieval Europe and laid the ground for the full-fledged Satanic religion known as witchcraft." (—Magic: Black, White, and Otherwise chapter of The Occult Conceit, p. 81)12

The inventions that intuitively came to scientists that were involved in the occult, make it suspicious that the technology has been spoon-fed mankind with an ulterior motive. Satanism during the Middle Ages was extensive, but it wasn't the threat to the world, as it is today with the increased world-wide communications, centralized controls, and high technology. Before there was merely the will to have Satan rule, but now there are power structures and the means to. The Old Testament states that God formed the nations to limit the power of evil. Today, the world is being rushed into globalism without being told the dangers. By the end of this book you will learn more about how the plans for the future Satanic slave-state have been carefully concealed.

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6. This section is based on this Author's research and the sources are of a sensitive nature. Suffice it to say that God has been able to break through the most powerful attempts of the Satanists to keep their secrecy, and has given some of the leading Satanists the power to overcome the forces of darkness, to allow them to reveal the details of how the Satanic Power that rules the world operates.

7. A surprising number of confidential sources from the occult confirm this.

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Recommended for further study:

Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. The author was in a position to inherit the presidency of the WT organization, and was the WT Society's leading Theologian. But his conscience led him to a separation from the WT Society. An excellent expose by one of the leading Governing Body members of the WT Society.

The Deadly Deception Freemasonry Exposed...By One of its Top Leaders by Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney. Jim Shaw was a 33rd degree Freemason and a Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies, and a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor. McKenney and Shaw do an good job of informing readers what it is like to participate in Freemasonry. The book also has a good chapter comparing Masonic Doctrine versus Christian Doctrine. Exposes some of Masonry's deception.

Ritual Abuse Task Force Report. Available from Los Angeles Commission for Women 383 Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. cost $5. Exposes the mind control used by Satanism to keep its secrets.

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