The Hatikvah

The Hatikvah ("The Hope") to return to Eretz Yisrael ("Israel") didn't start with Theodor Herzl, but goes back to the Tenakh (the Hebrew O.T.) But by and large the modern movement has been led by secular Jews along with cultic and occultic Jewish leaders. A secular messianism has also pervaded Judiasm where the modern state of Israel is believed to be the world's Messiah. The one-world-conspiracy has distorted so many people into a deterministic eschatological frame of mind. This mindset is that God's will has preordained in heaven that this state of Israel would be great. Therefore, to oppose it is wicked. Many Christian leaders and Jewish leaders take this one step further and give Israel a blank check to do whatever they want without any moral responsibility. Persecution has fallen on Goyim who have had the audacity to reprint what the Talmud says on conquering the world and Jewish rulership. One dare not criticize the large gay community in Tel Aviv, nor talk about the Jewish prostitutes there, nor talk about the

Mossad running drugs for profit, nor about the terrorism done by Jews to the Palestinians-many of them Christians. One dare not talk about Christian church services being shot up by Uzis, and innocent Christian ministers being beat up by Israeli soldiers.


Russell preached that the Jews are superior to Christians morally and intellectually. "Judged in this broad, general way, who will dispute that the twelve millions of Jews are not in advance of the average of Christendom intellectually and morally?"48

That's quite appropriate for a man who has turned the Messiah basically into a collection of Jews. Russell's hatred for Christianity, could serve the interests of any group bent on Christendom's destruction. The reader will learn more of how these various anti-Christian group relate.

Whether justified or not, many Jews see the source of their problems as Christians. Most of the various groups working toward a one-world government are united in their hatred for Christianity. That fact doesn't automatically mean they are all in collusion, but it is a tell-tale sign of their similar origins. After their collusion is established, the investigator becomes aware it is an important element of their collusion. This Author is reminded of when he visited a synagogue Shabbat (what gentiles call "Sabbath") service, and how his Jewish host clearly lumped all Christians into the category of evil and anti-Jewish. He was not alone, sections of Chicago and New York, would oblige any Christian desiring actual Martyrdom.

The WT Society vilifies Christianity in the fashion the Talmud does, "...with great pomp and glory that unholy system rides upon the backs of peoples. Without the support of the common peoples that wicked system called 'Christendom' could not survive...instead of heeding the message...those constituting the unholy alliance...continue to oppress...The doom of 'organized Christianity' or Babylon is sealed." (WT 10/15/27 p. 312, cf. Babylon the Great, p. 559 and a host of other WT references.)

In contrast, the WT Society doesn't attack the modern Jewish religion, or its adherents, except with mild jabs.

"But what grieves me today is the large scale voluntary assimilation (into Christian society) especially among Jewish Youths." (A modern day follower of Russell, Bible Student Kenneth W. Rawson) 49

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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