The Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ

It is with this backdrop, that we can proceed with our story about the F.C.C.C.

J.P. Morgan, who along with the Rockefellers were Rothschild agents27 to carrry out the Rothschilds' designs, put up money to bring together Christians in an ecumenical unity. It was this ecumenical movement that C.T. Russell advertised with praises in his WT Magazine, yet never joined.28

J.P. Morgan was trying to give a little nudge to the activities of the Masons, who through the Unitarian and Universalist churches had been trying to create an ecumenical movement.29

The Unitarian church has had strong Masonic (and to a lesser degree Skull and Bones Order) leadership and money. It was a radical departure from orthodox Christianity, deriving its religious philosophy from the German Idealism of the Mason Kant, of Hegel, and English Romanticism. It was transcendental and pantheistic. Transcendentalism helped create the abolition movement, socialism, and eventually the social gospel.

Their idea was to recreate the sucess of the Masonic Lodge on a much greater scale. Benevolence was the key. The sucess of Masonry to bring divergent religious elements together and to calm the Christian scruples was through Benevolence. It was seen as a tried and tested method to mold the Christian elements into a One-World-Religion. Masons, Socialists, and Unitarians (who were possibly also Masons) were quietly placed into the leadership of the Christian ecumenical councils where they proceeded to slowlv and skillfully redefine the Christian gospel. The Christian gospel came to be defined as a social gospel based on the goodness of man without mention of Christ's act of atonement and mankind's sin. While thinking they were rediscovering a lost Christian teaching—benevolence, the major denominations were slowly being recreated into Masonic institutions. Institutions that engaged in benevolence, believed in Magic, and were tolerant of everything.

The Federal Council of Christ, the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches have given religious sanctum to their programs by carefully couching their programs with veiled language that sounds Christian to the naive. They have used every trick in the book.

Transcendentalism working on the New England mind resulted in the Presbyterian split between the Old and New Schools in 1837. A great retreat from Calvinism toward Arminian theology took place in all denominations, especially in New England's Congregationalism. Instead of talking about God's election of man, the Christians began emphasing only man's election of God.

In discussing the origins of the F.C.C.C., C. Gregg Singer states, "Involving :he denial of man's total depravity, the departure from Calvinism brought with it an optimistic view of human nature. This optimism promoted not only the belief that man must and can cooperate with God in the achievement of his eternal redemption, but also its corollary that man in the same manner can achieve a millenial existence on earth. This fondness for millennialism brought with it an addiction to reform, which swept the nation in the three decades before 1860. Arminians, Unitarians, and devotees of the cults joined hands in the quest for Utopia under the banners of millennialism."30

The Christians were now adopting two ideas of Masonry—the revolution back to a Golden Age found in Eastern Mythology and the idea of using benevolence to hide their lack of interest in faith in the personal God of the Bible.

Prior to the Confederate State's of America's defeat, the Unitarians and their International Banker friends had several plans for the South.(See chap. 2.4) The defeat of the South opened up several opportunities. The congressional Plan of Reconstruction of the South was to be precurser of what they intended later for the whole U.S.31 Masons in the South with connections to the big Bankers advised Southernors that they needed the big Financiers and their technology.32 The International Bankers bought up land in the South from destitute Southerners.33 Religious reformers and experimentors went to work.34 In much of this they seem to have failed.35 The contested election of 1876 broke the strength of the radicals, and they abandoned the conservative backward South to try their experiments and crusades in the North.36

The Masonic elements found a new tool to break conservative Christianity, Darwinism. Although Darwin was not a Mason, his grandfather who was influential in his life and his close friends were.37 And it was Masons that initially promoted the idea of Darwinism. At last here was a "scientific" justification to support the Hindu belief in evolution. Some transcendentalists, who had looked to Eastern religious thought, had already adopted evolution, before Darwin. But it had been a mystical notion, now evolution had the blessings of the scientific community. Darwin's ideas weren't issued forth into a vacuum like a microbe suspended in outer space, but rather into a culture medium full of nutrients to promote it. Darwinism multiplied like bacteria.

Devote Christians responded by retreating to dogmatism in the Bible, rather than scientific investigation. They might have realized God gave them a brain for a reason. There is nothing wrong in using science to testify to the validity of the scriptures. Christians seem to rationalize their lazy mental attitudes and willingness to scientifically investigate by saying that this would be showing a lack of faith in the Scriptures. On the contrary, it shows one believes the facts will vindicate scriptures. It took the Christian community, years to catch up to the Evolution Theory. And they still haven't taken the initiative away from the Evolutionists (due to the unequalities of the playing field.) Now, science has itself discarded what Darwin postulated, and the modern evolutionary theory is nothing like its predesesor. Further, Creation Scientists can now out-debate the Evolutionists with hard data.38 Men like Stephen Hawkings have shaken the scientific community.39 The evolutionists are saved now by the Power which controls the vast media, and the public's lack of critical thinking.

Union Seminary in New York which was controlled by the Order produced a Dr. Charles A. Briggs who stated very clearly that the Christian adherence to elaborate creeds such as the Westminster Confession and the Lutheran Augsburg Confession were sinful because they seperated Christians.40 Advocates of the social gospel and theological liberals followed up Briggs suggestions.

An examination of early Christian ecumenical groups of an evangelical nature shows the hand of Masonry quietly at work. The Young Men's Christian Association (1851)41 has been basically a Masonic run operation. Early attempts at unity for social reform, such as the Women's Christian Temperance Union (1874) and the Anti-Saloon League(1893) had leadership that was connected to various tenticles of the World Power.42 According to Elias B. Sanford, who was the honorary Sec. of the FCCC from its beginning, these types of preliminary groups were used as a base. Sanford describes in his book Origin and History of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America the five steps they initiated to work these various preliminary unity groups into the FCCC. These were:

1. A series of conferences looking to the formation of local and state federations. A great deal of effort was spent to give the impression that this work was the result of local and popular pressure for a new type of ecclessiastical cooperation.

2. A conference which met in Philadelphia early in 1901 for the purpose of creating a FCCC.

3. A second annual conference which met in Washington, D.C. which took the fourth step which was to create a committee on correspondence.

4. This committee with Dr. Sanford as its Secretary travelled extensively all over the nation to seminaries and local federations drumming up support for step 5.

5. The Inter-Church Conference on Federation in New York in late 1905. This conference proposed the formation of a federal council to meet in 1908. The groundwork to create a constitution called the Plan of Federation was also laid.

Their 5 step plan was a well thought out, systematic formula.

When the Federal Council of Churches was officially launched the criteria for a group to be accepted was merely that it receive a two-thirds vote of acceptance. There were no creedal stipulations. The seeds to destroy the evangelical Christianity of its constituency had been planted from the start.

Methodist Episcopal Bishop E.R. Hendrix (who this author has reason to suspect was a Mason) was made the FCCC's first president. A Committee on the Church and Modern Industry came up slyly with what became known as the Social Creed for the FCCC. It wasn't until much later that the churches discovered that the Social Creed (with 9 articles) was originally written for the Methodist Federation for Social Service.43 Without realizing it, the 33 denominations that had joined were being quietly led down the Social gospel path, a path of salvation based on socialistic optimism in the nature of man. A salvation not from sin, but from sin's effects. Because the surface problems were played with, the root problems continued unabated.

In the early years, the FCCC spoke loud rhetoric in favor of pacifism, but when war broke out, it urged its denominations to fight a holy war to end all wars.44 The Mennonite General Conference (the only Anabaptist group involved with the FCCC) withdrew in 1917 over this hypocracy.

In the early years, the FCCC made statements that the new social order was the hope of humanity. They called this new social order what Christ called the Kingdom of God. "We conceive it to be the duty of the Church to point out wherein human life, as it is presently organized, falls far short of this ideal and fails to apply these principles and what changes need to be made."45

The Southern Presbyterian church protested the FCCC's theology in the early years. It wasn't interested in building a socialist Utopia. But it didn't leave.

How close were the original FCCC leaders to the One-World-Power? Even from the beginning of the FCCC in 1908, some of the FCCC leaders were talking about the creation of a League of Nations. Understand that the League of Nations was one of the reasons why the Power wanted W.W. I. That these men were promoting the idea of a League of Nations long before W.W. I ought to raise eyebrows. They threw their ecclesiastic support behind Wilson's proposal for a League of Nations. The failure of the United States Congress to allow the U.S. to join the League shows that even the Power can miscalculate. It seems that every step of the way, the FCCC was the erand boy for the Power bringing us their socialistic New World Order.

Some denominational leaders in order to quiet opposition from their conservative members claimed that they were having a moderating effect on the FCCC. However, there is no evidence to show that the FCCC leaders paid any serious attention to its critics. Why should it? It had a secret agenda and secret backers that could produce serious support. Bear in mind, there were even FCCCer's writing books like Christian Principles Essential to a New World Order by W.H.P. Faunce in 1919.

Evangelicals were setting aside their beliefs in conversion and regeneration, for the Social program of the FCCC. In return, the FCCC gave them rhetoric, like this Federal Council Bulletin

"Within the Federal Council there is full freedom for those who are now joined in common tasks to hold varying views as to the ultimate form in which the spirit of Christian unity may express itself. Some there are whose eyes are fixed upon the coming of a complete organic union in which the many groups while preserving their own distinct methods of worship and work and their own special emphasis and point of view shall be organized in a single comprehensive church. Others simply want friendly cooperation. Both groups can meet in hearty accord in the Federal Council."46 COMMENTS

My comments on this are as follows. For Christians there is but one freedom, the freedom to do what is right. There is no freedom in being unequally yoked with those who don't want to do what is right. Today, good men are afraid to be good. Many Christians today are afraid to stand up for what is right. Toleration has been drummed into their heads. But what is tolerated is sin. People today do not realize that the people who are preaching liberation and freedom, are the ones who enslave men to drugs, bad habits, hatreds, and other evils. The socialist New Order that the FCCC leaders talked about wasn't "full freedom." When men don't want to confront the issue of sin, and the FCCC didn't, then in the long run they will settle for slavery to sin. FCCC'S THEOLOGICAL ORIGINS

Singer states, "There can be no doubt that the theology of the Council was liberal, with Unitarianism and higher criticism its chief characteristics. Its leadership was hostile to evangelical Christianity..."47

Chapter 2.3 presented how Unitarianism was essentially a Masonic religion with ties to the Order (One possible llluminati Power group.) FCCC LEADERSHIP

Who was this leadership which was hostile to evangelical Christianity?

Consider some of the following— (these Masonic memberships are from reliable sources such as the Masonic reference 10.000 Famous Freemasons): S. Parkes Cadman- Freemason, served as the President of the FCCC, and also, though he was a socialist and unevangelical, was put on the FCCC's radio broadcast as their evangelistic program during the early years.

Dr. Earnest H. Cherrington-Freemason, served as Vice Pres. of the FCCC

Henry St. George Tucker-Freemason, Pres. of the FCCC during the 40s. He emphasied in the Federal Council Bulletins that "Doubt is cast on the sincerity of Christians" because of the racial problems of America. Did he ever preach any thing about the sincerity of the Masonic Lodge being in question due to their racism? Never to my knowledge. The racial issue and the civil rights movement that the FCCC started was another front for the FCCC to distract and manipulate Christians with. Because of the issue the FCCC built a legal staff for the first time.

Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam- (33 Freemason, and a One-World-Stater), President of the American FCCC and later President of the WCC.

Ivan Lee Holt-(33 Freemason), another President of the FCCC.

Masons played secondary roles also such as: Joseph C. Hazen (32 )-commentator of FCCC Levi Gilbert- delegate to the FCCC

When the Mason Pres. Roosevelt needed support to push his New Deal (New Order) legislation through to move this nation away from our traditional freedom toward their socialist New Order, guess who was there to give him full support? The FCCC radically promoted the New Deal legislation of Roosevelt.48 Although technically the FCCC didn't speak for all the denominations that were joined to it, it pretended to, while simultaneously denying to its constituency that it was actually doing what it did.

At this time, people began to be concerned that the FCCC was working for the communists. There were very few people aware then that this whole thing was much greater.

The FCCC advocated "collectism" and "economic reconstruction," during the 1930s, in items like their 1937 report on The Church and the Social Order.

Subsequently, the FcCc published in their Biennial Report, 1943, p. 18 such verbage, " The chief contribution of the Church, especially of the clergy and all who have a teaching function within the Church, is to keep alive the vision in men's minds of the true order of life as God intended it to be, an order in which the whole process of production has as it primary purpose the meeting of human needs instead of having the meeting of those needs the by-product of the pursuit of order in which the resources of the earth, land and water are controlled for the benefit of the total community with whatever forms of ownership in each case are conducive to such control..." (Bold added)

John Foster Dulles, a active participant of the New World Order,48a briefed the FCCC on the United Nations charter after the 1945 San Francisco Conf.49 and the FCCC adopted a resolution in support of it. "The churches of Christ in America have long held that the nations can better serve God's purpose for the world as they are brought into organic relationship with one another for the commonwealth."50 (THEY HAVE?) They soon gave their total support for UNESCO as an indispensable step. The prime movers in the creation and leadership of UNESCO were Masons. The constitution of UNESCO was written by S&B Order member Achibald MacLeisch. UNESCO immediately went into action to promote Hinduism and the New Age throughout the World.51 It also became another conduit for instructions to religious leaders throughout the world from a secret Masonic Council of 13.52 The list of non-governmental organizations that were in a consultive and associated relationship to UNESCO (Report of the Director-General, 1991 for the time period 1988-1989) shows the following organizations both associated with and advising UNESCO, the International Council of B'nai B'rith, Ecumenical Institute for the Development of People, International Association for Religious Freedom, Catholic International Education Office, International Young Christian Workers and a host of other Jewish, Catholic, and Hindu organizations.

But the FCCC wasn't big and powerful enough to carry out the function the Power had for it. Even in 1933 comments in the Christian Century had been made, "The Federal Council has exhausted its present commission. New conditions require that it be recommissioned with a new be set free from inertia..."53

In 1942, they began to create the NCC. On Nov. 29, 1950 the National Council of Churches was created. Notice the name of Christ was dropped in the change from the FCCC. Again one notes men like William C. Martin (32 Freemason) was made Pres. of the National Council of Churches, and Hugh I. Evans (33 )- U.S. rep. World Council of Churches.

32 degree Freemason J. Edgar Hoover also watched over the FCCC for the Power. He had his FBI agents within the Federal Council of Churches of Christ leadership.54 When it is mentioned that FBI agents are infiltrated into the FCCC, the reader should remember that the FBI agency has been filled with Masons like Ass. Dir. of FBI Hugh H. Clegg and Ass. Dir. of FBI Clyde A. Tolson.

When examining the CIA, Intelligence Agencies, The World Council of Churches, the Federal Council of Churches of Christ (later transformed into the National Council of Churches) the detective is not going to understand the evidence until he grasps that these agencies were designed ultimately with the objective to bring in a New World Order.

Were this book on the entire New World Order Conspiracy not just the religious side, a seperate chapter would be required for the intelligence agencies. I have chosen to include them in with this chapter on the Councils which they have infiltrated.

Ex-CIA agents Marchetti and Marks disillusioned with the corruption and immoral activities of the CIA have stated in their book that the CIA ("the company") "penetrates and manipulates private institutions, and creates its own organizations (called "proprietaries") when neccessary.55

One of the best kept secrets of intelligence agencies is their infiltration of religious organizations.

Agee, another disillusioned CIA agent, who was with the company for twelve years, says that the CIA was an evil force and that it serves the interests of rich and powerful men, rather than countries.56

However, there are hints of their penetration, if the researcher looks closely. Two examples will be given. JOHN FOSTER DULLES & THE WCC

In the mid 1930s, the Soviets and British were working to encourage Hitler to become aggressive. The British were promoting the belief that they would not declare war on Hitler.57

On Jan. 4, 1933, at Cologne in the home of Baron Kurt von Schroder Adolf Hitler and the Dulles brothers met. The Dulles brothers, Alien and John Foster Dulles were sent over as legal representatives of Kuhn, Loeb Co.58

Kuhn, Loeb Co. had given large short term credits to Germany and wanted a guarantee of repayment. They also wanted to assure Hitler that they would guarantee him the funds neccessary to install him as Chancellor of Germany.59 Later Allen would become head of the European branch of American Intelligence (OSS) and his brother John Foster would become Secretary of the Federal Churches of Christ. John Foster would serve on various FCCC activities, including being the Chairman of the Commission on a Just and Durable Peace. The FCCC Commission on a Just and Durable Peace basically adopted a statement that claimed the Christian churches wanted certain things to be done in the Post-World War II world. By coincidence, their program matched what the New Order and the United Nations was planning to do at the time. By coincidence, Masons in the leadership of the Church of England praised the Commission on a Just and Durable Peace. Also by coincidence, Catholic and Jewish clergy came together and gave their blessing to the Commission's work too.

In 1942, John Foster Dulles apparently adopted plans to use Catholic and Protestant churches and the World Council of Churches for the OSS (which was the forerunner of the CIA) for his own purposes. The OSS analyst who presented him with plans for such an operation, impressed him and was sent to the Berne, Switz. team.60

Controlling and infiltrating the World Council of Churches could not have been very difficult considering the high ratio of high ranking Freemasons on that make up the World Council when it meets. For instance from the U.S. the United States has sent Jesse M. Bador( Mason, General Secretary and President in 1930), Perry E. Gresham (delegate 1949-52, KT & 32 ). Australia sent as the president of the Austrailian Council to the World Council of Churches the Freemason George C. Barber.

It's interesting to note that after the decision was made to use the World Council of Churches by American Intelligence, G. Bromley Oxram, 32 degree & KT, (33 in 1949), was given the position of President of the American Fed. Council of Churches of Christ (served 1944-46) as a stepping stone to becoming the first American president of the World Council of Churches. He remained the president of the World Council of Churches from 1948 to 1954.


Had the reader imagined that the Christian Churches of the World have been represented and headed by a 33 degree Freemason? Also in 1948 at the World Council of Churches in Holland the U.S. was represented by 33 Mason Hugh I. Evans. The American delegate in 1949 was 32 & KT Mason Perry E. Gresham. He was also a delegate to the World Council of Churches conventions in 1950,51, and 52, and participated in the founding assembly in 1949.

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