The Families That Started Mormonism

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It is important to note that the families which formed the nucleus of early Mormonism moved together from Connecticut to Vermont and then on to the Palmyra, New York area.19 Not only were they intermarried, but they claimed to be Jewis h.20 The Jewish Bennett family was also influential on Joseph Smith, Jr.'s thinking.

Three prominent families in this group were the Walters-Winchell-Hurlbut families.21 Other families in the group included those of Cowdery, Young, and those related to Royal Barney, Sr., Jabez Carter, Orrin Porter Rochwel, Samuel F. Lawrence, Alva Beman and Erastus Ives.22

From these families came men that were to play important part in the creation of Mormonism. For instance, Luman Walters, a magician who went to Europe and studied the occult, was related to Joseph

Smith, Jr.'s wife through the common ancestor Thomas Tuttle. Luman Walters passed his occult mantle of magick power to Joseph Smith, Jr. Winchell was another occult mentor of Joseph Smith.24 His family had followed the Smiths to the Palmyra, N.Y. area from Vermont.25 Winchell introduced the use of the Rod of Aaron into the group in 17 99 . 26 While in Vermont members of these families had formed a secret religious fraternity called by outsiders the "Fraternity of Rodmen." They were millenial, believed they were Jewish, and believed in restoring the true religion, and that they would someday become masters of the American continent.27 Yet, nobody has given any attention to the fact, these people later were the original Mormons.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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