The Destruction Of The Orthodox Jews

Two Orthodox Jews have come out with shocking evidence in their books Perfidy and The Holocaust Victims. What their evidence indicates is that the Zionist and Reform Jews sacrificed the Orthodox Jews of Europe. More and more Orthodox Jews are writing books and telling the truth of their betrayal by the Zionist Jews who were in positions of power.

Malkeil Greenwald, a Holocaust researcher, discovered that a certain high ranking Israeli Official named Rudolph Kastner was directly responsible for the slaughter of one million Hungarian Orthodox Jews.

Further, it turns out that the emigration bureaucracy of the Third Reich was run by Zionist Jews. Therefore, the Rothschilds and other Jews of the Reformed variety got out, the Orthodox were abandoned. Powerful Reformed Jews in nations like the US, encouraged the prohibitions on Orthodox Jews immigrating before W.W.II to safety. It could be said that Jewish power was strong enough to get Roosevelt elected, but not strong enough to raise a protest to get Orthodox Jews out Germany, when Hitler tried to expel the Jews and no country would take them.

Jewish author David S. Wyman, in The Abandonment of the Jews writes on pages 198 and 199,

"The (Jewish) Emergency Committee worked almost alone for the passage (through our Congress) of the Rescue Resolution. Zionist leaders, acting through the American Jewish Conference, even hampered its progress...[Stephen] Wise had based his testimony on policy set by Zionist leaders of the American Jewish Conference. This group, which included Wise, Abba Hillel Silver, Naham Goodman, Herman Shulman, and Babbi Irving Miller, had taken sounding in

Congress and must have realized that pressing the Palestine issue could not help the Rescue Resolution and might jeopardize it. Whether they intended to undermine the legislation is not entirely clear. "

On page 200 we read 'The Emergency Committee, parts of the Jewish Press, and even one prominent Zionist, Rabbi Meyer Berlin, publicly accused Zionist leaders of internationly obstructing the Rescue Resolution, . . . Senator Gillette, a dedicated friend of Zionism, candidly discussed the obstruction he encountered from Zionist leaders: 'These people used every effort, every means at their disposal, to block the Resolution...[They] tried to defeat it by offering an amendment to it that would raise the guestion, the controversial guestion of Zionism or anti-Zionism... or anything else that would block the action that we were seeking."

In 1985, a Zionist Jew wrote The Abandonment of the Jews. This book, written from a Zionist perspective actually states the truth, that the Zionists made a decision to concentrate on the creation of the nation of Israel rather than try to save the Orthodox Jews in Europe.

"...On the debit side, Zionist insistence on committing the (Jewish Rescue) Conference to a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine, a post-war objective, ended the chance for a united Jewish action on the immediate issue of rescue...The unavoidable conclusion is that during the Holocaust the leadership of American Zionism concentrated its major force on the drive for a future Jewish state in Palestine. It consigned rescue of the Jews to a distinctly secondary position..."

This information clears up several points. First, it explains why the Jewish International Financiers would finance Hitler. They were trying to destroy their rivals the Orthodox Jews and to create the conditions necessary for World and Jewish enthusiasm for a Jewish takeover of Palestine.

They were also moving the world toward the Power's objective, the One-World religion of Masonry. The Orthodox Jews can be as fixed on the Bible's morality as the Christians.

It explains the actions of Churchill and Roosevelt too toward the plight of the Orthodox Jews.

It coincides in spirit with some of the other things that the Reform Jews have done to the Orthodox Jews since W.W. II. Reformed Judiasm and the Illuminati have been actively working on the destruction of the Jewish people's morals and Bible convictions. They have been doing this for centuries. A Jewish author not long ago described the subversion of a Polish town in a historical novel Satan in Goray. The scene is in Poland in 1665. The book is based upon the subversion that took place within various Jewish communities as Illuminated ones of the Satanic Jewish Sabbatianism Sect began to destroy the Jewish morals. One offspring of Sabbatianism was called the Frankists and they were the core group which started up the Illuminati in Germany.

Some Rabbis tried to stop the Oriental Pantheism of these Kabalistic Jews, their Magic, and the lewd paganism that the Sabbatai were introducing, but it was a losing battle. Today, psychiatrists, our primary recognized authorities on people, are taught principles that are derived from the teachings of the Satanic Sabbatai. Freud took his ideas from the Zohar and some of the ideas of the Sabbatai. It might surprise some people that Freud got his ideas from the Satanic Jewish sect of Frankist-Illuminati. The depraved behavior of the Frankist-Illuminati was the beginning of what has become the everyday perversions of the ungodly American Society. Psychiatrists using Freud's teachings have been granted unquestioned power over many people lifes.


The author of the book The Mind of Adolf Hitler gives evidence that Hitler was the grandson of Baron Rothschild of Vienna. A secret document prepared by the Austrian police after an investigation of the Hitlers done under the orders of Austrian Chancellor Dolfuss revealed that Hitler's grandmother Maria Anna Shicklgruber was in Vienna working as a servant for Baron Rothschild when she conceived. When the Rothschilds discovered her pregnancy she was sent to her hometown in Spital where Alois (the father of Adolf) was born.46

Adolf Hitler ordered his own investigation into his roots. He directed his private lawyer Hans Frank to investigate his paternal lineage. Frank reported back that his grandmother had become pregnant while working as a domestic live-in servant for a Jewish household in Graz, Austria. After this point, Hitler came to believe that he was related to the Rothschilds.47

The Swastika was at the Catholic abbey school Adolf Hitler attended at Lambach. It was the heraldic sign of the abbey's administrator Father Hagen.48 Hitler very early showed an interest in magic, theosophy, and the occult.

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