The Cia Mail Opening Operation In Big Us Cities

From 1953 to 1973, the CIA ran a letter opening operation that in 1972 examined 2,300,000 items of mail out of the 4,350,000 items that went through the New York Post Office. Of those 2 million plus letters it decided to open 8,700. Similar letter opening operations were run in San Francisco, Hawaii and New Orleans for shorter periods.66

The CIA's Operation CHAOS compiled 7,200 files on Americans, and the CIA's Directorate of Operations has indexed and filed records on 115,000 Americans. Detailed files were kept on 57,000 Americans.67

The American Taxpayer in 1974 was estimated to be paying 5 Billions of dollars for espionage, and for the year 1967 it was officially admitted that the CIA alone cost 1.5 Billion dollars.68

We asked them for this, and we have allowed them to do what they want. As an ex-CIA agent said, "It does whatever is required to achieve its goals, without any consideration of the ethics involved or the moral consequences of its actions."

The intelligence agencies have no accountability except to God Almighty, and of any group they perhaps feel more at ease with using any means. Anything that works has become their method. They are a cult that is a powerful tool in the hands of the Conspiracy, because the public and courts want their operations kept secret. The public would not stand for a real investigation, because they are so intimidated that national security demands secrecy and practically a hands off policy.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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