The Authority Issue

The issue here is not doctrine, but authority. The issue involves a false authority that has immense power, and has deluded many people. Billy Graham has been consciously helping the Power to set up its one-world-religion (more about this and his participation later).

The Masons have been creating a hurricane—a concentration of power; like the vortex of water going down your drain—power is being concentrated. This power has a plan. Their plan is frightening. It is like Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and H.G. Well's The Shape of Things To Come, New World Order, A Modern Utopia, etc. For myself, no matter how nice men seem, if they are contributing secretly or openly to an agenda to enslave me and my posterity, then I will not support them nor their programs.

An old letter written on July 3, 1855 to a Baptist minister in this area from a Baptist Reverend Ezra Fisher (in New England) sticks in my mind. The letter describes the Baptist minister Boyakin, who was the first Baptist minister in Portland, OR and an arch-Mason, "Brother popular with his church and the world."81 The words are somewhat haunting, when one thinks of Jesus' words, "Woe to you when all men speak well of you..." (Lk 6:26)

The Masonic influence has always been strong within the Baptist ministry in this area. A minister who tried to raise the issue of Masonry in a ministers conference in June, 1909 was silenced by the group. The event that had spurred W.M. Wyatt to try to raise the issue was that Portland's First Baptist minister W. Brougher, a Mason, had invited his Masonic Order to his church the previous Sunday and preached a sermon "Baptists and Masons". In the sermon, he had declared that the two groups believed the same. An exact quote is that they were "one in their fundamental doctrines." (This Author wonders if Brougher considered Christ's atonement and salvation as fundamental doctrines.) This was not the first time this type of thing had happened in the area. In July, 1904 the Baptist evangelist Ray Palmer, a Mason, had spoke positively of the Masonic Order which was the topic of his sermon.82 One Pietist Baptist Temple in the area, apparently Masonicly connected, placed the Knights Templar logo on the side of their church in 1919.

Whether a denomination or a man meets Daniel Webster's dictionary definition of a Christian or not is not important. Daniel Webster is not going to be their judge on judgement day. Some of Billy Graham's close masonic clergy friends mock the idea of God being a judge. The Mason G. Bromley Oxnam, friend of Grahams, leader of the Fed.C.C.C. (see chap. 2.4), in his book Preaching in a Revolutionary Age mocks the concept of a judgement by calling a God who would judge sin a "dirty bully."83 Definitions such as Webster's or Oxnam's will not be the issue at judgement, but what is acceptable and righteous in God's sight. Anyone is free in this country to practice whatever religion he wants, and to call himself a Christian. That the Constitution gives this "right" does not make it right to practice anything. The Constitution is not the standard God Yahweh judges by to determine whether something is pleasing to him or not. He has given his word, and standards to mankind in his inspired Scriptures.

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