The Angloamerican Intelligence Cult

The British, the Americans, Canada, Austrailia, and New Zealand Intelligence agencies are secretly working together. Jeffrey T. Richelson and Desmond Ball in their well researched book The Ties That Bind examine that cooperation in detail. The cooperation began early on, was very close in W.W. II, and was reaffirmed in the UKUSA Agreement in 1947.69 All personnel now cleared by the British sign at statement declaring security to "other co-operating Governments."

The Americans and British have been the dominant powers in the world for the last two hundred years. Even without knowing about the secret agreement to cooperate, most people would expect that the American and British are working together.

"...the most important intelligence relationship Britain had was with the United States which I knew, from extremely reliable sources, collected more than 85 percent of western intelligence material."70

If the U.S. Intelligence services collect so much, why are the British Services shrouded in so much more secrecy?

The obvious answers is confirmed by sensitive confidential leaks, the British are closer to the power which plans to rule the world. There have been murmuring all along among the intelligence agencies about the power of British intelligence. Congressman Leon Gavin (Congressional Record, May 22, 1945, p. A2434) charged that American Secret Intelligence in the Far East was "dominated and directed" by a British agent.

A female American agent said, "We had been warned in Delhi that the British were past masters at intrigue and had planted spies in all American agencies to piece together information."71

Why? The obvious answer is the British are still trying to control world events. It doesn't take a sleuth to realize that. Having been with British U.N. workers overseas and other British working in third world countries, this Author can assure the reader the attitudes that went with having the largest empire in the world haven't abandoned the British. And they are now only more subtle.

The American intelligence cults are awesome in their own right. Experts write, "The United States had created an awesome data-collection organization that could sweep up virtually every single transmission within its reach, from ordinary telephone conversations to super-secret enciphered transmissions. Among those who knew, no one yet fully grasped the implications of that capacity." 72

The implications can't be grasped. Who wants to believe that secret intelligence agencies working for a 1-world-government are controlling various religious organizations? We thought these people were protecting us. We find it hard to digest that they are not on our side. It is so frightening it makes us sick to the stomach to realize that they are being used to bring in a 1-world-government. With such secret power, access to the power of their governments, and so much money these intelligence cults have little opposition.

1. Kirban, Satan's Angels Exposed, p. 61. cf. Still, New World Order, p. 127. Still quotes Marie Bauer Hall, Collections of Emblemes. p. 11 where this co-mason is picturing war as the birth pains of a New Age. Apparently, the letter from Mazzini has been known for a while, because the Masons pretend the letter is claimed to be from Pike, and then procede to destroy their straw man. This denial in the July, 1960 New Age Magazine simply does not hold water, a letter by Mazzini was sent to various lodges outlining 3 world wars. 2.

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