The 18th Century


Lifetime Organization Influence

Locke Voltaire

1632-1704 Rosicruc.

1694-1778 Mason

Promoted reason

Promoted atheism deism, & alien life

1688-1772 Mason

Emmanuel Swedenberg thought, Ch. of New Jerus./Sw. Rite

Christopher Martin 1733-1813 Mason Wieland mystic/hermetic



Goethe 1749-1832 Mason

Sir Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Rosi. & Mason

Carl Krause

Thomas Paine

1781-1832 Mason

1737-1809 Mason

Moses Mendelssohn 1729-1796 Mason

Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 Mason

Ethan Allen

Claude Adrien Helvetius

1737-1789 Mason

1715-1771 Mason

New Atlantis, made

Eng. into scholarly lang. replacing Latin promoted 1-wd-

govt.w/ Pantheistic rel.

promoted Deism, Atheism, Age of Reason promoted rel.

toleration coined "God helps those who help themselves", Pantheist Promoted Deism, reason

Patrick Henry liberty/revol. William Blake

1736-1799 Mason 1757-1820 Rosi.mystic

Adam Smith

David Hume

Alexander Pope Dean Jonathan Swift 1667-1745 Mason

1723-1790 closely assoc. w/ economic


1711-1776 Mason

1688-1744 Mason promoted mystical poetry rtn. to nature communism theories Deism, atheism, reason

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