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How fitting to start this chapter on education with a test. It is a fairly straightforward question. Tell me which country I am describing? —your choices are Nazi Germany and the United States.

This country backs their schools with their police. Their textbooks are updated and rewritten. Teachers are required to join a national league. Teachers are required to report parents and other non-school violations. The emphasis is more on ideology than academics. There are declining test scores. The training of teachers is vested in the state where such universities indoctrinate the state's philosophy to the future teachers. Morals were declining. There were new freedoms. Immorality was heralded in the schools. The textbooks were full of falsehoods. Parents refusing to participate in the compulsary education were jailed or killed. Teachers began giving blind support to the state.

With what I know, I would have to say it describes both Nazi Germany and the United States. How did you answer?

Changes are coming one after another, they come gradual enough that unless people pull themselves out of their own context and get a broader look, people may inaccurately evaluate themselves.


Early one June morning in 1922, Ku Klux Klansmen and Freemasons made their way quietly to public areas throughout Oregon.

At 8 a.m. sharp they began quickly to gather signatures from citizens for a "Compulsary Education Bill" that they told signers would make public school education compulsary for all "children between the ages of eight and sixteen years."1

Many of the signatories would later feel they had been deceived by the men carrying out this surprise campaign. Of the 50,000 signatores that the Masons would boast they had collected by the end of the day, only 29,000 signatures were actually collected, and 13,000 of those were rejected as illegal or duplications. That left 16,000, yet, only 13,000 were needed to place it on the Oregon ballot.3

The Bill was a well-thought out campaign by the Scottish Rite Lodge's leadership to bring education under the control of the state. They had obtained petition sheets, and quietly passed these out to lodges around Oregon, and to sympathetic fraternal organizations such as the K.K.K. The co-author of the Bill was the Knights of the K.K.K.'s leader.4 Most of the paid advertising in the state was over the signature of "P.S. Malcom, 33°, inspector-general in Oregon, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite."

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