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The New World Order has been spending vast sums of money on creating the technology they need to control the world. Our tax dollars have financed many of the projects. The following are items that have already been tested and are simply waiting to be used on the population in general.

A. Human Transponder Tracking Device. The transponder which is attached to a person transmits signals by code to a network of electronic receivers. The receivers then relay the signal to computers. The transponders can not be removed without the computer knowing it. Satellites can be used to pick up the transponder signals. The system's technology has been successfully used for about a decade on people out on bail or parole. In some counties a type of house arrest is maintained on individuals by the use of this device.

B. Computerized Money Cards which contains a single chip microprocessor are already in use in several countries. The computer chip contain tens of thousands of transistors but is of a very small size. It can contain all the information about you, including your life history. These cards can also be made more secure by placing a computer readable voice print, and photograph by a Face Scan camera. A computer will then match your voice with the voice print and the Face Scan picture with your face.

C. Implantable chips which can be scanned by laser. This chips can be implanted under the skin of people, for instance in a person's forehead or hand. Lasers can be used to read these, in the same manner that the stores read the bar codes.

With the advent of large fast computers it is now possible to monitor the earth's resources, the earth's population, and the earth's financial transactions. Financial transactions are increasingly being done electronically. Access to the electronic system will be contingent on accepting the dictates of those who control the system.

You are rapidly becoming a number or a series of numbers to the system. The centralizing of control of all aspects of the economy and life continues.

In 1990, Ballot Measure 5 passed in Oregon throwing the whole state government, including Portland's government's services into a frantic effort to continue even basic services. Ballot Measure 5 was a tax revolt that slashed property taxes so deep, that Oregon schools lost $633 Million. Parks, schools and other services were possibly going to be eliminated.

Naturally, some people asked, "Who isn't paying property taxes?"

"The Masons."

Due to the Masonic lodges' overwhelming political power, many states have given special property tax exemptions to Masonic property. Other closely allied fraternities, like the Elks, share the same exemption, but the Lions Club in Oregon doesn't because they don't have a "lodge system" with "a ritualistic form of government" which is a criteria of the special exemption in Oregon. 1

The reason the Masons prefer a special exemption rather than an exemption as a non-profit charitable group is that their definition of "charitable" might not match the state's. 2

Ex-Masons have criticized the Masonic system for spending more of the funds raised for charitable causes on themselves and parties than on the causes themselves.

In Multnomah County, OR the lodges of various kinds have 72 tax-exempt properties that would contribute 1/4 million dollars in taxes each year.

The Masons have had their special exemption for half a century, and have successfully stiffled every attempt to change things. Even compromise bills that would only levy service fees on the Masons for police and fire protection given to their Temples and Lodges and other properties have been defeated.

Ballot Measure 5 shows after it passed that the Masonic Lodge is concerned about itself more than public welfare. Even after Ballot Measure 5 passed, the Masonic Lodge showed no compassion on everybody else. They had no intention of pay their "share" of taxes. They continued to flood the legislatures with letters and pressure not to vote against their special exemptions in any way. These actions add weight to the critics who charge that the Masonic benevolence is simply window dressing, a cover for their other activities and a fail proof way to deflect any criticism.

However, it is not our job to judge their motivation. Their may be some Freemasons who are very sincere in their motivation to give to benevolence. But what about this special tax exemption ? How should the Christian respond to that?

Picture Jesus being asked that question. "Master, the Masonic Lodge is getting special treatment, that other non-profit organizations don't get. Should a Christian allow them to do this?"

And Jesus would say, hand me a dollar bill. Who seal do you see on the dollar bill? Who emblem is this?"

"The Masonic Lodges."

"You have spoken correctly. Render unto the Masons that which is the Masons."

1. Information from Williamette Week, Vol. 17, No. 23 (Apr. 410,1991) , p. 1, 8-10.

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