This group consisting of European nations, Japan and the U.S. had decided to disarm Iraq. Because they did nothing serious diplomatically toward this, it was clear that they meant to do it militarily. Those of us who have been to that area of the world, like myself, knew the Iraqi military threat was way overblown. Again, it was clear from history what the military would do. This author is no military genius, but he stated before Desert Storm that the military thing to do would be to first bomb for one month and then go around the fortifications like the Germans did the Maginot line. Knowing what was going to happen made it hard to watch the carefully orchestrated media manipulate the people. There is much more that could be said about what went on behind America's back during the Iraq-Kuwait crisis, but the point is simply this, some people were not being surprised by what happened.

If your frame of reference grows as a result of this book, perhaps you too will not be surprised next time.

Another example of how the public's frame of reference is lacking is Nixon. The Power built Nixon's false public image as a hard-nose anti-communist conservative, yet he was actually working for the conspiracy. His liberal voting record, his establishment of close ties with Communist China haven't been given much analysis, because that wouldn't fit his public image — that frame of reference that the Power created that he was an anti-communist crusader. Harvard history professor John Kenneth Galbraith, a socialist, revealed in the New York Magazine (Sept. 21, 1970) p. 25 that Nixon had surrounded himself as President with leading leftists and was pushing a Socialist agenda. Perhaps your high school history book like mine showed a picture of Nixon waging an anti-Communist crusade in the 1950's. Later, I learned that Nixon's involvement was really a sham.

Another random example is the album cover of Beatle star Harrison's Living in a Material World. This album cover does indeed show us how we are to live in a material world. The cover shows a hand containing money with the chakra point on the opposite side being illuminated. To me, this clearly shows an initiation point already in use and which is planned for the general population in the future. (It also happens by some holy coincidence to fit the Bible prophecy of the Mark of the Beast needed to buy and sell.) By the way, this book's story does not need Bible prophecy to prop it up. Whether you believe in Revelations or not, it is still possible to realize that a New Age initiation process has already begun.

Our previous experience and our information available will directly influence how accurately each of us assigns meaning to information we receive. This Author knew Harrison was into Hinduism. Although Hinduism and the New Age are not exactly synonymous the terms can be used interchangeably here in regards to Harrison. (The meaning of such terms will be detailed later.) I am also aware that the New Age movement has already begun initiations at the chakra points. I have seen horns tatooed onto the third eye position. I have experienced as an observer Hinduism first hand, and listened to New Agers discuss the chakra points. I have studied Texe Marrs' Mystery Mark of The New Age which examines in detail the initiation point and what is happening today compared to REV 13:16, 17. Revelation 13 says the Mark of the Beast will be placed on right hands and foreheads. These chakra positions are already initiation points for the New Age. What meaning would you the

2Cumbey, Constance. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Shreveport, LA: Huntington House, 1983, p. 123.

3 The Plenary report by the Trilateral Commission in Wash., D.C. in Apr. 1990, entitled The Israeli-Palestinian Issue, Task Force Report 38, aka 212-661-1180. The Council of Foreign Relations also exhibited some crisis indications prior to the event.

reader assign to this information about Harrison's album cover?

President Bush's remarks about the New World Order are another example. Few Americans are aware that Bush belongs to a powerful group called the Order (believed to be part of the American portion of the Illuminati). Nor are most Americans aware of what kind of New Order these people want for us. So when Bush says a New World Order is being created, most people must surmise at best what they think he means by this.4

(See this footnote for the documentation of Bush's membership in the Order.)

The popular film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade provides the next example. At one point Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is told, The quest for the Grail is the quest for the divine in all of us. At a later point, a character who has belonged to a secret order tells Indiana Jones how his Order has protected the Grail for 2,000 years. Those who have read Holy Blood Holy Grail will recognize at once that this is preparing viewers to accept the new Messiah. Holy Blood Holy Grail exposes a conspiracy connected to groups such as the Masons and other secret groups to introduce a new Messiah. Supposedly the Holy Grail that secret societies have preserved is the holy blood line of Jesus Christ. By unconscious persuasion the viewer is having his frame of reference expanded so that when the story line of the new Messiah is presented, he will be able to place it within his frame of reference.

How has the American public had their frame of reference created by the conspiracy? More will be provided later on, but a few quick points can help establish for the Reader the extent of the conspiracy. They have been in control since the American Revolution. Over a period of 200 years they have had the time and the resources to create history and news. (See chapter 3-5 and 3-6) They control the major newspapers and the major political figures. If a President stepped too far out of line, he was assassinated. In each case, the assassination has been covered up. Although the coverup in the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations doesn't fool anyone willing to look at the evidence, still they got away with it. They have written our history books and our text books. They have created such an artificial frame of reference that the public finds it hard to hang factual information about the conspiracy in their frame of reference. But this didn't happen overnite, they have had two hundred years.

Impossible you say! Article I, Section 8,10: U.S. Constitution forbids the production of paper-money by the government. Has this been ignored and circumvented? Do you use paper money?

Oh, does it seem impossible? Another eye opener is the identity of who wrote Shakespeare's works. Manly P. Hall, a powerful Mason (whose credentials are shown in the photocopies of Masonic material following this opening chapter), provides proof in his book that Sir Francis

4 The connections of Bush to the Power documented in this book (the New Order) are so numerous they won't all be given here except in brief form. His membership in the Order is discussed in Antony Sutton's America's Secret Establishment. A Biography about George Bush by Fitz Hugh Green entitled George Bush An Intimate Portrait (NY: Hippocrene Books, 1989) makes passing reference to his membership in the Skull & Bones Fraternity (p. 48) and the Andover Fraternity (p. 49). Sutton's books serve as a good beginning to document and study what George Bush is. One of his books is The Two Faces of George Bush. This information has been leaking slowly into the news in a way to keep some lid on it. The Williamette Week (Sept. 19-25,1991, Portland, OR) had an long article on the facts about Bush's Skull & Bones membership, pp. 1,8-11 based on John Lawrence's research. However, the tenor of the article was that the Order had little to do with a grand conspiracy but had much political influence. Without a proper frame of reference this type information is forgotten, ignored, or misused by people. Bush is also a 33 degree Freemason, (testified to by numerous Masonic sources) even though it is being denied by the White House. He has oil connections, banking connections, intelligence connections and he was director of the CIA. He has connections with blood lines connected to the Conspiracy. This footnote to Bush's connections to the Conspiracy could be a book in itself. His Zapata oil rigs were used to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Drugs were unloaded on the oil platforms off the coast of TX The small boats coming from the platforms do not go through customs. Also his son has been seen personally directing a flight of drugs which came through an Airforce base. Another good book about Bush is James J. Drummey's book The Establishment's Man (Appleton, Wl: Western Islands, 1991).

Bacon wrote Shakespeare's works. This Author being a Certified and experienced handwriting analyst has long been aware the illiterate man who could barely sign his name William Shakespeare could never have written the works attributed to him. The works of Shakespeare are written by a man literate in several languages. Sir Francis Bacon was an early leader of that conspiracy which has successfully kept the identity of who wrote Shakespeare's works secret for all these centuries. If that isn't power, what is?

"From 80 to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to varying degrees...At least 5% (10,000,000) of the U.S. population is extraordinarily hypnotizable, so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their normal daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can easily be persuaded to do things and afterward have no idea why they did them..." Dr. Tobias H. Brocher, Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS.


The conspiracy has succeeded in turning people from watching reality to a mindless fascination for a comic strip-video game-sitcom life of unreality. You are to do your job for the system, then go home and not think; or if you want to think, tune into one of their talk shows or read one of their newspapers. Perhaps no one has ever shown you the names of who exactly controls big business and the media. The power in this nation is controlled by an elite. That can be documented. And it can be shown what they intend for us.

Events in Eastern Europe are such a visible example of media manipulation. Spontaneous revolts are a fiction. People plan and stage marches and revolutions.

"The cold war is no longer needed by the conspiracy. In 1983, Constance Cumbey made an attempt to warn people about the New World Order planned for the entire globe in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, The New Age Movement and our coming Age of Barbarism. On p. 123 she outlines their plans for the future, Next, the conspiracy was to involve 'a skeptical and destructive criticism of personal-immortality religions.' Strangely enough, communism was to be destroyed at the same time. However, the New Agers feel the program they are offering the world would satisfy the basic desire of Communists in that it proposes a form of worldwide socialism. The existing Communist formulae-per-se- were to be abolished..."

Well said Constance, It is really only being abolished per se because every platform of the Communist party has been adopted already in the United States, point by point. The US already has what the communists wanted.5

And often we the people have been unconsciously manipulated into asking them to do what they wanted.

At some point, the people of the world will ask them to create a One-World-Government. We the people will ask them to bring in what they have been wanting to do. That does not mean we understand what we are following. Hopefully, some of us blind followers will awake and break our mental chains of servitude and think for ourselves. Let us break our chains of servitude to gnostic religious powers who are pawns of the conspiracy. Let us recognize all the manipulations and the puppets of this vast power.

We asked them to create vast spy networks,

9 In order to abbreviate this I will give the U.S. laws which establish Marx's 10 planks. (The reader is asked to look up the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto (1848) by Karl Marx himself or to request from the publisher of this book a tract giving this in fuller form.) [1] Property tax which amounts to a type of governmental rental of land. [2J Graduated State & Fed. Income Taxes [3) Inheritance Taxes & Reformed Probate Laws. [4] Sedition Act of 1798; I.R.S. Powers; Exec. Order 11490, Sec. 1205; Exec. Order 11490, Sec. 2002. [5] Fed. reserve system [6] F.C.C. regs, Exec. Order 10995, State Drivers Licenses, D.O.T. regs. & Exec. Order 10999. [7] Exec. Order 11490, [8] Fed. Emer. Public Works Prog. Exec. Order 11000, [9] Re-organization Act of 1949, Exec. Order 11647, Pub. Law 89-136, Exec. Order 11731 [10] Free State Public Schools; Child Abuse Laws, Child Labor Laws & State Controlled apprenticeships (Fair Labor Standards Act of 1937).

because we believed in their cold war ploy. And the cold war was real for the common man. But now these vast spy networks can not be dismantled. A great deal of their activities have nothing to do with the reasons they were created. And we unwittingly fund these secret services that spy on us, and are at the complete disposal of the conspiracy.

The machinations of the secret services such as MI 5, MI 6, the FBI, the CIA, and others boggle the mind.

It is no comfort to realize that men identified as related to the Conspiracy are also men in control of the secret services. The tie-ins by the leadership of all of these agencies to the Conspiracy confirms confidential leaks that they are used by the Conspiracy. For instance, George Bush(the Order) dir. CIA, Lord Rothschild (family part of the center of power) CSC (chief) of MI 6, Hugh Sinclair (family part of blood line for new Messiah) CSC (chief) of MI 6...and on and on... This chapter is not the place in this book to detail all this.

It may be sufficient at this point to simply sum up the power of MI 6 (British Secret Service overseas) and the American system that works hand in glove with the British by quoting Nigel West, an expert on MI 6,

..."the firm, as it is referred to by outsiders, enjoys a unique reputation for stealth, devious efficiency, ruthlessness and, it must be said, treachery. It has often been considered all-powerful, wielding enormous secret influence. It was once said in America in the 1920s that six institutions rule the world: Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Vatican and the British Secret Service."

Should the reader indulge this Author long enough, he shall learn that apparently all these centers of power Nigel West thought ruled the world are controlled by an single elite group. If the evidence shows that the last two popes are not only Masons, but part of the conspiracy, (the present one is Jewish by the way) then indeed they have solidified the power of the world into one hegemony.

This Author would like to introduce the reader to this conspiracy and do so at whatever point of entrance will work for the individual. But he would also like the chance to suggest the means to implement readjustments. What good is it to know that a One-World-Government is planned if there is no means to resist? You can start by turning off the television and reading this book. You can start by turning off the control gnostic religious leaders have imposed upon you and thinking for yourself. Disconnect yourself from the umbilical cords of the conspiracy, which have fed you misleading information. You can start by thinking. Use this book as a launching pad to new investigations, it is not an infallible crutch to lean on, although the author will try to give the documentation you need. Some of the documentation can simply not be given. Dozens of interviews with people have simply resulted in the author knowing dangerous information that nobody wants to have their name associated with.

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