Symbology Associated With The Bloodline

Symbols associated with the royal bloodline are the Holy Grail legends and initiations. The legend of the Round Table also is associated with the Grail, as well as a sacred stone. New Age,

Masonic and esoteric literature abounds with references to Round Tables, sacred stones, and the Holy Grail.

The original Knights Templars were originally associated with the Prieure de Sion but split off. The Knights Templars' leader was Jacques DeMolay after whom the Masonic boys' group DeMolay is named after. The Knights Templars created and used the Skull and Crossbones as their emblem. After the King of France and the Pope tried to eliminate the Templars they fled to various countries. Centuries old gravestones in Scotland from the years after the Knights Templars fled to Scotland can be seen with their skull and bones symbol.

Merovee was the first of the Merovingian Kings. His son was King Childeric. Merovee's tomb has not been found, but the tomb of his son King Childeric revealed a deep interest into magic and the occult. 300 beautiful miniture solid gold bees were found his tomb. The bee symbol has continued in various forms to represent the descendents of Merovee. The fleur-de-lies developed from it, and has been a prominent french logo, due to the heavy influence of the Merovingian descendants. Napoleon and his second wife Marie Louise Habsburg (a Merovingian descendent) took the 300 gold bees and had them sown onto their coronation robes.11

Two prominent clues that the Mormon heirarchy has ties to the Prieure de Sion and the Merovingians are 1. their belief Mary Magdalene was Christ's wife and that Christ had children and 2. the prominence the bee symbol is given. Bees are used by Deseret Industries, are the official symbol of Utah, and are used in the Mormon temples. Further, the geneologies that the LDS Mormon presidents have published of themselves all trace their lineage back to the Merovingians, Sythians, Sicambri, and Cimmerians, and to Anna a relative of Jesus Christ. (See Appendix.)

Another symbol of the Merovingians was Merovee's birthmark, which was a red cross. The red cross has been prominent symbol of the Knights Templars, and groups with ties to Freemasonry including the modern Red Cross. The red cross was an important symbol for Charles T. Russell, who was a Knights Templar and was placed on his Watch Tower magazines and at the IBSA conventions. It appears that the Russell family has ties of some kind to the New World Order. (See appendix.)

Hopefully, in the process of studying these first two units the reader has come to appreciate the many connections between groups like the Rosicrucians, Masons, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the various New Age groups.

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