Summary Of Jewish Founders Of The Mother Supreme Lodge

So far we have mentioned a few of those Jewish Masons who were involved with the founding of the Mother Supreme Lodge in Charleston, S.C. (there were other Jewish Masons): Abraham Alexander, Abraham Dacosta, Isaac Dacosta, Moses Cohen, Moses C. Levy, Israel de Lieben, Moses Lindo, Joseph M. Meyers, and last but not least Stephen Morin. (This explains why this Author slightly winces when he hears the oft said remark that the Jews had nothing to do with early Freemasonry.)

A quick overview of the eleven founders of the Supreme Council 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite: Rabbi Abraham Alexander (33°)-Jewish Emanuel De La Motta (33°)-Jewish Israel De Lieben (33°)-Jewish Moses Levy (33°)-Jewish Dr. Isaac Auld (33°)-Presbyterian Dr. Frederick Dalcho (33°)-Episcopalian

Dr. James Moultrie (33°)-Scot who studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland de Grasse (33°)-French aristocrat active with Grand Orient Masonry Jean B. Delahogue (33°)-Frenchman

Mitchell & Bowen (both 33°) -two men born in Ireland.49

Hezekiah Levy, a Jewish Mason, was one of the earliest members of the Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 to which President George Washington would join.50

Jews played prominant roles in the lodges in America and Europe. For instance, the English Grand Lodge's Coat of Arms was designed by Jewish Mason J.J. Leon Templo.51 In 1717, when Anderson's Constitution began to be drawn up, the Constitution not only included parts of Egyptian and Pythagorian thought, but also included the two pillars Jachin and Boaz which derive from Jewish Rabbinical tradition concerning Solomon's temple.

The German Jewish Mason Moses Mendelsohn (1729-1796) was a friend of the Mason philosopher Kant and was himself a very famous philosopher. He has been called the "German Socrates." He wrote a metaphysical book Abhandlung uber die Evidenz in den Metaphysichen Wissenschaften.52 Another Jewish Mason, Karl L. Reinhold, was also a philosopher and friend of Kant. He published Letters on the Philosophy of Kant, and the book The Hebrew Mysteries or the Oldest Religious Freemasonry. This later book explains that Moses got his religious system from the Egyptians, and that Freemasonry derives from that lineage. Remember, that Moses practiced magic.53

List of Officers Electbd by the Royal Lodge of the commanders of thb Temple, for the Orient of Cabcassone, to direct the labors from the 24th day of the fourth month of the year of G: L: 5785 to the same day of the year 5786.

Many of the Lectures of the Sublime degrees contain an epiteme of the arts and sciences, and in their hisory many valuable and important facts are recorded, obtained from authentic archives in the possession of our society, and which, from the manner of their communication can never be mutilated or corrupted. This is an object of the first magnitude in a society whose principles and practices should be invariable? Much variety and irregularity has unfortunately crept into the Blue degrees, in consequence of the want of Masonic knowledge in many of those who, preside over their meetings, and it is particularly so with those, who are unacquainted with the Hebrew language, in which all the Words and Pass-Words are given. So essentially necessary is it for a man of science to preside overs Lodges that much injury may arise from the smallest deviation in the ceremony of initition, or in the Lectures of instruction. We read in the book of Judges, that the transposition of a single point over the Sbeez; in confequence of a national, defect among the Epharimites designated the Cowans, and led to the slaughter of forty-two thousand. The Sublime figure of the Divinity formed in the Fellow-Crafts degree, can be elegantly illustrated, only by those who possess some knowledge of the Talmud. Most of the Words in the Sublime degrees are derived from the Chaldean Hebrew and Latin languages.

The various tranflations which the Symbolic degrees have undergone since their first establishment, from one language to another, and that; oftentimes by men illiterate even in their mother tongue, is another cause of the variety which we lament. Not so the superior degrees, they appear in that Sublime dress which their founders gave them; skilled in science and embellished by genius. Many of the Sublime degrees are founded on the polite arts, and unfold a mass of information of the first importance to Masons.

Although many of the Sublime degrees are in fact, a continuation of the Blue degrees, yet there is no interference between the two bodies. Throughout the continent of Europe, and the West-Indies, where they are very generally known, they are acknowledged and encouraged. The Sublime Masons never initiate any into the blue degrees, without a legal warrant obtained for that purpose from a Symbolic Grand Lodge; but they communicate the secrets of the Chair to such appllicants, who have not already received it, previous to their initiation into the Sublime Lodge, but they are, at the same time informed, that it does not give them rank as Past Masters in the Grand Lodge.

The Sublime Grand Lodge, sometimes called the Inessable Lodge or the Lodge of Perfection extends from the 4th to the 14th degree inclusive which last is the degree of Perfection. 16th degree is the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, who hold jurisdiction over the 15th degree, called Knights of the East, and also over the Sublime Grand Lodge, and is to them, what a Symbolic Grand Lodge is to the subordinate Lodges. Without a warrant and Constitution regularly issued by them, or by an higher Council of Inspector, they are deemed irregular and are punished accordingly. All the degrees above the 16th are under the jurisdiction of the supreme Council of Grand Inspectors General, who are Sovereigns of Masonry. When it is necessary to establish the Sublime degrees in a Country where they are unknown, a Brother of the 29th degree, vhich is called K. H. is appointed Deputy Inspector General, over the district. He selects from among the Craft such Brethren as he believes will do honor to the fociety, and communicates the Sublime degrees to as many as is necessary for the first organization of the Lodge, when they elect their own officers, and govern themselves by the Constitution, and warrant which is furnished them. The jurisdiction of a Lodge of Perfection, is twenty-five Leagues.

It is well known that about 27,000 Masons accompanied the the Christian Princes in the Crusades, to recover the Holy land from the Infidels. While in Palestine, they discovered several important Masonic manuscripts, among; the descendants of the ancient Jews, which enriched our Archives with authentic written records, and on which, some of our degrees are founded.

In the years 5304 and 5311, some very exraordinary discoveries were made, and occurrences took place, which renders the Masonic History of that period, of the highest importance. A pe-, riod dear to the Masons heart, who is zealous in the cause of his Order, his Country and his God.

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