Specific Examples Of State Encroachment

This Author has not conducted an exhaustive study of state encroachment upon religion within the United States, but it is possible to give some examples that are representative of the type of actions that have frequently occured over the years. (As the reader has seen, the New World Order has control over the various religions and denominations through many avenues besides the power of the State. Still the State is a powerful tool to limit and handicap religious elements that oppose the policies of the New World Order.) Some examples:

Jewish Mayor of New York City Edward Koch refused to grant the Salvation Army a religious exemption from his executive order demanding no job discrimination against homosexuals. As a result the Salvation Army was to lose $ 4.4 million in 10 social service contracts.7

On August 22, 1978, in the Federal Register the IRS announced their new policy that unless a parochial school could prove that it didn't racially discriminate it would lose its tax-exempt status. It later came out that the IRS interpreted the requisite minimum percentage of minority enrollment for private schools to be 20% of the minority school-age population in the community, and the employment of minority teachers. Does the IRS have "legal competence" to regulate hiring and enrollment of church schools and churches?

On 13 February 1979 the IRS altered its procedure by exempting Jewish, Roman Catholic, Muslim, and Amish schools. This action brought on the charge of anti-Protestant discrimination. But the dust hadn't settled on the IRS's plans, and more dust was raised by debate in the House of Representatives over the issue.


On February 11, 1976, the IRS announced that it would decide what organizations it could be called "integrated auxiliaries of a church." On 4 Jan. 1977, they clarified this by saying an integrated auxiliary must be "exclusively religious" and not educational, charitable, or literary. James E. Wood, Jr. of the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs (BJCPA) was quoted as saying this represented "serious encroachment of government on religion and an exercise of political authority totally unacceptable to the churches...[the IRS] in effect, arrogated to itself the highly questionable role of determining what is and what is not 'religious activity of church agencies and institutions.'"

Form 990 was designed to give the IRS complete information on those groups the IRS did not want to call proper religions.9

Interestingly, one of the groups the IRS has called spurious is the Identity movement churches, which believe that the Jewish people are not God's chosen people and that the Anglo-Saxons are. It is a matter of belief who is God's chosen people—and the religious freedom to decide that issue should not be in the IRS's hands.

Further, those church who do not have a hierarchy suffered greatly under the IRS rulings. Do you see a pattern? Does the reader see that the One-World-Power has actively promoted hierarchies? Further, does the IRS have the right to define and restrict what the churches' mission should be?

Recently, several magazines have had articles on the Credit voucher system that President Bush, the Brookings Institute and others of the New Order have been advocating. The Credit vouchers give certain parents a voucher for the sum of money that the state presumably spends on the child in the public school and allows the parents to use this at the private school of their choice. However, the list of private schools allowed is determined by the government. When one Wisconsin family put their children in a school found using the Bible, the school was notified by the government they needed to withdraw the use of the Bible or they would be removed from the voucher program. The school refused and was withdrawn from the program. The credit voucher system is another Trojan Horse gimic of the New Order to destroy the Parochial schools. It has possibilities of doing damage in several ways.

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