You will learn:

• The reader will learn about Smokescreens that the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower Society and the Masons have thrown up around their organizations.

• The reader will find out why the Satanic activities of the llluminati are so hard to discover.

• The reader will be given information from history and testimonies that indicate that the Satanic llluminati threat to rule the world is a serious and very real threat.

One April Saturday in 1974 in sunny southern California, an overconfident Jehovah's Witness met with Bill Cetnar. The Jehovah's Witness was Duane Magnani and he was sure that he could expose the lies that Bill had told his brother about the Watchtower Society. Duane was trying hard to get his brother back into the organization. He felt that Bill had to be met and refuted, even though the local elders had trembled and stuttered with fear and warned him not to talk to Cetnar when they learned who Duane was to meet. They had told him that to "follow God's arrangement" is what was important.

One of the things Duane learned that day was the lies and false prophecies that the Society has propogated. And long story short, Duane did something about the information he learned that day. Duane eventually would realize the mind control that the Watchtower Society uses, and so Duane used their own literature to show the Society's lies in order to crack that mind control. His campaign to expose their lies motivated him within two years to get the largest collection in the world of JW material (outside of the WT Society itself).

His book Eyes of Understanding, (the title based on the WT Society's explanation that one needed eyes of understanding to know God's plan, and they of course were the ones with the correct eyes), exposes their false prophecies. Duane went on to write Who is the Faithful and Wise Servant? Called the Who book for short it shows the WT's coverup of their long held view that Russell was the sole Faithful and Wise Servant. Because their present leadership use the parable of the Wise Servant to justify their dictatorship, that the Society held Russell to be that Servant and that Servant died, is devastating to their theology. They have worked hard to coverup the "creature worship" they gave to C.T. Russell.

The numerous coverups by the WT Society, and their dishonesty is so pervasive, that it boggles the mind of the sincere historian. But they are successfully carrying out their campaign of false information, why?

Most people know nothing or little about the JWs. They have the liberty to investigate before they join, but few know how to and they then rely on WT material. After they join, it is difficult for them to ever make an honest appraisal of their religion or its history.

Outsiders have little interest in the Watchtower movement.

Only a small group of people keep watch over the WT Society. This is why the Society is able to buffalo so many people.


Most of us go through life without questioning why we do the things we do. Why do we wear ties and import granite from Vermont to bury our dead under? However, this Author is one of those who is always asking why. And the problem of why Russell was so deceptive many times in his life, and yet was clearly respected as a very honest man, and indeed considered himself to be an honest man, was a puzzle. His lies in court to cover his friends would hardly seem to be worth the trouble. But once this Author saw how the mindset of Russell was so clearly a reflection of the views surging through the Masonic Halls of that age, then it at last made sense.

Russell was honest as Masons are trained to be, that it is not a lie to deceive those not worthy of the truth. Further, like many Masons, he kept his membership very quiet. He pays close attention not to let out any clues that his beliefs are from the Masonic Hall. He always portrays his beliefs as coming from the Bible. A Mason invented Phrenology, and the Mormons and Russell were big on Phrenology at that time it surged through the Masonic halls. Masons had dabbled in the occult and magic, and both the early Mormon leaders and Russell did healing with magic handkerchiefs. The pyramidology surged through the lodges, and both the Mormons and Russell picked it up. But Russell is careful to always use the Bible as the "fall guy" for his beliefs. He calls his magic handkerchief Paul's handkerchief. He ties his pyramid beliefs back to some scripture which are misused to prove his beliefs.

Russell is always playing to an audience. He is very careful to say and do the right things. He is careful not to expose his deep Masonic mindset. But every now and then he slips. He refers to the woman of Luke 15:8 as "divine energy", but then when questioned about this denies having written it, "The fact that something in the Tower might be misunderstood would not surprise us any. Why, we find a whole lot in the Bible that has been "misunderstood." (Bible Student's Convention, Indianapolis, 1907, p.26)

Russell is also asked if anyone else teaches the invisible presence of Christ. "Are there any other papers than the Tower which teach as it does that Jesus is now present?" Russell answers, "We know of none other which teaches the personal presence of Jesus."(WTR p546 10/1883) That he can say this is just remarkable. He is fully aware that others such as the Rosicrucians teach this, besides the Christians have held that he has been invisibly present since his ascension.

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