As the reader has seen by now throughout this book, the Masons would like one supra-Church, what some Masons refer to as "THE religion." Baptist Mason Rev. Newton could say in one breath that Masonry is not a religion, and in the next Masonry is the religion.

But to openly tell announce to Christians whose denominations participate in WCC, that the WCC is the first step toward a Supra-Church (the One-World-Religion) would just create opposition, and friction to their plans. They are willing to quietly take their time, because there is a master plan, and things are continueing.

Consequently, over the years the public has been repeatedly given a real snow job. WCC leaders have repeatedly told the public they are not wanting WCC to develop into a Super-Church, but their actions and words at other moments belie that.

For instance, the words of Dr. Franklin Clark Fry, Chairman of the influential Central Committee of the WCC said, "The World Council not only disavowed becoming a "super-church" at its beginning at Amsterdam; its total development since then has been the most convincing refutation of the whole notion. We who are closest to the Council are constantly baffled how any such charge can be made or any such misconception can still exist, except in critics who are deliberately self-deceived."61

He says they are BAFFLED by such charges.(?) But in the forward of that report when published we read, "In any case the story of a Council of Churches, however great its achievements, can never be a success story until the moment when it ceases to exist as a Council, because of the emergence in reality of the Una Sancta."62 When one realizes that Una Sancta is Latin for ONE HOLY CHURCH it is the people who listen to him who are baffled.

Even the official WCC publication Jesus Christ, Light of the World reveals their real desire.

"The churches have created the World Council of Churches. They have created it so that one day they might dispense with it. The World Council of Churches lives to die. If churches ever become content with it or concerned solely to perpetuate it, then they will be disobedient to the heavenly vision."63


During W.W. II, the Axis countries had ravaged the Masonic Lodges. In Germany, Masons had been arrested. After the war, the Masonic Lodges were lavishly financed with OSS funds in Italy, and in Germany.64 According to the Freemason Roberts there are many Freemasons within the CIA.65

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