Rutherford is the second WT President. He was a lawyer. He was as honest as the common stereotype of lawyers. In other words, he does what it takes to win.

By reprinting in 1928 an article that is negative about Freemasonry, he may simply have been putting up a smokescreen, so that Masonic goals could continue to be carried out. Certainly, that was his modus operandi with the demonic Ouji healing devices that headquarters were using. To stiffle criticism, he allowed something negative printed, and then forbade discussion. However, it may be that he wasn't a Freemason. Unlike Russell, this author hasn't any Masonic records of membership for Rutherford, although the rumors persist. The powers that controlled him certainly were not concerned whether he was a Mason or not, but simply that their goals could be furthered.

That Rutherford could do what he pleased without the rank and file knowing it is clearly demonstrated. He became an alcoholic, and this and his live-in girlfriend, who even signed his death certificate, managed to be kept secret.

During Rutherford's reign, R.H. Barber of Bethel Headquarters throws out a smokescreen with some false clues about the conspiracy to bring in a one-world-government. He points the finger at the Christian clergy. He says the Christian clergy have originated the conspiracy and are in someway deceiving the governments into becoming a party of the conspiracy. (The Golden Age, pp 277-278, Feb. 3,1932 #323.)

Another conspiracy smokescreen appears in the book The Truth Shall Make You Free (1943). It states that Christendom has an "international police force for her continual world domination."

But Rutherford is careful not to tell us the esoteric Masonic sources that have taught him all about the supposed pagan connections to Christian symbols—such things as Phallic worship. Phallic worship is by the way, declared by Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma to be the true worship of Masonry. Each Scottish Rite Mason is given Pike's book after the 32nd degree.

Again Rutherford, like Russell, is careful not to clue us in on any Masonic connections. Isn't easier to believe that he learned all his mystery religion/ pagan symbolism stuff from masonic sources than from angels.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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